technology news (Rui Jie) December 3rd Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, as the world’s two most powerful technology companies, Microsoft and Google’s long-term relationship is not evident to anyone, but in the Christmas shopping season approaching, the relationship between the two giant companies seemed to usher in a further deterioration. In order to Microsoft traffic to its own search engine will be more, launched a new round of attacks on Google, accusing it of shopping search results are not reliable. At the same time, some industry analysts pointed out that Microsoft is in fact using this approach, some of it just means more secretive.

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[review] Microsoft: we call Google "PPC" to stop this practice, and give consumers really want something, it is the most honest search results.

Google staged "Christmas" (Tencent technology plan)


Google is actually a collection of all target ads for a list of one only, unsuspecting consumers will think that this is the result of the search." Microsoft said in a statement.


first, Microsoft has launched a new marketing campaign on Wednesday, exclusively on Google search for the latest adjustment involves shopping result engine launches a review. Google’s new policy requires businesses must pay to be able to display their products in the special edition of a shopping search. Therefore, in the latest ad, Microsoft accused Google of violating honest commitment on the Internet search results. Microsoft search service will remind consumers, if users rely on Google shopping in the face certain risks. It is reported that Microsoft will be in the NBC and CNN of the TV ads and "New York Times", "the Wall Street journal" and "Washington Post" and other mainstream newspaper advertising board that information. Moreover, these ads will also appear in the streets and lanes of billboards and on the Internet, Microsoft has also built a new site called "Scroogled贵族宝贝".

earlier this year, Google announced that it will modify the product search engine, make it become a paid advertisement shopping service. Google’s move to remove part of the merchants are willing to pay, including amazon. Of course, in the Google shopping search service >

this week, Microsoft in the search engine will be doing promotional activities again, Bing search engine is faithful to the search results. Microsoft in a statement even said, "Microsoft organized promotional activities is to enable consumers to know more about Google’s latest" PPC "(pay-to-rank) the risk of existing practices."


in this year’s Christmas shopping season is approaching, the industry’s two giants Microsoft and Google, whose search engine in terms of online shopping more just this problem quarrel.