1987, Ren Zhengfei working in state-owned enterprises was 2 million yuan fraud units have been removed, with 2 million in debt equivalent to now hundreds of millions of dollars, his wife divorced, he borrowed 21000 yuan founded HUAWEI company in Shenzhen Ren Zhengfei was 43 years old. At the beginning of its establishment, HUAWEI obtained the first pot of gold by acting on the SPC exchange of a company in Hongkong.

says, "25 to 35 is the best time to start a business. It’s pretty late at the age of 40. After 40, the exception is the exception."." Zhu Shijian and Ren Zhengfei are exceptions to this rule. Never thought, once the tobacco magnate Zhu Shijian than entrepreneurial Godfather Ren Zhengfei a

unfortunately, in January 9, 1999, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life and commuted to 17 years in prison.

Zhu Shijian was born on January 23, 1928 in Huaning County of Yuxi city in Yunnan Province, is a veteran entrepreneur, former chairman of the Hongta group in Yunnan Yuxi, once known as "the Chinese tobacco magnate".

      the overall revenues of the wireless alliance have shrunk dramatically as mobile operators have stepped up their supervision. After 06 years of rogue software around the entire Internet traffic price fell, the flow is not worth the money "has become the main advertising basically consistent rhetoric. Moreover, in order to increase their income, some advertising organizations have taken a lot of cheating, which has caused many advertisers to lose confidence in the advertising alliance. As a result, many personal websites are faced with the dilemma of how to actually make money.

Ren Zhengfei, born in October 25, 1944 in Guizhou County of Zhenning Province, is the founder and President of HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd., originally from Pujiang County, Zhejiang province.

he made "Hongta mountain" become a famous brand in China, making Yuxi cigarette factory become the largest modern tobacco factory in Asia and the world. In Hongta Zhu Shijian played 18 years in order to create the profits and taxes of up to 99 billion 100 million yuan, plus the Hongta Mountain brand value of about 40000000000 yuan not assessed value of other brands, his contribution to the country’s tax at least 140 billion yuan.


      Shanghai as a professional institution IDC orange has been very concerned about the Internet, network alliance between mutual win-win cooperation. The company launched the "rebate based" advertising alliance model in late August, with a strong rebate for personal website traffic generated maximum value returns.

    of course, this network make money also has the certain difficulty, so can get the money is much higher than other forms of advertising, but this way is more easy to establish a long-term cooperation." The orange Internet link explains: "how to increase income in the face of problems"

 :     blogger can put the "orange" ad code on your own Blog, insert advertising pictures from the page, add text ads links, or include the article’s way of delivery, as you choose.

      as long as the beautiful orange network login site, registered membership account and through the audit, consumers click through membership website advertising website and visit the beautiful orange product consumption, is credited to the rebate program, membership can see every consumer and the rebate amount in the background.

November 2012, the 85 year old Zhu Shijian planted the "Chu orange" began selling by the electricity supplier. Because Chu orange is excellent in quality, and is often sold out. Two entrepreneurial success of his fame, become "king of Chinese orange".

75 year old seventy years of age to stage a comeback. In 2002, the medical parole after his 75 year old former friends to raise 10 million yuan, including under the Ailao Mountain, 2400 acres of government farm, and his wife began planting orange. He was put into production at the age of 85 because of limited funds.

      with the rapid development of Internet, domestic personal websites have been rising, but the same type of website is more numerous, although many personal website traffic is high, but facing low income, resulting in considerable maintenance costs are from the website, posted the money to do.

plum flower, entrepreneurs have brilliant achievement is not accidental, mostly through the suffering of the results. In the end who boil longer and eat more bitter, the following list of five people from the bitter boil adult entrepreneurs, and according to the degree of suffering sort, formed a small list, for your reference only.

second: Ren Zhengfei,

 :     the current advertising model called "effect billing" is very popular abroad, especially for personal blogs. Especially for people who want to earn a little income through writing Blog.

September 1991, HUAWEI hired the Shenzhen Baoan County village of oyster industry Arts crafts emporium as the development of switch places, more than 50 young employees follow Ren Zhengfei began a dangerous and unknown road of entrepreneurship. They divided the whole floor into a single board

      at present, the income of personal websites in China mainly comes from three aspects. The first is the wireless alliance, help SP to push some customized advertising; second is the flow, through the sale of traffic to other websites to bring some users; third is through the intermediary of the advertising, advertising, in accordance with the number of hits or show charges. But there have been big changes in the sources of income in 2006,

No. 1: Zhu Shijian