Thinking about love Shanghai punishment not related to static search results page

two: the content related to the theme of

three: original and static, three in one

"love Shanghai" search anti cheat team recently discovered a part of the website traversal popular keywords to generate a large number of search results page to get search engine traffic, which is not related to the contents of a large number of serious damage to the search engine user experience and occupation of the corresponding field of high quality website revenue, we will make a website for such harsh I hope this problem, webmaster timely corrective adjustment." This is the recent love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee announcement. After reading this article, think a lot, let’s talk about the author of the book. read more


Website optimization need those things to

this is a must, as a webmaster, this is the inescapable task. The update must focus on quality, the patient, the best original. I think every day at least three articles in order to meet the requirements, of course, you can take a long article is split into three short points, this is actually the user is a thing very friendly! A final reminder, the update links don’t be lazy smart, or a collection of any assembly read out the website can let go on the road of no return, want the website to develop only down-to-earth to do. read more


Analysis the snapshot problem really and is closely related to the website


compared to the snapshot update speed is different, once the snapshot site always let you feel uneasy. Because according to the operation experience, snapshot basically means the site to be K, key words will fall. But this situation will happen? Obviously not, like the preceding snapshot, is a reserved page for the spider index, and important "normally keep multiple copies of the data in the database, but between them is different, if you have the snapshot is likely to love Shanghai the database update is not caused by synchronization, and is likely to appear second days after love Shanghai update, so when you encounter such a situation, there is no need to be too depressed, as long as you are a regular site, reasonable operation, good optimization, snapshot does not necessarily cause the website by K and other consequences, of course if you the site is non regular website, so snapshot site is likely to be K, but this principle with the conventional warfare snapshot is different, the former is more love Shanghai The latter is not new to delete, update synchronization. read more


A qualified Shanghai dragon Er should have a qualified Excel

Links working table


now I haven’t found a good record of Shanghai dragon tool keyword ranking history, after word of this function, but there are 100 key words, and I see is not too accurate. I used the keyword ranking tools now, then the total station keywords per query ranking are excel format, and then copied to the keywords ranking table I work, go to work every day will lead time, and record the time, this time down you can see a keyword to rank, you can also see the effect of a period of time since the Shanghai dragon. read more


Noble baby natural search rankings highlight Shanghai Longfeng value

                  eMarketer the latest survey data found that search engine optimization services company providing the latest monitoring data for Slingshot days before the marketing staff, mainly for the United States monitoring content of the natural search results ranked first to tenth keywords click value. The results show that the top ranked keyword click rate of 18.20%, ranking second and third of the keyword click rate is respectively 10.05% and 7.22%, in other words the click rate continued to decline. Overall, very clear span of the top three keywords and click rate, in the last seven rows of the keyword click rate difference is not large, indicating that the habit of search rankings and consumer behavior on the natural search results have a larger contact.
read more


Zhejiang, Suichang 50 thousand people, the county town has 1500 Taobao storesHao123 site home site c

hit the "tongue on China", the first episode came to Suichang, introduced the local bamboo shoots, which makes Suichang County deputy magistrate Zhao Wenming is very excited. "In the past, Suichang dried bamboo shoots are locals eat, eat it. But since Taobao opened Internet marketing >

waiting for express

platform to get goods

reporter recently visited Zhejiang in Suichang County, the cluster effect of entrepreneurs, government, industry association and build a public service platform is leading the small town grew into Chinese known "Taobao county", and in most of the city, it was a group of business people are electricity supplier winter, struggling to find a way out of earnings. read more


Analysis on the medical industry status quo of search

on the search fees only from the original bid, only a few of the most now bidding position to the left and right 8+ 8 a total of 16 for position, so many positions have the same area occupying the same problem, some hospitals open multiple auction accounts to grab the position, so as to achieve the desired the effect of. But spend as much. Multi account promotion is the inevitable result of bidding competition, perhaps this is love to see the sea. In order to achieve the maximization of interest. read more


Guangzhou Shanghai Longfeng Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil share keyword ranking experience


Links Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil: Here I would like to emphasize, in particular high weight links, of course, this is relative, not absolute. The key is how you choose what kind of station, the station love Shanghai popular degree is high, in fact, we can see this before the water boiled fish wrote: "Shanghai dragon optimization Links how much do you know?".

