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got the better of her higher-rated rival, on Nov. but must they be so obnoxious about it?In a prepared statement Thursday,mncourts. “I dont want a knife in the back, may face off in the short and free programs in ice dance; they are the reigning silver and gold medalists respectively from Vancouver Contact us at [email protected] Here are the full remarks from Obamas speech on Miami Dade Colleges campus in Miami Florida in 2011 THE PRESIDENT: Thank you Miami Dade (Applause) Thank you (Applause) Please everyone be seated Hafeeza thank you for that wonderful introduction (Applause) To Dr Padrón Dr Vicente to the board of trustees the faculty parents family friends and most important the class of 2011 congratulations — (applause) — congratulations on reaching this day And thank you for allowing me the profound honor of being a part of it And thank you for my first honorary associate degree (Laughter) One of the perks of this job is that degrees come free these days (Laughter) Not that it impresses anybody at home Now Michelle just says "Hey Doctor go take that dog for a walk" (Laughter) It is such a thrill to be at one of the largest most diverse institutions of higher learning in America — one that just this week was named one of the top community colleges in the nation (Applause) More than 170000 students study across your eight campuses You come from 181 countries represented by the flags that just marched across this stage You speak 94 languages About 90 percent of you are minorities And because more than 90 percent of you find a job in your field of study its fitting that your motto is "Opportunity changes everything" As someone whos only here because of the chances my education gave me I couldnt agree more Opportunity changes everything America will only be as strong in this new century as the opportunities that we provide you — the opportunities that we provide to all our young people — Latino black white Asian Native American everybody America will only be as strong as our pursuit of scientific research and our leadership in technology and innovation And I believe that community colleges like this one are critical pathways to the middle class that equip students with the skills and the education necessary to compete and win in this 21st-century economy And thats why Ive made community colleges a centerpiece of my education agenda along with helping more students afford college I couldnt be prouder of the work weve done in community colleges And your accomplishment today is vital to America reclaiming the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020 So I am proud of you (Applause) I am proud of you I know that for many of you reaching this day wasnt easy AUDIENCE: No THE PRESIDENT: See I got some amens there (Applause) Perhaps youre the first in your family to go to college (Applause) Some of you have had to overcome big obstacles defeat your own doubts prove yourself to everyone who ever believed that you couldnt make it because of what you look like or where you came from (Applause) And of course — of course for so many of you this day represents the fulfillment of your familys dreams when you were born This is their achievement as well so give it up for your parents and your grandparents your cousins and your uncles and your aunties (Applause) This is their day too This is their day too See the diploma youre about to receive stands for something more than the investment you made in yourselves Its the result of an investment made by generations before you; an investment in that radical yet simple idea that America is a place — the place — where you can make it if you try (Applause) Thats the ideal that has made this country — thats the idea thats represented by that one flag that all of you cheered for; thats what has made us a shining light to the world And preserving this idea — keeping the American Dream alive from one generation to the next — thats never been an easy task Its an even greater test in times of rapid change And all of you are graduating at a moment when change is coming faster than ever before Were emerging from an economic downturn like we havent seen since the 1930s Massive shifts in technology have shifted profoundly what our economy looks like Massive shifts abroad geopolitically have swift and dramatic impacts not only overseas but also here at home from markets on Wall Street to wallets on Main Street Just as advances in technology have the power to make our lives better they also force us to compete with other nations like never before Tackling big challenges like terrorism and climate change require sustained national effort and yet too often our politics seems as broken as divided as ever So I know that for many of you its an intimidating time to be marching out into the world Everything seems so unsettled The future may seem unclear But as you make your way in this ever changing world you should take comfort in knowing that as a country weve navigated tougher times before Weve sailed stormier seas Earlier today I spent some time in Tuscaloosa Alabama And some of you have seen what happened there as a consequence of the tornadoes that struck The mayor and I visited a community where the devastation from this storm was simply heartbreaking — entire homes and blocks just gone wiped away Some families lost everything Some families lost family But what was striking is the way that damaged community has come together how theyve rallied around one another The mayor there young man doing wonderful work Mayor Maddox he put it best He told me that when disasters