Hello! A few times before writing articles are talking about what the soft promotion, reflecting good ~ ~!! this time to write a general forum webmaster will meet the problem, this problem has come up with what I do not have a good way to solve ~! Now write together to talk about it. Many people, power, and perhaps that expert will come up with solutions to it ~ but I hope you do not stingy, I thought, must write out, for the benefit of everyone ~!


now to talk about this problem ~! This is the case, hard to do the webmaster forum, but found little post ~ man! (his hard hair) until finally there are several members to post, the results also found that the vast majority of people do not reply, a serious blow to the post members’ enthusiasm even ~! A member willing to reply, that is scanty. In the end, the forum was dead and lifeless.

think of a way to solve it, set to view all replies, or reply to DDD, such as jhlkjhklh, or directly on the flash of chaos, and did not look


no way to set a certain level in order to see ~! ~! Most people go directly, is not easy to send advertising, write text to a few IP results at a glance away, not what traffic


you say good content to reply, I do not think so. Take my stand to say (www.skqoo.com), the content is really good, I am a lot of charge information like a lot of ways to get free, hard up for everyone to see, like scanty replies, a day is more than 1 thousand IP, the daily post was more than 100,

people are helpless!I try to say

also tried a lot of ways, invalid, or side effects of large ~! Look at many large community forums, have this problem, but did not solve ~ very good! Take out of it, that is the name of the title of the party and the party faces flooding extremely. The fish face removed, most of the results said, hey. No expression, are lazy to out ~! Oh, look at him, but that the registered – trouble results ~! Every day 2000 to the average person online, to say that it is not known how much worse than behind. But is not! Look at those had very brilliant Golden Forum, and what!… More than 4000 online, every more than 100 posts, all eating capital ~! So there is too many examples, beyond count


I think it may be a common feature of Chinese people. First of all lazy, followed by ISM, and third, no gratitude. Of course, I mean most people, not all.

maybe someone will scold me and say what I write is just a broken soft text ~ Yes, I admit that writing articles, in addition to explaining the problem, is indifferent to a little other effects. But what I say is really a problem of existence, and everyone will meet >