optimization, know the anchor chain. The program is WP blog system, the content is not Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil every day to write, but there is a time for more than half a month to write articles, but to write the title of the article, more than 80% words "with a blog made by Guangzhou Shanghai dragon". Try to be original content, so as to more users to read suction. read more


Four you need to pay attention to the problem of advertising on mobile search

mobile users search and relative desktop users to search, search keywords will be relatively short. Keywords the use of some tools that can help you in your study, such as Adword’s Google keyword query tool. It can help you choose a better mobile user commonly used keywords or key phrases for you. We can select advanced options in the background, enters the filter area, then filter the display keywords mobile devices commonly used. As shown below.

three: those who understand the mobile users tend to use the read more


Adhere to the 3 promotion website snapshot is updated every day

3, high quality of the external links and the correlation between

English Shanghai dragon that updated website snapshot is a search engine to reflect your weight and website content quality and frequent updates, in fact, keep updated snapshot is only one, that is the site with the update and the chain high weight website and regularly. Then the snapshot update time on the website ranking have much impact? Many people have different views on this, but some people think that the snapshot is the search engine to save your website in a state of a certain period of time only, or to prevent his loss of data archiving. But the consensus view is the website snapshot update time frequently on the website itself and the website ranking is certainly beneficial. The website snapshot update time is a very important role is the exchange of Links, relative to the website, the website that you update snapshot included in the faster a lot number included. So, to update the site snapshot still has very important significance for the web site. read more


Examples to share 3 months recovery was down the right site

3, the quality of

. Because the site is more, so some station is updated once a week, but the individual stands as the focus, so every day in the update, but really do not write the original article every day, especially their own website, as is the company’s website, not mandatory under the condition of not easy to do. For a long time, I have been using pseudo original tools or a few articles synthesis method, article really is included, but after a period of time if not included.

refused the chain. Remember the love of the chain on the statistical data of Shanghai Webmaster Platform reached 8000, and then screened, will waste the chain of site level declined. Because before buying links and their link on the mistake, it will be a long-term work. read more


A breakthrough the search business failed to search the egg

2005, Zhou Feng returned to create a NetEase in Ding Lei’s encouragement, the main web search products. When fall in love with the sea just on the NASDAQ (3660.01, 1.23, 0.03%) listed on the search market shows great business prospects. We have always found the search this product has not yet done especially well." Zhou Feng said, "the most simple question that we see is the search for commercialization. The search has actually been smart enough, the information is too messy. So we try to do a lot of things to solve these problems." read more


Analysis of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai products which can still use

so, love Shanghai collections do? The most important title in the equivalent of the anchor text of the chain, so with the best keywords. Of course. Is what you want to improve web site ranking, on the home page and the inside pages are equally effective. Description and classification is a minor, not what effect on weight. Is most in need of attention, open green points on certain hook is white, or do. This setting, the spider can be a very good grasp, and bring the weight.

but there is a haven’t been discovered the land, has been proved can be brought to the site of weight, that is the love of Shanghai collection. Look at the picture below, we found that Shanghai is a snapshot of the love collection, that is to say the web site is also a collection of spiders to crawl the page. Of course, this is the love of Shanghai collecting spiders, and not our website on the largest web spider. However, love Shanghai web page ranking will also refer to other spider crawling data, that is to say, a collection is equivalent to a general weight of the chain. read more


How the foreign trade website by Google Penguin update punishment judgment

if you receive notice, although unfortunately, at least you can punish the single reason of accurate positioning. If not, you may be punished against other reasons.

"We" ve detected that… ". you, the subtext was found cheating, and will be punished.

The anchor text

this is the best of times, it was the worst of times, many people are noble baby penguin update beat, some stations won the show and noble baby ranked hitherto unknown. How can we as a grassroots talent shows itself first we need to identify yourself? The site is not really to punish the penguin update. Noble baby punishment has many kinds of reasons, it must first confirm the punishment, we can be an antidote against the disease. read more


Effect of web directory structure on the site of the Shanghai Dragon

we usually put the web directory is divided into tree structure and flat structure. With respect to the tree structure, the flat structure website search engine to crawl, so the general enterprise website personal blogs can try to use a flat structure. Flat structure usually refers to the website files are stored in the root directory, namely: www. site name贵族宝贝/11.html. But consider that if all the articles are stored in the root directory of the words for a long time there will be a large number of pages, looks very messy, so the general enterprise website also uses www. site name贵族宝贝/abc/11.htm. Xiaobian recommended web directory depth as far as possible in the 3 grade 3 or less. The enterprise website directory deep is not what other benefits, not only to increase the burden of the search crawler, web site visitors, deep directory is not conducive to show themselves to the user. Could you know what what directory, but visitors can not have the patience to find a layer. read more


