It is self-evident of original

on a site’s importance, important to what extent? Network part-time network was a Baidu down the right station, only once for a long time to update the snapshot (you can see the growth of the front part), now? Network of part-time network has more new snapshot every day, for a week after the the post test, regardless of original, even by the Internet turned rotten in less than 10 minutes will be included in Baidu, I want to present a PR value is 3 of the station to do so, has been very good, the search volume is a substantial growth trend compared to the past, yesterday hit IP a record high. Well, what have I done for this hard time? I’ll explain it in detail in several departments, and today I’ll focus on originality.

yesterday in a famous SEO forum to see friends complain about their own original content than others pure acquisition station included, do the original sense? I want to say anything, do not just look at the appearance, to see the essence. First of all, collection station, instant Baidu included, very good, I do not suggest to do, because the right to drop or even K probability is much greater than the original content, you will have experience in the future. Do the original, but also a catalyst to attract spiders, that is to find friendship links, to write more soft Wen, more construction of the chain. About the construction of the chain, I am also in the exploration and learning, the future will be better results to share.

How important is the original

? Before Baidu snapshot has not updated day (late what degree? Half a month or more than 20 days), I found a big secret! As long as your article on the Internet is the first hand (also known as original content), so Baidu included very quickly a, a collection of Baidu snapshot, and a few days remained at that date, even when the next update snapshot, included is still slow. Here friends are recommended to use webmaster tools, analysis of your website every day, analysis tools used, you immediately know where to do is not good enough. For example, check friends chain, check Baidu today included how much, included articles are what articles. Especially to see Baidu included, then tomorrow I will continue to send Baidu like to include the type of article, lasted 3 days, 7 days, 1 months, maybe not, 3 months may be successful. 6 months is still not successful, then simply make people go.

and reproduced content? Completely temporarily not included, these contents have to wait until a week Baidu small update, see your snapshot update to which day will gradually included some content. The results continued to be observed for a month, and so were they. Thus, the original content is king, king is your website development must be done today! Station whether original or reproduced, soon to be included, this is the original charm! Objectively speaking, is the original content of rescue station. Today, Baidu has a problem, yesterday afternoon seems to have a sign, Baidu yesterday afternoon suddenly very slow included, today was directly black, good after a period of time to return to normal included.

, if you’re still slow for your snapshot?