this is an article without any subject or technique. Just say some of their own years of doing network operations in some of the views and insights, there is no logic, basically think of where to say where. It’s the stream of consciousness.

in fact, I can not count on success, nor is it a big cow, I do not have too many Internet operators tips, are some very basic, very simple approach. As I ask everyone in my department, "do simple things, repeat them, repeat things, do certifications, do serious things, do new things."." It’s the most pure generalization of my career and my career over the years.

and many in this circle of people like me, is to join the network editor, I am more fortunate than others is that I can get a 88 thousand single on the first day of work, a month after the charge, three months after the network department manager. I believe there are many people who have more experience than I have, and have more skills than I do. But those than I experienced and skilled person than me (at least in the people in our industry) the end I have been killed, then many of them into my hand, in fact, no other reason, is I than they insisted for 5 years, I only do one thing. Only, do a website, only a brand, well, it seemed like.

now I following a lot of executives do not have to write original articles, not outside the chain to work, but I every day no matter how busy, how tired, every day I will adhere to personally write original articles, to send the chain, personally for friends of the chain. Of course, I wrote the article must be better than others, so a little bit, I sent the chain platform better than others. No, I don’t teach them, as long as I do, I share them without reservation. But they always feel a little worse at the stage of execution,

?What’s the difference between



I thought for a long time, did not want to understand, and then I suddenly figured out, in fact, they are my poor passion for a web site, SEO, simple love for network marketing.

a lot of the time I was a rash, the boss urged me to say the performance every day, but I’m not in a hurry, I only care about is how much today my website, my website ranking how much, how much the chain I rose, I switched to a how the high quality of the chain, I wrote how satisfied with their own original articles, I learned what the new knowledge of the internet.

it’s more exciting than signing a 100 thousand, 200 thousand, or even 300 thousand note. In fact, I am such a director of operations will definitely not be a good director, because I do not seem so strong desire to make money. All my enthusiasm and energy have been put on the job, and I’ve put them in the key word rankings. I’m always looking for ways to increase brand exposure so that more people will understand our brand.

so far, I’ve been writing articles since 2011