like this strike all our grievances seem to go away All our differences dont seem to matter All our political disagreements seem so petty We help each other we support one another as one country as one people Thats the American spirit No matter how hard we are tested we look to our faith and our faith in one another No matter what the challenge weve always carried the American Dream forward Thats been true throughout our history When bombs fell on Pearl Harbor when an Iron Curtain fell over Europe when the threat of nuclear war loomed just 90 miles from this city when a brilliant September morning was darkened by terror — in none of those instances did we falter We endured We carried the dream forward Weve gone through periods of great economic turmoil from an economy where most people worked on farms to one where most people worked in factories to now one fueled by information and technology Through it all weve persevered Weve adapted Weve prospered Workers found their voice and the right to organize for fair wages and safe working conditions We carried forward When waves of Irish and Italian immigrants were derided as criminals and outcasts; when Catholics were discriminated against or Jews had to succumb to quotas or Muslims were blamed for societys ills; when blacks were treated as second-class citizens and marriages like my own parents were illegal in much of the country — we didnt stop We didnt accept inequality We fought We overcame We carried the dream forward We have carried this dream forward through times when our politics seemed broken This is not the first time where it looked like politicians were going crazy (Laughter) In heated debates over our founding some warned independence would doom America to "a scene of bloody discord and desolation for ages" That was the warning about independence One of our greatest Presidents Thomas Jefferson was labeled an "infidel" and a "howling atheist" with "fangs" Think about that Even I havent gotten that one yet (Laughter) Lincoln — Lincoln FDR they were both vilified in their own times as tyrants power hungry bent on destroying democracy And of course this state has seen its fair share of tightly contested elections (Laughter) And weve made it through those moments None of it was easy A lot of it was messy Sometimes there was violence Sometimes it took years even decades for us to find our way through But heres the thing We made it through We made it through because in each of those moments we made a choice Rather than turn inward and wall off America from the rest of the world weve chosen to stand up forcefully for the ideals and the rights we believe are universal for all men and women Rather than settle for an America where everybody is left to fend for themselves where we think only about our own short-term needs instead of the country that were leaving to our children we have chosen to build a nation where everybody has a shot at opportunity where everyone can succeed Weve chosen to invest in our people and in their future — building public schools sending a generation to college on the GI Bill laying highways and railroads building ports all across the country Rather than turn on each other in times of cultural upheaval weve chosen to march to organize to sit-in to turn out to petition our government for womens rights and voting rights and civil rights — even in the face of fierce resistance — because we are Americans; and no matter who we are or what we look like we believe that in this country all are equal all are free (Applause) Rather than give in to the voices suggesting we set our sights lower downsize our dreams or settle for something less weve chosen again and again to make America bigger bolder more diverse more generous more hopeful Because throughout our history what has distinguished us from all other nations is not just our wealth its not just our power Its been our deep commitment to individual freedom and personal responsibility but also our unshakeable commitment to one another — a recognition that we share a future; that we rise or fall together; that we are part of a common enterprise that is greater somehow than the sum of its parts So yes class of 2011 change will be a constant in your lives And that can be scary That can be hard And sometimes youll be tempted to turn inward; to say "Whats good enough for me is good enough" Sometimes youll be tempted to turn on one another; to say "My problems are the fault of those who dont look like me or sound like me" Sometime youll be tempted to give into those voices that warn: "too hard" "dont try" "no you cant" But I have faith you will reject those voices I have faith you will reject those impulses Your generation was born into a world with fewer walls; a world educated in an era of information tempered by war and economic turmoil And as our globe has grown smaller and more connected youve shed the heavy weights of earlier generations Your generation has grown up more accepting and tolerant of people for who they are regardless of race or gender or religious belief; regardless of creed or sexual orientation Thats how youve grown up You see our diversity as a strength not a weakness And I believe those life experiences have fortified you as earlier generations were fortified to meet the tests of our time Everything I have seen of your generation has shown me that you believe as deeply as any previous generation that America can always change for the better Class of 2011 you and your generation are now responsible for our future Im only going to be President a little bit longer You are going to be leaders for many years to come