Internet for ten years, forums, blogs, email…… Profoundly changed our lives. At the same time, forums, vests, irrigation everywhere; blog broke out in an endless stream; spam popular. We enjoy the convenience of the network at the same time, in the face of massive information is becoming helpless, and sometimes had to rely on the "human flesh search" to identify the authenticity, it can not help but say that is a sad.

in advocating the sharing of the Web2.0 era, we are tired of hypocrisy, the desire for truth, we need the real network of life, the need for reliable friends. The school network has been successful by relying on student relationships, and it has been a miracle for the office workers, colleagues, and colleagues. These are the best examples. And, the Internet regionalization and localization development situation, the urgent need for a platform, we can live around the information, the District moved up. Here, not only can contact friends, share happiness, but also can understand the basic necessities of life, beer and skittles, discounts, promotions and other information, you can see the real evaluation of friends, experts get the relevant recommendations……

by the China Telecom Anhui company lasted for half a year of development and testing, e net new line ( integration of Telecom’s own resources, such as the "number know-all" brand life service channel information. At the beginning of the line, the collection of information about the province’s 950, surrounding shops more than 30 thousand. The site in the online stage, registered users, most users enable real name avatars to really sincere exchanges, he makes full use of the concept of people-oriented, to users as the center, in addition to attract mainstream SNS website function, more emphasis on the interaction between users. The operator’s advantage, while the integration of all mainstream web communication tools, Web, QQ, MSN, email, mobile phone, PHS, are a lot of people can really meet the needs of real-time communication whenever and wherever possible.

but there have been a lot of problems in recent months. If the user stickiness is not high, although last year during the event, the site daily maximum PV reached 120 thousand, but after the end of the event, PV decline is also obvious.

Through the detailed analysis of

, personally feel most e existing home network belongs to the application of "high cohesion and low coupling", there are two main problems: A, user friend poor interaction, the user can not cooperative game; two, and the integral association is not enough, causing the user to perceive the whole is weak, the lack of long-term stickiness.

The more critical issues of

are the following:

1) lack of thorough understanding of user requirements. The first step of product development should be requirement research and user group positioning. We grasp the user needs on the more rough, not precise, so it is likely to lead to user awareness of the product is not high, increasing the difficulty of promotion.

2) the product packaging, planning is not professional. The quality of the product is closely related to the strength of the packing. We should strengthen the packing of the product while developing high quality products