today to check the next push to some relevant data, the PR value is 5, ALEXA is ranked 20603, it should be said that a push site can in a short period of one year to this, is very good, should be regarded as a successful web site. So what can we get from the success of a push?.

below, I share my experience from four aspects, and this is the spirit of pushing.

1, free

users on the Internet will never be free and free of charge, while pushing one just introduces some free stuff, such as free promotion training camp, and N promotion tools and data. And all this is just to ask you to send a few posts.

two, mutual aid,

who are from the new came slowly, slowly become a master, and just to push people to the spirit of play to the extreme, to push people to know, or don’t know there will be a person to help to solve his problems. I think it is this spirit of mutual help that makes a push stronger and stronger. I think if everyone learns something and doesn’t want to help others, that one will be thrown out. In fact, do other websites is also this reason.

three, share

do what you do, that is, to do something useful for users, that is, you know what others do not know, share it out. Including tools, theories and other users to your web site, get what you want. He will give your web site to others, so that the reputation effect.

four, communicate

do website, what good forum?. Why? Because forums can communicate. You can say what you think and say what you want to ask. It will give people a sense of belonging, so that the site from the forum to do the best things.

‘s writing is a little messy, I’m sorry.

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