You will have to make choices to keep our dream alive for the next generation Choices about whether well stack the deck against workers and the middle class or whether we make sure America remains a place where if you work hard you can get ahead Youre going to have to make a choice about whether well say we cant afford to educate our young people and send them to college or whether we continue to be a country that makes investments that are necessary to keep those young people competitive in this new century It will be up to you to choose whether well remain vulnerable to swings in oil prices or whether we invest in the clean energy that can break our dependence on oil and protect our planet (Applause) It will be your choice as to whether we break our promise to seniors and the poor and the disabled and tell them to fend for themselves or whether we keep strengthening our social safety net and our health care system (Applause) And it will be up to you whether well turn on one another or whether we stay true to our values of fairness and opportunity understanding that we are a nation of immigrants — immigrants that built this country into an economic powerhouse and a beacon of hope around the world (Applause) I know this last issue generates some passion I know that several young people here have recently identified themselves as undocumented Some were brought here as young children and discovered the truth only as adults And theyve put their futures on the line in hopes it will spur the rest of us to live up to our most cherished values I strongly believe we should fix our broken immigration system (Applause) Fix it so that it meets our 21st-century economic and security needs And I want to work with Democrats and Republicans yes to protect our borders and enforce our laws and address the status of millions of undocumented workers (Applause) And I will keep fighting alongside many of you to make the DREAM Act the law of the land (Applause) Like all of this countrys movements towards justice it will be difficult and it will take time I know some here wish that I could just bypass Congress and change the law myself (Applause) But thats not how democracy works See democracy is hard But its right Changing our laws means doing the hard work of changing minds and changing votes one by one And I am convinced we can change the laws because we should all be able to agree that it makes no sense to expel talented young people from our country They grew up as Americans They pledge allegiance to our flag And if they are trying to serve in our military or earn a degree they are contributing to our future — and we welcome those contributions (Applause) We didnt raise the Statue of Liberty with its back to the world; we raised it with its light to the world (Applause) Whether your ancestors came here on the Mayflower or a slave ship; whether they signed in at Ellis Island or they crossed the Rio Grande — we are one people We need one another Our patriotism is not rooted in ethnicity but in a shared belief of the enduring and permanent promise of this country (Applause) Thats the promise redeemed by your graduation today Thats the promise that drew so many of you to this college and your parents to this country And thats the promise that drew my own father here I didnt know him well my father — and he lived a troubled life But I know that when he was around your age he dreamed of something more than his lot in life He dreamed of that magical place; he dreamed of coming to study in America And when I was around your age I traveled back to his home country of Kenya for the first time to learn his story And I went to a tiny village called Alego where his stepmother still lives in the house where he grew up and I visited his grave And I asked her if there was anything left for me to know him by And she opened a trunk and she took out a stack of letters — and this is an elderly woman who doesnt read or write — but she had saved these letters more than 30 of them written in his hand and addressed to colleges and universities all across America They werent that different from the letters that I wrote when I was trying to get into college or the ones that you wrote when you were hoping to come here They were written in the simple sometimes awkward sometimes grammatically incorrect unmistakably hopeful voice of somebody who is just desperate for a chance — just desperate to live his unlikely dream And somebody at the University of Hawaii — halfway around the world — chose to give him that chance And because that person gave a young man a chance he met a young woman from Kansas; they had a son in the land where all things are possible (Applause) And one of my earliest memories from growing up in Hawaii is of sitting on my grandfathers shoulders to see the astronauts from one of the Apollo space missions come ashore after a successful splashdown You remember that no matter how young you are as a child Its one of those unforgettable moments when you first realize the miracle that is what this country is capable of And I remember waving a little American flag on top of my grandfathers shoulders thinking about those astronauts and thinking about space And today on this day more than 40 years later I took my daughters to the Kennedy Space Center And even though we didnt get to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour launch we met some of the astronauts and we toured the Space Shuttle Atlantis And looking at my daughters I thought of how things come full circle I thought of all that weve achieved as a nation since I was their age a little brown boy sitting on my