, forum signature. Forum signature, there is a more controversial topic, some people think that now the signature has less weight, some think it is still a weight, so in the end there is also useful forum signature? I get a new station to carry out experiments, and found that with the operation, you should also believe that it is the first to grab resources, and then verify, re registration, and then released, there is a small general method here, everyone in the software registration after this bug began to set up a signature, although fast, but the quality is not high, the operation is registered after all for a reply, reply content don’t like to search for some short sentences, such as reply after some do not have permission to delete all, then a PR query, the high PR all left to go The signature set, when finished post or topic relevant to the content and signature keywords, as long as the content does not contain ZZ or FZF statements, the general forum will review, you can try.


three, B2B link. Many of my friends have said B2B link is difficult to get, it is not difficult to obtain, but when you add in the content published website URL address, the author found that now most of the B2B site at the time of the release is usually not allowed to join URL, telephone, also in the product introduction.

recently in the customer service group and a lot of new friends in time to communicate, most of the new software to get friends do not know how to do the chain, here also think Chong Shanghai dragon, the chain is indeed a work station all must do, especially now the chain is also difficult than before a lot of the reason is because the XX Lane incident, many forums including some before did not start to audit the audit platform for content. Although now in order to achieve good outside chain than before some difficulties, but we have difficulties, such as how to the chain, Chong hope that through this article on the Shanghai dragon, the new old friends help.

, a blog chain. The chain blog has been our webmaster friends in a good link platform operation, now there are many large portal blog for your choice, we usually choose several included a good blog blog portal to build mass group, such as Sina, Baidu, Sohu, Hexun and other portal blog included soon, and by keeping a period of time, but also can enhance the weight of blog, the weight of the site to drive up to the rankings, so Chong tell you the new old friends of Shanghai dragon here, this blog platform must not give up, you can do less, but can not do, do have effect how can you have the effect, and this article "www.chong Shanghai Longfeng in贵族宝贝/news how to use a software build blog promotion website ranking" mentioned above, how to choose, how What kind of support, when the hair inside are detailed, can go to the next.