first_imgStabroek Wharf vendors who will have to relocate their businesses because of the partial collapse of the structure will be taking up positions within the barricaded Route 42 bus park in the Stabroek Market Square as of next Friday.This decision taken by the Georgetown City Council was reportedly communicated to the vendors sometime last week via notice.According to the document seen by this publication, an inspection was conducted two weeks ago by Chief City Engineer Colvern Venture, who inked in his report that the sixth section of the wharf was uninhabitable and unsuitable to accommodate vending activities.The vendors were also thus notified: “Failure to remove from the said stelling when stipulated will result in lawful measures being employed to ensure your [theThe dilapidated roofvendors’] compliance.”Further, vendors were reminded that continued occupation of the wharf could prove detrimental; thus their compliance is essential.When Guyana Times on Wednesday visited the area which has been identified for the relocation, works were in progress to prepare the area for the vendors. This included the erection of concrete structures to demarcate the zones for operation.One of the vendors told this publication that they had, for many months, waited for action to be taken to fix the wharf, and are hoping that works would be completed in a timely manner. He added that vagrants are occupying the wharf both during the day and at night, making it unsafe for vendors to house their goods.Moreover, the vendor said, the presence of vagrants at the wharf further degrades the aesthetics of the shopping area, and customers are afraid to venture into the area.“It good that we just got to wait a couple more days till we get to go out there, cause they say is next week on the paper; but I hope is that, cause you get a set of junkie and all kinda things happening at the back here. So is good if they can doA section of the unsafe flooring of the wharfthe works and get we back here in a better state,” the vendor expressed.It was reported since June 2016 that Town Clerk Royston King had declared the commencement of works after the Council had received word from the Public Infrastructure Ministry to go ahead with the project.Nevertheless, in November of 2017, the works were still pending, and this publication was informed that to facilitate rehabilitation of the wharf, vendors would be relocated to the west of the Parliament Building following the removal of the Island Snackette and Pizzeria. According to City Hall, the expectation was to transfer vendors there by the end of November 2017.At that time, the budget for the complete refurbishment of the wharf was pegged at some $400 million. After the repairs, the section of the market which faces the Demerara River would be converted into a mall, inclusive of a boardwalk and entertainment areas. If the ideas are approved by the vendors, they would be required to pay a larger sum of money to rent sections of the new building.Over the years, more than 300 vendors were situated at the wharf, but the number dwindled following insecurities posed by the deteriorating structure. (Rupadai Seenaraine)last_img read more