first_imgIn parallel with the growth of exports, the growth trend of imports continuedCompared to 2016 last year, imports of agricultural and food products grew by 11,5 percent, and in the first six months of 2018 imports were at the level of one billion and 467 million euros, which is 6,4 percent more than in the same period last year. We exported the most chocolate and other products with cocoa, fresh and chilled fish and cigarettes, while we mostly imported pork, bread and bakery products and animal feed preparations.Among the 24 observed groups of agricultural and food products, we had a positive balance in trade in only seven groups of products: cereals, fish, sugar, oilseeds and herbs, tobacco, meat products and various food products. ‘Source: HGK”The total coverage of imports by exports of agri-food products of only 60% indicates a general low competitiveness and insufficient volume of domestic production of primary agricultural products and products of the food processing industry. We should be especially concerned about those categories in which the coverage of imports by exports is less than 50%, and these are precisely those categories in which we have insufficient production – meat, milk and dairy products, vegetables and fruits” concludes Dragan Kovacevic. We encourage imports through tourism. Crazy, funny, tragic… The meaning of tourism is the maximum use of local resources. If we connect everything into one complete tourist story, tourist consumption is dispersed to various industries in the tourist destination, because the greatest power of tourism is that it is not one industry, but connects, vertically and horizontally, all other industries and activities. The goal is to increase tourist consumption and to reduce that tourist consumption to the local or national economy.On the one hand, we have a great demand, ie consumption through tourism, we have agricultural resources from the interior of Istria, Dalmatian hinterland, Slavonia… and again the village and agriculture are declining, and we encourage imports through tourism. Crazy, funny, tragic…RELATED NEWS:THE COMBINATION OF “BLUE” AND “GREEN” CROATIA – DOES IT SOUND TO YOU?SMALL FAMILY TAVERNS KNOW HOW TO CONNECT BLUE AND GREEN CROATIA Croatian exports of agricultural and food products in the first six months of this year amounted to 884 million euros and were 4,25 percent higher than in the same period last year.”This is a continuation of many years of positive trends, although export growth is slowing down. In 2017, we recorded an increase in exports of agricultural and food products of 7,5 percent compared to 2016, which, in turn, compared to 2015, recorded an increase of almost 13 percent ”Explained the Vice President for Agriculture of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Draga Kovačević, and added that  despite the growth of exports in the first six months of this year, increased the negative balance of foreign trade of agri-food products compared to the same period last year by over 50 million euros.Source: HGKlast_img read more