A few articles for a period of time before the media

featuring a girl named Nancy at the same time, the WeChat business circle of friends this topic pushed to the front of the public, many people began wondering how to become the next Nancy, especially some of the struggling Taobao sellers find life-saving straw. What is more the circle of friends to the next Taobao. I prepare to write an article to talk about my views, but considering that time almost irrational everybody was stimulated by the successful case of stir, so now this topic specially cool and we have to come out and say the things.

my view is that, friends circle, electricity supplier is not a good business, not to expect WeChat to become the next Taobao.

why is the circle of friends unsuitable for electricity providers?

first of all, the strong relationship between friends is not based on frequent transactions, and the strong social relation to the level of trading becomes a weak relationship


attribute strong relationship chain of acquaintances is based on one reason many people optimistic about the business circle of friends, the vast majority of users of WeChat’s friends are acquaintances, trust has a strong relationship between each other, theoretically it reduces the cost for the trust to carry out the business of trading in the circle of friends, but in fact it is not so.

because of the strong relationship between WeChat and friends of the high degree of trust is not based on business, this trust comes from their daily lives to establish feelings, feelings between friends laid a strong relationship between the basic circle of friends, and the nature of the business transaction will affect the emotion accumulation, the strong relation to social the transaction level becomes a weak relationship.


authors have investigated (of course, investigation, small sample size is not high), more than 90% people will resent the friends circle of friends to sell things, but most people said they would not sell things in my circle of friends, because of their circle of friends is just a personal platform for sharing with friends in addition, let them do business in acquaintances, they also feel shy.

secondly, most of the players do not have continuous quality content production capabilities, and the maintenance costs of friends are too high,

assuming that a friend circle is really a good business, then an escape question is how to maintain your many friends and increase the rate of repeat purchase. Maybe when one hundred or two hundred friends you can communicate with them easily, even your friends into the customer, the customer become friends, but if you want to expand the business itself, potential customers how to obtain these increments is a problem.

step back and say, even if you have good marketing ability, your customers hard to help you recommend your friends, the number of growth is very impressive, until the number one day your friends to 1000 or even more time, the maintenance cost is greatly increased, which is obviously not an easy job. (the author there was a micro signal friends number >