financial crisis has entered Chinese, has a significant impact on our lives of ordinary people, Shenzhen, Guangdong, a large number of migrant workers returning tide Jiangsu and Zhejiang area can be predicted, the Shanghai foreign trade enterprises also began massive layoffs, as small and medium-sized enterprise website we, how to spend this time? If you keep yourself in the financial in a crisis, and strive for further improvement of


I was a novice, but also the new website, mainly for my small business services, the main business of our company is: Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang international air ticket booking, due to the small company has just set up not long, so not many old customers, customers are mainly from the online booking tickets will find us.

now, the economic downturn, Baidu promotion costs are high, some of the fast, I just step by step, down-to-earth management of my small web site. Sometimes, the price of the airline ticket is updated, and the ticket policy is late at night, but the content of my website is very little. I feel that I have paid far more than I have. I don’t know how other flights are scheduled. How did you spend your stay in this financial crisis?


I feel I very hard every day, to update the ticket prices, the international airline ticket policy, such as I update the Lufthansa ticket prices, you have to look at the airline ticket policy, what the European Asian African ticket, ticket, ticket, ticket America, each local policies are not the same, I have a look a, an update, so only one airline, there are other Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Northwest Airlines, United Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Emirates Airlines and so on, I have a look at the airline policy documents, international ticket prices, and then collect a posted on the Internet, but even so, I still don’t love websites by search engines, especially Baidu, must I do promotion? Promotion fees so expensive now, really Some of them can’t be eaten. What’s more, in order to provide lower ticket prices, of course, I have to minimize operating costs.

in this way? In this way, can you live through this winter? Do you have a master or peer, exchange, I learn, pay tuition is OK, ha ha!


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