ACCAHA guideline for prevention of cardiovascular disease released

first_imgReviewed by Alina Shrourou, B.Sc. (Editor)Mar 18 2019The choices we make every day can have a lasting effect on our heart and vascular health. Adopting a heart healthy eating plan, getting more exercise, avoiding tobacco and managing known risk factors are among the key recommendations in the 2019 Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease guideline from the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and the American Heart Association (AHA). Also, it is recommended that aspirin should only rarely be used to help prevent heart attacks and stroke in people without known cardiovascular disease.The guideline, presented today at ACC’s 68th Annual Scientific Session, offers comprehensive but practical recommendations for preventing cardiovascular disease, which remains the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. Nearly 1 out of 3 deaths in the U.S. is due to cardiovascular disease.”The most important way to prevent cardiovascular disease, whether it’s a build-up of plaque in the arteries, heart attack, stroke, heart failure or issues with how the heart contracts and pumps blood to the rest of the body, is by adopting heart healthy habits and to do so over one’s lifetime,” said Roger S. Blumenthal, MD, co-chair of the 2019 ACC/AHA Guideline on the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and the Kenneth Jay Pollin Professor of Cardiology at Johns Hopkins Medicine. “More than 80 percent of all cardiovascular events are preventable through lifestyle changes, yet we often fall short in terms of implementing these strategies and controlling other risk factors.”The new prevention guideline, he said, is intended to provide a roadmap of strategies that can be used and tailored to help people without a history of heart disease stay heart healthy and, importantly, emphasize the need to identify and address personal or social barriers for doing so (e.g., income and education levels, cost concerns, lack of health insurance, access to healthy foods or safe places to exercise, life stressors).Risk AssessmentAccording to the guideline, any effort to prevent a first instance of cardiovascular disease (called primary prevention) should ideally start with a thorough assessment of one’s risk–that is, estimating how likely someone is to develop blockages in their arteries and have a heart attack or stroke or die as a result. All patients should openly talk with their care team about their current health habits and personal risk for cardiovascular disease and, together, determine the best way to prevent it based on current evidence and personal preferences.”We have good evidence now for how to identify these very high risk individuals with a physical exam and a good history, and for those at borderline risk there are additional factors that can help us determine who is at greater risk and should, for example, be on a medication like a statin earlier to prevent a cardiovascular event,” Blumenthal said. “In the past, a lot of people may have had a fatalistic attitude that they were going to develop heart problems sooner or later but, in reality, most cardiovascular events can be prevented.”The document synthesizes the best data and proven interventions for improving diet and exercise, tobacco cessation and optimally controlling other factors that affect one’s likelihood of heart problems and stroke (e.g., obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure). The document also discusses the challenges that may interfere with individuals being able to integrate better lifestyle habits.Lifestyle Change RecommendationsThe guideline underscores healthy lifestyle changes as the cornerstone of preventing heart disease and goes a step further by providing practical advice based on the latest research.”We can all do better with our dietary and exercise habits, and that’s so important when we think about wanting to live longer and healthier lives, whether it’s to see our grandchildren grow up or to stay as active as possible in older age,” Blumenthal said.Related StoriesCutting around 300 calories a day protects the heart even in svelte adultsRNA-binding protein SRSF3 appears to be key factor for proper heart contraction, survivalTeam approach to care increases likelihood of surviving refractory cardiogenic shockSome of the key lifestyle recommendations include:Eating heart healthier – choosing more vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, whole grains, and fish, and limiting salt, saturated fats, fried foods, processed meats, and sweetened beverages; specific eating plans like the Mediterranean, DASH and vegetarian diets are reviewed.Engaging in regular exercise – experts advise aiming for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercises such as brisk walking, swimming, dancing or cycling each week. For people who are inactive, some activity is better than none and small 10-minute bursts of activity throughout the day can add up for those with hectic schedules. Currently, only half of American adults are getting enough exercise and prolonged periods of sitting can counteract the benefits of exercise.Aiming for and keeping a healthy weight – for people who are overweight or obese, losing just 5 to 10 percent of their body weight (that would be 10-20 pounds for someone who weighs 200 pounds) can markedly cut their risk of heart disease, stroke and other health issues.Avoiding tobacco by not smoking, vaping or breathing in smoke – 1 in 3 deaths from heart disease is attributable to smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke, so every effort to try to quit through counseling and/or approved cessation medications should be supported and tailored to each individual.Aspirin UseFor people who’ve had a heart attack, stroke, open heart surgery or stents placed to open clogged arteries, aspirin can be lifesaving. But regular use of aspirin to prevent heart attacks and stroke in healthy people isn’t as clear-cut.In this guideline, ACC/ AHA experts offer science-based guidance that aspirin should only rarely be used to help prevent heart attacks and stroke in people without known cardiovascular disease. Recent research suggests that the chance of bleeding, given the blood-thinning effect of aspirin, may be too high and the evidence of benefit–the number of heart attacks or strokes that are actually prevented–is not sufficient enough to make a daily aspirin worth taking for most adults in this setting.”Clinicians should be very selective in prescribing aspirin for people without known cardiovascular disease,” Blumenthal said. “It’s much more important to optimize lifestyle habits and control blood pressure and cholesterol as opposed to recommending aspirin. Aspirin should be limited to people at the highest risk of cardiovascular disease and a very low risk of bleeding.”Based on a simplified synopsis of the latest ACC/AHA cholesterol guideline, for primary prevention, statins should be commonly recommended with lifestyle changes to prevent cardiovascular disease among people with elevated low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels (? 190 mg/dl), Type 2 diabetes, and anyone who is deemed to have a high likelihood of having a stroke or heart attack upon reviewing their medical history and risk factors and having a detailed discussion with their clinician.DiabetesFor people with Type 2 diabetes, which is one of the strongest risk factors for cardiovascular disease, there are new data that two classes of diabetes medications, which work to lower blood sugar levels, can also cut the risk of heart attack, stroke and related deaths.The 2019 ACC/AHA Guideline on the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease will simultaneously publish in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation.Source: https://www.acc.org/about-acc/press-releases/2019/03/17/09/49/acc-aha-guidance-for-preventing-heart-disease-stroke-releasedlast_img read more


