first_imgThe Trellex ABC 70 is a patented Metso belt scraper already well known and appreciated for its effectiveness and long life. Metso states that it has now improved the design further, by adjusting the design and materials to increase wear life by 25%, improve its stability and performance, and make it even easier to install. The company has also improved its own production process – making the new Trellex ABC 70 more easily available to mines and quarries worldwide.The Trellex ABC 70 is fully compatible with other Trellex Pre-Cleaners such as the ABC 90 and ABC 95, which means that no mechanical alterations are necessary if changing to a different blade type. Belt cleaning is very much a crucial factor to make conveying effective, secure and profitable. Because of this, Metso developed a new type of belt cleaning called ABC – Absolute Belt Cleaning. The goal has been to design products with high efficiency, long operational life and a minimum of maintenance needs. The efficiency of the cleaner in fact governs all its other qualities. The parameters which affect the efficiency are amongst others, the angle of the scraper blade against the belt, its contact surface against the belt and its pressure against the belt. The ABC 70, 90 and 95 pre-cleaners keep these parameters as close to the ideal as possible throughout the cleaners entire operational life. Metso states: “This results in a very high cleaning efficiency from the day the cleaners are mounted until they are worn out. To further increase the efficiency the cleaner is divided into segments which moves separately for the best flexibility towards the belt. Less spillage means less clean-up and wear on the different parts of the conveyor, which means a lot of money will be saved.”last_img read more