Three days break love Shanghai top 11 ring

didn’t appear until this phenomenon, my website ranking is my optimization has been very stable, all Google keywords are main first (Google ranking stable for a year, is still the first stable) Sogou search engine is stable during the first half of the first. As for all the keywords love Shanghai, is the third and first levels, is also very stable, but just three days before the 6 a.m., all keywords all love Shanghai from third down to 11, Google and other search engines remain stable first, Shanghai ranked 11 out of love phenomenon. At that time, I am anxious, like their children had a serious illness like this phenomenon, although many webmaster experience, but the mood is certainly not good, first I quickly access to relevant information, check around for several hours, found a lot of writing to write to a fresh feeling, is repeated the statement, take the essence, I’ll send the positioning of their love of Shanghai ranked 11 in the website phenomenon, cause I love Shanghai ranked 11 fatal has the following two points. read more


Examples to share 3 months recovery was down the right site

3, the quality of

. Because the site is more, so some station is updated once a week, but the individual stands as the focus, so every day in the update, but really do not write the original article every day, especially their own website, as is the company’s website, not mandatory under the condition of not easy to do. For a long time, I have been using pseudo original tools or a few articles synthesis method, article really is included, but after a period of time if not included.

refused the chain. Remember the love of the chain on the statistical data of Shanghai Webmaster Platform reached 8000, and then screened, will waste the chain of site level declined. Because before buying links and their link on the mistake, it will be a long-term work. read more


Personal blog how to make money, the three major advertising alliance horizontal comparisonAbout the

after receiving the letter, I immediately call to confirm, now is PIN, ha ha “o a _ U O

looked at the article yesterday, but it was a little different, but.

see, my account is only 29 GG letter, but I have 50USD, I do not know whether I have such a phenomenon,

shlf1314 Adsense: the price is good, relatively sh419 alliance is also easy to apply, if you do is English station, as long as there is traffic and appropriate click rate, then wait for the money, you will send. Now support checks and Western union. Collection is also convenient. The $100 payment, the use of Western Union payment is currently no fee! Hang shlf1314 Adsense sh419 is not right down! Put shlf1314 Adsense advertising words ad click rate is relatively high, because the advertisement of shlf1314’s advertising system, better display. My website, http://131art, has been in the shlf1314 League since 06 years ago and has collected a few dollars now. read more


Want to do a good job of site planning, where should I start

site planning is one of the important steps to build a good website. Without good site planning, it is unlikely that we can build a satisfactory website. But because the work site planning process is more complicated and boring, often do not get enough attention, and even many engaged in site construction personnel will direct the work to ignore, or incorporated into the encoding work in the site. I believe that these views and behavior are wrong, in fact, website planning work can not be ignored. Below I will plan the content and importance of the website, and how to do a good job site planning work for you to explain. read more


Factors affecting search engine rankings

is not conducive to search engine rankings there are many factors, and here today, and we talk about the search engine ranking is not conducive to several major factors.

1, invalid links and effective external connection too little: if you are "invalid links, search engines may think that you are not I want to present the user the best", because the user does not have the love of "invalid link. What’s more, you wasted the time of the search engine. Obviously, you have this kind of information, but the result is not. External connection is one of the main factors are the major search engines of a website weight, the number of external connections is equivalent to your website has been the number of votes, if the site votes less, the search engine will think your site is being abandoned by the name, the search engine will give up to you. read more

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