this question, we do SEO are very concerned about, and every SEO wants to know. But not included in the amount of a day to mention the song, which is to rely on every day, insist on updating the site. Update your website for your daily habits.

below is the question and answer about the website collection quantity, it is the content that the husband says in QQ group only:

passers-by asked: how can you increase the amount of Baidu ah, what is the way? What can we do to improve it?

answer: Baidu included problems, many people have doubts, but, we all forget the basic.

a, if you post an article, and this article has N times COPY in SE, you don’t mean it,

B, if your article page hasn’t been crawled by spiders, then SE won’t include

There’s another case of

C, which many people haven’t paid attention to, including a lot of seo


site procedures are with sitemap, if you have A this morning, at noon and the evening issued a C B article, article search engine may be included in C, the other is not included, perhaps only included A, the other is not included in

if only included C, it is because a lot of the system comes with sitemap is set to regularly updated, when you update at noon, the morning link spiders can not climb,

if only included A words, spiders are generally morning activities, index data, second days out

, if you update in the morning, then the spider will climb, and the afternoon update will not necessarily climb to the

so, Sitemaps is best to make their own, made for automatic updates, and it is necessary, if your station home page file is not big, the update frequency is very high, then basically do not have to make the

why can others keep spiders? That’s because spiders have habits. Spiders don’t like what they haven’t seen. That’s originality. They like regular sites.

although this problem just ask Baidu to charge, but for the other search engines, the intention is to see the full effect of the. Baidu spiders are not the only habit, and other search engines spiders are the same.

how to increase the amount of charge, my personal view is: do not have to update every day, because each SEOer can not have the time to manage their own web site every day. However, each site should be updated within 2-3 days, and a long period of updates will give you a way to influence the arrival of the spider on time. Of course, this update is best original.