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for instance,C. told ScienceInsider Cuomo “took the right step in looking at the evidence and making a decision based on scientific information that was presented to him” (The group doesn’t have an official stance on fracking although it has raised concerns about the potential risks) Industry groups see things differently “When discussing just about every one of these dubious studies [the New York State Department of Health] admits that they actually didn’t have any evidence to link hydraulic fracturing to health impacts” wrote Katie Brown a blogger for the Independent Petroleum Association of America outreach group Energy In Depth (Industry groups have seized on some recent findings that leaky wells and not the fracturing process itself might be responsible for tainted ground water in certain places) Fracking is a technique that has been used in various forms for decades Drillers pump a mixture of water sand and chemicals underground at high pressure to break up hydrocarbon-bearing rock releasing trapped oil and gas In recent years technological advancements have enabled firms to use horizontal and not just vertical drilling to exploit rock formations once out of reach including the gas-rich Marcellus Shale formation across New York and Pennsylvania Although fracking has boomed in Pennsylvania officials across the state line in New York have been leery and taken a go-slow approach Technically Cuomo’s ban doesn’t apply to all fracking It targets so-called high-volume hydraulic fracturing (HVHF) which uses large quantities of fluids to crack the horizontal rock layers in shale beds In practice however the ban—which applies to wells using more than a certain amount of fluid—will eliminate the most attractive sites because drillers now won’t “have enough water” to operate effectively says Robert Jackson a professor of environmental earth system science at Stanford University in Palo Alto California The health department’s full case for the ban is laid out in a report that summarizes existing information on HVHF-related oil and gas operations’ impacts to water air soil and communities It cites scores of scientific papers government documents anecdotal reports and environmental assessments The report highlights a range of impacts that extend well beyond the fracking process itself It notes “[a]ir impacts that could affect respiratory health” for example and “[c]limate change impacts due to methane and other volatile organic chemical releases” Drinking water could be contaminated by “underground migration of methane and/or fracking chemicals associated with faulty well construction” Surface spills could taint soil and water and “inadequate wastewater treatment” could leave water supplies polluted The report also mentions “[e]arthquakes induced during fracturing" and “[c]ommunity impacts” such as increased trucking traffic more accidents and noise At the same time “it is apparent that the science surrounding HVHF activity is limited only just beginning to emerge and largely suggests only hypotheses about potential public health impacts that need further evaluation” the report says Amid that uncertainty the debate over fracking impacts is likely to continue The ban amounts to “a politically motivated and equally misinformed ban on a proven technology” said Karen Moreau executive director of the American Petroleum Institute’s New York State Petroleum Council in a statement But Kate Sinding director of the Community Fracking Defense Project at the Natural Resources Defense Council an environmental group based in New York City said in a statement that “[m]ounting scientific evidence points to serious health risks from fracking operations … New Yorkers have made it loud and clear that we want to keep this reckless industry at bay” Although HVHF is banned in New York for now that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost for the oil and gas industry in the state says Stanford’s Jackson “The oil and gas aren’t going anywhere” he says should the ban ever be reversed “I think it’s a cautious approach I’m surprised … but it’s a fascinating decision” because of the ripple effect it could have domestically and abroad Susan Christopherson an economic geographer at Cornell University agrees “I think the governor weighed the politics and economics as well as the science” she said in a statement “I think he weighed the pros and cons and determined that fracking is not a good deal for New York Now New York’s deliberative process and citizen action are a model for addressing fracking internationally” or fracking, but the group has planned a formal evaluation for October. At the very least,Note: This item has been updated An undercover investigation of the New Iberia Research Center in Lafayette Louisiana, Daniel Mauldin, But although the mathematicians were able to prove that the set exists, however.

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