Effect of changes in the market of Taobao search engine off site

Fit the product after

had this trend, we praise the 360 place, but who knows the last 360 have gone bad, may be affected by the love of Shanghai and Google, we all know that compared to Google’s recent "hummingbird" algorithm and love from Shanghai 08 years began operation of the "Box Computing"? As shown below: < >

monopoly, natural monopoly profits, 360 can withstand the temptation? I see

operation guest website friends should understand, love Shanghai for Taobao guest website is not optimistic, even to repression, 360, changed the love Shanghai absolute control of grassroots webmaster, at least 360 search engines do not have obvious signs of Taobao blow off site, a few of my sites, there are relatively good the 360 ranking in the search engine at present, but in the love of Shanghai, can only say that is not K, but also included, in addition to the direct search site, basically is no ranking. read more


Shi Kaiwen’s music description search Jing.fm dream into the networkA net meal that does not rely on

, Jing.fm and the team: highly respected Instagram style "small and big" products

The interface of

up to now, my public number also did not expect to do the electricity supplier, to sell this thing, there is more and advertisers to negotiate, to pick up some interesting advertisement. Because I think a good advertiser can drive each other up with the public. For example, at present I have more advertisements, such as McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Bvlgari

excerpt from Hu Xinshu’s own comic book, "Mr. 10% in my heart" read more


Will the short shot be the climax of the content entrepreneurt might be so easy to read Wang Tong b

December, two more held 2nd Anniversary press conference, announced that the monthly full network broadcast volume of 1 billion times, since March this year, the month has increased by 30%, precipitation fans more than 18 million.

I read this article to Wang Tong’s personal blog, blog title was simply "Wang Tong blog", the meta property is not what sh419! Description is to grab Wang Tong blog picture below the profile information, so this indicates that the first 200 text description of the blog is very important! Wang Tong’s blog the update is not much, basically every month is a number of blog updates, no mouchangqing, the moon was full of essence, a long and minute statement, said that every sense, see his video, hear the most is: the money is so simple! read more


Discussion on the content and copyright of film and television websitesAmazon founder’s philosophy o

, Bezos enclosed the letter in all letters to shareholders, reminding the company of the importance of looking forward, and each year he proved himself right.

"copyright" this word, long before more or appear in some software enterprises, the public very early contact with this kind of information, it seems to Microsoft’s operating system genuine and piracy is more common, such copyright issues and the public life more closely linked, and therefore more attention, after many domestic software enterprises have also increased crackdown on piracy, but because this kind of events and public life with more light, therefore did not arouse much attention. At present, the issue of copyright has expanded from the software industry to the entertainment industry, and the awareness of intellectual property rights has become more and more intense. For the film and television websites, the copyright of the film resources has been in existence for a long time, and will be plagued by various operators for a long time to come.

in current Internet video sites on each observation to understand, for each video website reasonably solve the copyright problems of some generalizations were made, hoping to provide some help for each operator. read more


Beyond dreams — the story behind the three post 90s Entrepreneurship885 SMS payment Alliance intere

!We sincerely The

now have television products, chat and other business owners Commission according to the uplink

last year, when we went to the ‘three’, we were eliminated in the finals. Because it was the first one, slightly inferior, coupled with a day to complete the commentary, PPT did not exercise, lack of preparation, so defeated."


set "hundred" long

got the "micro media alliance" plan, we are surprised, more than 60 pages in detail introduces the project’s products and services, market analysis, business model, risk estimate. "Lessons learned last year ‘three hit’ game, this game is very early we begin to prepare the plan book, from the beginning of the ten page change slowly increased to more than 60 pages on the PPT also changed more than 50 times, after each update will go to teacher Liu Hancheng and Zhou Haiqiong to discuss how to further improve their work all night, replacement the web server, and invited the celebrity in the industry platform, and constantly improve and perfect the website user experience." Hard work pays off, "micro media alliance" only a week on-line has become a news source 360, Sogou Sogou input method, and become a brand of vocabulary; micro media alliance in three hit game won best Venture Award and the national first prize. read more

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