4. helps the company grow very quickly with the help of Internet thinking;

technology news March 2nd afternoon, innovation works founder and CEO Li Kaifu held today in science and technology daily science and technology innovation forum, published on the digital revolution and entrepreneurship keynote speech.

Chinese click Wangzhuan according to the proportion of payment is a new payment method presented recently, the initiator of evil is cola Wangzhuan hair. When coke hair Wangzhuan owners asked Mao rich uncle how to improve the quantity of websites registered members in a short period of time, rich uncle Mao made a suggestion to the webmaster, is to increase the click value, according to the proportion of pay, do not want to send the webmaster immediately adopted cola. The proportion of payment, click on the score is increased by 100 times, while the actual payment is paid according to the account the amount of 1%, for example, your every click is 1 cents, the accounts show is 1 yuan, the actual payment you get is a penny. This method has existed for more than three months, and uncle Mao paid a personal view on the pros and cons of the percentage payment.

3., cloud computing, open source software, and venture capital make business costs at an all-time low;

talked about the impact of the digital revolution and the practice of innovation workshops to analyze the current situation and trends of China’s scientific and technological start-ups. 17 years ago, in Beijing, I talked about future technology ideas and whether Zhongguancun would become a Silicon Valley. Looking back over the years, Zhongguancun has become the world’s top place for entrepreneurship."

this is the first public speech since the theme of Li Kaifu beijing. In September 2013, innovation works announced Li Kaifu diagnosed with lymphatic cancer news, within a year and a half, he treated in Taipei, fighting battles. The return of the disease caused great concern and welcome in the scientific and technological circles.

1., according to Moore’s law, the computational cost is greatly reduced;

5. smart people offer "smart money", including ideas, resources and connections Tencent invested $8 billion, and Ali invested $17 billion.

3, advocate good faith click, refuse cheating. Now click on the Chinese click Wangzhuan cheating too serious, the use of machine click harmful, click on the hook is a blow to the ability to make friends with the development of offline. According to the proportion of payment after the emergence of click fraud hit relatively large, as long as a cheat link member account automatically clear, to ensure a clean piece of the sky in the field of Wangzhuan wangzhuan.

Why would

1, improve the traffic and membership registration wangzhuan. The click score increased by 100 times, have a certain appeal to make friends, you can imagine every click of a yuan of money, whether it is true or false to make friends have great appeal, the original humble 0.1 cents click seems to have a dime, after the publicity make friends, website traffic and membership registration will be greatly improved. Coke hair Wangzhuan registered members in a month to reach more than 6000 people, more than 7000 people to achieve membership registration in English Wangzhuan a month, this is one of the best proof.

6. days to subvert the industry, most genius venture into the field, the field of limitless future.


Disadvantages of


he pointed out that people and equipment, people to connect, prompting the mobile Internet to change every aspect of life, including reading, social, voice, electricity providers, physical. Traffic. Travel, photography equipment and banking and cash. Looking back on the past, mobile phones have been speeding up every detail, changing their lives and jobs, and the industry has been subverted by the mobile internet.

Innovation workshop founder and CEO Li Kaifu

4, improve the profit efficiency of wangzhuan. According to the proportion of payment put forward higher requirements to the webmaster, no website profit pattern is an important factor to restrict the development of Chinese click wangzhuan. Due to the large increase in membership, improve the efficiency of the site, in addition to attract money make friends, site of the other way to make money is an important source of income for the owners, to make money to make money by clicking Register, master in a short time to gather a large amount of money, the website can turn down the normal move.

2. infrastructure construction, from cable networks to 4G5G, global operators use technology to provide huge bandwidth;

the next five years, the trend of

on five years of subversion

two and proportional payment

1, misunderstandings caused by payment. As the value of clicks increased by one hundred times, the actual payment was only 1%, and many friends didn’t see the net

he hopes to discuss what factors contribute to the world’s cyber revolution through lectures, what Chinese entrepreneurs do, occupy second of the world’s position, and what the wave will continue to be.

one, the advantage of proportional payment

from the global trend, the past forty years to see the PC and the Internet revolution, the world has 2 billion devices, bringing new applications and global company. The development of the past five years, however, makes 30 years of hard work seem relatively small.

2, easy to make friends of advertising. Now Chinese click Wangzhuan click value is 4 yuan 1000IP, there are friends website if there is no better way of profit is not too reluctant to spend money to buy advertising. Now paid in proportion, there are four cents you can send one thousand clicks of advertising, most of the friends earn or special like, send your own website, or send out link, feel the effect is really good.

have a subversive change? Li Kaifu believes that the six phenomena will occur in parallel and accelerate the birth of a new wave of entrepreneurship. Six phenomena include:

In his speech,