first_imgWith Porto. Golden Dragons Gala November 2019. It is one of the most emotional nights of the year for Porto. Casillas did not miss the appointment.Qatar. He was in Doha as one of the invited footballers to the Club World Cup final on December 21 between Liverpool and Flamengo (1-0). That match also served as a pistol shot for the 2022 World Cup.Federation candidateHis challenge, a challenge … He announced it in February. Its objective is clear: to continue being part of football. Help football from the offices. An idea that began to haunt his head, that he consulted his surroundings, his friends on the ball and decided to go ahead. “I present myself to the presidency of the FEF. Together we are going to put our Federation on a par with the best football in the world, that of Spain. We are working with the utmost respect and determination in our candidacy. Thank you for the support, your strength encourages. ” Decision highly applauded and congratulated by coaches and world soccer players.The F.C. WellIn June 2019 he signed a collaboration agreement with F.C. Pozuelo. His objective, together with Carlos Cutropía, is to grow the institution with advice and implementation in management, sports planning and commercial-marketing plan.Without soccer, he chose paddle tennisHe said in one of his posts on Instagram: “It has been 11 months and 14 days since I did what I like the most.” Not being able to compete on a playing field, not being able to train, his sports time has been in the Porto gym and his paddle tennis matches with friends. He has killed the worm and has enjoyed shovel in hand.Friends timeMeals of friends. First was Cesc, was also with Puyol and Iniesta. Fernando Hierro is in his group of friends, he met with Dr. Martín’s gang. He received friends in Porto like Miguel Torres. Time well spent.Navalacruz and Corral de Almaguer. Navalacruz is his town, his summers as a child and there he has his best friends. The time he has had free has passed through this town in Avila. There he regains strength and gains optimism. Corral is Sara’s town. His other family, the same love …CoronavirusCharity campaign against WHO and FIFA COVID-19. WHO and FIFA have developed a campaign to fight COVID-19. Messi, Casillas, Ramos, Zidane, Cannavaro, Ronaldo, Pelé, Xavi, Buffon, Etoo, Karpin, Falcao, Puyol and many more have participated in several videos that have been recorded in 13 languages.With the Red Cross. He has participated with famous athletes from Spain in a Red Cross campaign to raise funds for the fight against the Coronavirus. Iker, Nadal, Gasol, Fernando Alonso, Garbiñe Muguruza, Carolina Marín … among others.Stockings backwards. That is the name chosen for your interview space on your Instagram account during this confinement. Míchel, Gonzalo Paciencia, Ronaldo or Cannavaro have gone through your questions.New TimesToday is the time to celebrate life with Sara, Martín and Lucas. Thus, the first 366 days have elapsed after a heart attack. He has a lot of life to live, many plans to make and many goals to complete. “Some things have changed, mainly in my head. I started to value moments more. Sometimes we, the players, do not value what we have and we do not believe that we can make many people happy. That has changed a little. You have to be realistic and the most important thing is my health. “ Word of Iker Casillas, word of captain, word of soccer legend. On May 1, 2019, Iker trained at El Olival (Porto training center). Suddenly, he felt a sharp, sharp pain in his chest. His mouth and arms also hurt. Nelson Puga, the team’s doctor, immediately recognized that this pain was a heart attack. He and a security person from the club mounted Iker in a car, Puga called the CUF hospital in Porto, a cardiology referral center, and asked for an operating room. “I have Casillas with a heart attack, he is going to need a catheterization.” Within an hour the situation was resolved and without danger to Casillas. The world of football turned upside down and sent millions of messages giving back everything he had sown before. Do Dragao, the Bernabéu, Anfield, honored him …“And so, without realizing it, a year. I am not one of those who looks at the road traveled. I do not usually brag about things that have turned out well, but this time I feel happy that I have overcome a major obstacle in my life. It has been honestly exciting. It has had horror, drama, and certain doses of science fiction. And of course, humor! “Is how Iker remembers that day in his social accounts. The speed of Dr. Puga was decisive so that there were no sequels. From the first moment he was very aware of what had happened to him. 366 days have passed in which Iker has lived, has advanced, has struggled and has also been afraid. “I was afraid to walk, to sleep. At first I was more distressed and more nervous. I remember the first test in Spain that I almost fell apart, I passed out. It was three weeks ago and I was unconscious,” he confessed to Míchel. few days. And more fear because 15 days later Sara Carbonero, his wife, was detected a tumor. The two have overcome all adversities in these 366 days. Your healthDuring these 366 days, he has strictly followed the recommendations of the doctors. It has undergone monthly tests, exhaustive examinations. You have an appointment with your doctor when COVID-19 ceases. In March he did a stress test and it went well. They had arranged to meet in April, but the pandemic has delayed that appointment. “I think it will be difficult to play,” he says, about to turn 39 on May 20. But his future is full of plans.In PortoIt has been a year of testing, of living day by day. The ball was suddenly taken from him and he had to get used to the idea and think of new challenges. Porto left him his number, made him feel one more, in July appointed him a link between the squad, the coaching staff and the board. A way to stay close to soccer. Six months after that May 1, he started in the gym and on the grass, slow, aware of his situation … In October he received the award for the best goalkeeper in the NOS League last season. He has a contract until June 30, 2020. He has been confined in Foz, where he lives in Porto.Soccer ambassadorWith FIFA. Iker’s first public appearance after the big scare was at the 69th FIFA meeting in Paris. There he was reunited with colleagues and friends. Míchel Salgado, Hierro, Puyol, Nuno Gomes, Mijatovic, Kaka, Roberto Carlos and even… Mourinho. “I don’t usually brag about things that have turned out well, but this time I feel happy that I have overcome a major obstacle in my life” With the League. On June 25 he was the godfather of the first promotion of the Business School League. Students with the intention of training in the world of sports.With UEFA. On November 30, he actively participated in the draw for Euro 2020 in Bucharest. It was part of the eleven that got the balls out of the draw. AFP ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>AFP Iker Casillaslast_img