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, the application of signature in the promotion, that is to say the signature how to write more let people love to see, to attract users to click on and jump to your site, I believe that through a IP signature over than the signature anchor text links useful bring.

how to entice people to click on their links, this involves how to make good use of the signature, we leave the chain general also pays attention to grab the new post, especially some of the weight is high, included fast forum, general a high quality post, a few minutes by the love of Shanghai included, grab the sofa or post is the first page to reply, is undoubtedly the best results of the fastest. Also, used to guide the user’s signature as well as to seize a favorable position, and may yet have to bother to reply. Want to let others click, attract eyeball is a must.

referred to a forum signature, I believe there are many Shanghai Longfeng friends think of the learning speed of the anchor text of the chain, of course, a great role of signature is the site of the anchor text outside the chain, especially some high weight and large government forum. We often see the phenomenon: YAHOO link query site outside the chain, can be found in front of some forum posts page will be ranked in some website Links, what we know is that the query chain is also according to the weight of high and low ranking. Recently, many of my friends think that person in question the effect of the chain, the chain BBS signature, signature of the role of the forum or some, but selectively, for example, the forum weights, the forum is not associated with the site, there is no nofollow label.

say that the signature settings, the anchor text is a must, if the signature bytes enough, you can add advertising words (of course, is on the premise of forum allowed, otherwise hard to brush up the account replies accidentally to the closure is also very depressed, for example) the website is selling the product, so, you can write directly to buy Moumou to XX network, XX network is set to link the form, the general forum will just write this sentence, the word enough, natural space will play more, or add advertising words, such as XX products are half price in. Another good sign is img, this forum is found some support, with a picture of your own web site advertising, and then link to your own website, if the location is clever, forum and their related products, persevere in the BBS to post and reply, can set a good signature, to a certain number of directional flow for the site. A good picture of the signature, even can be equated to a paid advertising, the first reply to many forums, it is our habit that is under the sofa, advertising alliance advertising, if you make good use of his signature image, the effect is very good.

personal ideas, welcomed the exchange of.