many customer calls to ask "how your company to build a website how much money?" or "do a website needs to how much money?" the most listened to these problems, if you can answer directly to 1000 yuan package, is right, you can also answer "don’t know", why Dongguan is so experienced? Internet companies do not know how to answer your quotation? Actually is right. Because, like I asked you a question, "how much would it cost to build a house?" N answered the question. Well, how much does the Dongguan station really cost? That’s what we’re talking about:


network is very chaotic, the price range, this is the problem, the money in place and not in place if you call to build a website with hundreds of thousands, maybe you would say you, but if you want a very personality, at the same time the ultra high aesthetic requirements, but also the whole station functions should be a very special personality, or need to add the number of products the company or the workload is very large, otherwise you don’t need to choose the website design plan is too expensive.

goes to the theme:

told everyone, mainly some companies or enterprises need to make friends, in fact, website design is really a penny goods, but there are exceptions, I refer to the same conditions, such as: the level of designers, web space used by the web server configuration, function and incidental out of the project; if the above are the same, of course, is a penny stock, the more money the more ideal design effect. But what about the same network companies in Dongguan or at home and abroad, so many of the quotations from Dongguan websites are generally equivalent. But these are well founded. Let’s go over the conditions of the offer:

first, website layout and layout design effect (the most important and important)

Of course,

a good website will give you new customers or potential customers of a feeling, some gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, very poor typesetting effect also can let a person see eye pain, that is the price effect, we discuss the structure and the house; a set of building a good website layout and style like the apartment layout, in addition to save space but also more intuitive to express the theme, which is more easy to let your visitors know your company is very easy.

second, the site’s virtual host

a good virtual host (web space) is directly related to the optimization of the rank of the website and website, more important is the speed of opening the website, if a very poor web space, equal to your house construction was very good, beautifully decorated, but your home has a high mountain. We must cross the mountain to see your house, this house is not to know others as can be imagined, only you alone reward. When it comes to speed, why some space is so expensive, some so cheap, the price depends on the "cost", but the cost is "server bandwidth, server configuration, server room, server system, customer service service"; "we like Dongguan Internet www.0769q.>