A shocking story about a 94-year old woman duped out of her life savings. A husband and wife are facing charges in connection with the case.94-year old Norma Marshall was an ideal victim. She was vulnerable — she lived alone — her closest relatives were in Montreal. When she needed a new cleaning woman, the stranger Norma came to rely on targetted those weaknesses. She not only volunteered to cook for Norma, she decided to move in. And she brought her husband and two children. The elderly home owner was relegated to a small bedroom. Within a matter of weeks, Norma’s furnishings, jewelry and other valuables were sold off. And her life savings estimated at 25-thousand dollars also disappeared.Norma Marshall, victim: “The life savings is one thing — but then what it does to you emotinally is worse many times. You can recover. You don’t need a lot of money when you get old. You just need your rent and some food. You don’t need a lot but you do need people around you.”It was an alert pharmacy delivery man who contacted Toronto police. A regular to Norma’s home to deliver weekly medications, he suspected the woman was in trouble.Firoz Jogiat is a pharmacy delivery man: “Usually every Wednesday I go to Norma and she would answer the door. But the previous Wednesday someone else answered the door. And it was uncommon. When I asked the gentleman, he said he was family, but I’ve never seen Norma’s family in the last ten years. So I talked to my pharamcist after that. Next week, I insisted I would like to see Norma personally and they took me to a small room where Norma was confined to the bed. And I asked a few questions why she wasn’t taking her medication regularly. But she didn’t look at me. She was just scared so I knew something was wrong”Toronto police have made two arrests. Vera Nunes and Luis Serpa DaConceicao, both of Toronto, are facing numerous charges including theft, fraud and being unlawfully in a dwelling place.As for Norma, she’s grateful for the friendship she has with both her pharmacist and his delivery man: “Thank you very much. If it hadn’t been for them, this wouldn’t come about.”And unfortunately, Toronto police don’t believe Norma is a lone victim. They expect her story will prompt other victims to come forward. They want to hear from anyone with any information. read more