User experience analysis what happened to micro-blog component revision

is written in the front

micro-blog components are micro-blog open platform for third party access to provide access to components without the need to develop web access products. Micro-blog content will be exported to third party sites, users can interact with micro-blog on third party websites, share content, sync information to micro-blog, enhance the activity of third party website users. Revision involves micro-blog component number 14, mainly including friend selector, publisher, share window and so on. read more


Share experience of K website, remind stationmaster to learn a lesson

actually wrote the article, I have been thinking of my website experience written, or to write out the topic of entrepreneurial experience, also very contradictory, the final position or experience sharing website, the purpose is to remind everyone to learn, SEO and do the station is a long process, can not find. Not what the ornament, go straight. Here’s a story about one of my stations by K, and let’s learn some lessons.

at the beginning of July made a local forum (is ready to do well, do the biggest local forum, because before doing a few stations, also learn some experience. ), due to no content of their own hair some pseudo original content, the website before doing fairly well, because of their own local newspaper publicity (at the time of his two classmates and made a pioneering DM advertising company, ready to use DM ads to achieve the purpose of publicity website), scheduled for in July 7th a limited online, has also attracted some popularity, and the forum also a few people do not often send some chat posts, included Baidu’s soon, do a week or so have more than 300 included, and I had chosen keywords because no duplicate (at the time keywords very careful, LOGO also designed a month before the final, ha ha) so it has occupied the first place, due to lack of manpower and other reasons, the site has been slowly maintained Status quo, and sometimes every day has continued to update several pseudo original articles. read more


Preliminary analysis of a county website

an area, new station, June, just run, our process is as follows:

in the end can do


Xiaoxian is the county seat in the northern part of Anhui, with a population of 1 million 400 thousand, more than 10 kilometers from Jiangsu, Xuzhou, 25 km from Huaibei, and the economic development is relatively behind Xuzhou and Peixian in Fengxian County. There have been several local forums in Xiaoxian, but none of them have been there. Some even have done for a long time, or no popularity. Xiaoxian also has a characteristic, Xiaoxian ground paper DM media is developing very fast, already has a very good ground paper media. Weekly shops along the street. read more


Prerequisites for the success of local gateway network

local portal site in recent years have ignited, the brightest Internet entrepreneurship Kennedy eyes are a little red. Mr. Jia Changsong said, "deal!". "Do the market," it is "clinch a deal."". Making money is the result of a deal. Turnover is the premise of making money, what is the premise of the transaction,


says it’s easy, it’s hard to do it, and who dares to say it’s not difficult, it’s immature. Many webmaster and many Internet layman wants to enter the local portal this is money. Understand! I remember an article said: no money, not only the website to make money, operation of local portal site can make money, but also earn a lot of money, a prefecture level city in general do well a year earn millions easily. But want to make local people also have the portal before the first think that he is not a piece of material. How big is the ability to do many things, although operation sites not spend some money, you can afford to lose, but you can not afford to lose time, so the choice of project time must not be to think what money what to do, what sites to make money, but you can not make money also depends on your fitness is not suitable do the site. Let’s share today’s basic rationale for the success of local portals. read more


What are the profitability of local stations

Where do

webmaster friends, some have been profitable, but most are still struggling to solve the problem of food and clothing, therefore, I want to talk about their experience in the local station operation, speaking is not good, Paizhuan, but don’t curse ah, ha ha ~

I now operate a local station: Baoding video shopping guide network, although not achieved substantial profits, but for three months time has such achievements, mainly depends on the following factors.

persistence is the first determining factor: read more


To Baidu – the promotion we’ve been passionate about all those years

think of the title of this small series or in dedicated to the promotion of the website, but the passage of time, now the promotion has no longer simple, Baidu suddenly feel is very lovely. But when we are good, we love, and when we are bad, we still have to love. This is the sorrow of being an Internet promoter. The momentum in retrospect before do network promotion work, look at the current promotion dilemma, this shift is 360° the reason is that we now have nothing else, the promotion is no longer as before simple. read more


The five stage in which my website builds good teams


website you should want to have a good team, but when many people in the choice of the team, there is no good management, no good cooperation, the last team or in scattered, I used the combination of a team, each person is responsible for the Forum (www.cc144.cn) content of the site, the chain but in the end, or that does not target effect, and the turmoil began the.““ here and we analyze a network of excellence should be how to grow: `

The five stage of the

team must be:

1. growth period read more


With personal experience, popular talk about factors affecting the PR value drop

half a year ago, I made my first forum. Although I didn’t earn any money, I didn’t lose confidence and put a lot of energy into it.

some time ago, I found that my forum traffic soared, the PR value reached 3, but soon became 0, let me think about it. Later, after analysis, found the following points, perhaps not very accurate, please evaluate:

too many ads: one time I in stationmaster net forum posting that my website support advertising stickers, did not expect a lot of friends come to the forum posting batch me, then no way I had to delete one by one, finally I will not move really delete all the gag. read more


Text network marketing company depth analysis of online communities

many years ago, most people have become the community forum said, even now there are still a lot of people still do not know the difference between forum and community, and we are still accustomed to a community called a forum.

today I’m here to give a full account of what the community means and to have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the community on the web. First of all, what we need to know is that the forum is just a part of the community, a place for public activities and discussions in the community, and a platform for community organizations and community cultural characteristics. read more


How does a small website survive the financial crisis

financial crisis has entered Chinese, has a significant impact on our lives of ordinary people, Shenzhen, Guangdong, a large number of migrant workers returning tide Jiangsu and Zhejiang area can be predicted, the Shanghai foreign trade enterprises also began massive layoffs, as small and medium-sized enterprise website we, how to spend this time? If you keep yourself in the financial in a crisis, and strive for further improvement of


I was a novice, but also the new website, mainly for my small business services, the main business of our company is: Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang international air ticket booking, due to the small company has just set up not long, so not many old customers, customers are mainly from the online booking tickets will find us. read more