if you receive notice, although unfortunately, at least you can punish the single reason of accurate positioning. If not, you may be punished against other reasons.

"We" ve detected that… ". you, the subtext was found cheating, and will be punished.

The anchor text

this is the best of times, it was the worst of times, many people are noble baby penguin update beat, some stations won the show and noble baby ranked hitherto unknown. How can we as a grassroots talent shows itself first we need to identify yourself? The site is not really to punish the penguin update. Noble baby punishment has many kinds of reasons, it must first confirm the punishment, we can be an antidote against the disease.

"Submit your site for reconsideration". You may also have the subtext, save, delete the link of the unnatural, then write 1000 words of the confession book, noble baby will make you get rid of the punishment.

how to avoid being punished

"look for possibly artificial or unnatural Links…", the subtext to punish your reason is "unnatural links".

method for the detection of the most simple is Google punishment is of course nobility baby administrator tools. Login to your administrator account, and then view the "information" page, see if the contents are similar to the image below it, then it is unfortunate that your site is to punish the artificial noble baby. According to Matt Shuaiguo said earlier this year, there have been more than 25000 sites to receive such information, go to see if you are not one of them.


has been the noble baby will according to many dimensions to determine the site links are natural, such as links, diversity link, link growth rate, link anchor text etc.. The penguin update one of the main content is the addition of a distribution of the anchor text of the judgment. What is the natural link? Simple, such as a vase, 100% people say it is certainly not a "vase", 50% said it was the "vase", 30% said it was the "bottle", 20% said it was "container" can hold the natural flowers. So, our goal is clear, the anchor text diversity and pluralism. (how to make the anchor text diversification? Please look forward to the next Putian Huoying Shanghai dragon article)

we look at several key points of this notice:

Penguin update

how to view the site distribution of


administrator tools to punish

that noble baby