second, follow the ideas analysis of website structure optimization. In fact, any one site will have their own design strategies, the author thinks that the structure of the site design structure is self-evident for users to browse and influence of experience, different sectors of the web site in the website structure design is certainly be quite different, a lot of enterprise website construction site in order to marketing in order to get the weight and we found that the ranking structure design about the structure or structure in addition to left right outside the head and tail of the middle content area common, often left is on the website classification and the latest news list, on the middle of a product introduction section, the right is often about us or contact, this is very advantage in line with the characteristics of the spider crawling, from left to right from the top to the bottom, the left is the most important The part is often the most important section of the news or showing up, this structure is very beneficial for the user experience and the spiders crawl the page, there are some group nature of the site they brand itself in the industry have been very big, their website content display area design of large banner take charge. Is a big picture or a large flash site reflects the atmosphere and a sense of decency, in different sectors of the site in the design of our website structure idea is definitely different.

third, website optimization details. The line on the website, after the restructuring is completed, the station optimization is to analyze user behavior, from the title of writing, writing to the column name, Map >

The first

as everyone knows, the process of website optimization is actually a cumulative weight, as an optimization personnel I think the user experience is must go through before we optimize the site is the first gate, when it comes to the user experience for simple understanding, interface design, website, website article quality, website access speed and so on, we not only to take into account the needs of the users of our website for the search engine spiders attention is to analyze and study the good gossip short continued the author from the following aspects and we discussed in detail below.

, the first web designer user experience optimization. We know that the line on the website before, this part is the website design website user experience optimization is one of the most critical aspects, such as the line on the website before the graphic design, color collocation and so on, because the sensory things are most likely to establish a sense of trust, making some rough ", may itself for the enterprise product credibility of users there is a doubt, is waiting for the user experience, we will be talking about the access site loading speed here, the current popular web design layout div+css why will become the mainstream, because it is obvious in the amount of code and loading speed prior to the table layout, do detail problems in these pages in the design of the site before the line, for the optimization of working days after we can use the multiplier to describe these. Illustrates the web design is the first website optimization.