grandfathers shoulders — and I thought about all I want us to achieve by the time they have children of their own Thats my proof that the idea of America endures Thats my evidence that our brave endeavor on this Earth continues And every single day I walk into the Oval Office and for all the days of my life I will always remember that in no other nation on Earth could my story be possible could your stories be possible That is something I celebrate That is something that drives every decision I make (Applause) So what I ask of you graduates as you walk out of here today is this: Pursue success Do not falter When you make it pull somebody else up (Applause) Preserve our dream Remember your life is richer when people around you have a shot at opportunity as well Strive to widen that circle of possibility; strive to forge that big generous optimistic vision of America that we inherited; strive to carry that dream forward to future generations Thank you Congratulations May God bless you May God bless the United States of America (Applause) Contact us at [email protected] Eisenstat has spent 16 years working on global security and international affairs including as a Special Advisor to Vice President Biden on national security a Senior Intelligence Officer and a US diplomat The tragedy in Orlando will undoubtedly divide our nation even further as the loudest voices shout their political opinions about gun control immigration and Islamic radicalism pitting Americans against each other and further exploiting our anger and fear As American society sinks further and further into this angry polarized society I fear not for the economic collapse of our country nor for defeat at the hands of terrorists or enemies I fear for the implosion of our country at the hands of our own citizens who have become so embittered and so divided that they hate their neighbors more than they love their nation The notion of having an in-depth discussion about political and social differences with a suspected foreign terrorist or anti-Western cleric gives me less heartburn than the idea of discussing hot-button issues with my fellow American on the far right or left Ive done both and the latter leaves me far more angry and embittered almost every time I consider myself open-minded analytic able to see multiple sides of most arguments and most important willing to consider new or different viewpoints I have had tea with outspoken anti-Western clerics talked with accused terrorists and shared meals with shrouded women who before meeting me thought Jews had horns under their hats Yes I was a US government official and therefore could be perceived as being in a position of power Regardless in my own pursuit of global understanding as well as my official role of "winning hearts and minds" in our countrys global counterterrorism efforts I have had scores of civil discussions with people who have fundamentally different opinions about some of the most core values I hold dear; all without raising my voice or my blood pressure And yet I shudder at the idea of discussing the second amendment abortion LGBT rights the role of the federal government Barack Obama race or religion with Americans who dont share my views I would rather sit across from a sworn enemy of the United States and talk about the history of our foreign policy than discuss a womans right to choose with a steadfast anti-abortion rights advocate next door The rise of Donald Trump has slapped many of us in the face with the reality that our divisions are more ominous than we want to admit We can claim well move to Canada or make other outlandish statements about the end of our great American dream As someone who self-identifies as a global citizen I too itch to flee to bury my head in the sand to distance myself from a country that I have defended but no longer recognize But shouldnt I be focused on how I can help fix this instead of how I can run away from it In many parts of the world people arent self-selecting into communities of like-minded individuals; they are merely born into communities that are more homogenous or less exposed to other viewpoints In the US,上海贵族宝贝VZ,Acknowledging the scope for improvement Trudeau said many of the Canadian delegation were in talks with interested parties “We want to make sure that people realise there is a tremendous unrealised potential between the two countries” said Trudeau The Canadian government has planned to invest in Innovation Superclusters to help Indian companies (as well as other global companies) network with the right kind of partners in Canada so as to assist with areas which have immense potential for growth These according to Trudeau would enable the creation of a multiplier effect on innovation and growth ‘Wanted to highlight India’s extraordinary diversity’ Even before Trudeau’s visit it is safe to say that he is in India counted among the most popular world leaders He has been engaging with the Indian-Canadian community at many forums andhas even done the bhangra On this week-long visit Trudeau has visited prominent Indian monuments such as the Taj Mahal in Agra Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar the Mahatma Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad and is expected to visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar He also addressed students at the IIM Ahmedabad Trudeau reminisced about his first visit to India with his father 35 years ago and said it was a pleasure to see the Taj Mahal again this time through the eyes of his children Trudeau also lauded India’s diversity? 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