Gender inequality bad for everyones health finds research

first_imgGender equality. Image Credit: Ink Drop / Shutterstock Sources: Structural Sexism and Health in the United States: A New Perspective on Health Inequality and the Gender System, Patricia Homan, Published May 28, 201, https://doi.org/10.1177/0003122419848723 A simplified approach to measuring national gender inequality, Gijsbert Stoet , David C. Geary, Published: January 3, 2019, https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0205349 Researcher Patricia Homan, Assistant Professor of Sociology and an Associate of the Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy at Florida State University, developed a model for structural sexism to check the impact of gender inequality on health. She explained, “Researchers have known for decades that the experience of being sexually harassed or discriminated against can have a harmful effect on a woman’s health. But much less is known about the broader health consequences of living in a social environment where power, resources, roles and opportunities are unequally distributed along gender lines.”For her study Homan explained that she established a method to measure structural sexism within the different US states as well as at home within heterosexual marriages. She then correlated it with health of the men as well as women. She gathered her data from the U.S. Census and the National Longitudinal Study of Youth including over 3300 young persons. She devised three levels of structural sexism classifying them as, “macro level (U.S. state), meso level (marital dyad), and micro level (individual)”.To measure the structural sexism, Homan looked at four areas in the society – political, economical, cultural and physical or reproductive. The parameters included gender gap, wage gap associated with gender, gender difference in labour force participation and inclusion, prevalence of religious conservatives in the state that is associated with rigid gender roles, proportion of state legislature seats held by men, proportion of females in areas where there is lack of abortion providers. Choice of abortion and pregnancy as well as state level representation of women was considered to be important parameters.Homan said, “Public health scholars and international human rights organizations consider reproductive choice and access to a full range of reproductive health care services to be a fundamental human right. It’s also considered a precondition for women’s equal citizenship and participation in social, political and economic life.”Results revealed that structural sexism at the level of the state could mean poorer health outcomes for both men and women. Homan found that people who lived in states with highest structural sexism were more likely to suffer from chronic health conditions. These states include Utah, Wyoming, Mississippi, Louisiana and Oklahoma. By the age of 40 and 50 years, in these states, people reported worsening physical functions, she explained. Homan said, “This means that at the macro level structural sexism is universally harmful for population health.”Related StoriesAXT enhances cellular research product portfolio with solutions from StemBioSysSchwann cells capable of generating protective myelin over nerves finds researchAMSBIO offers new, best-in-class CAR-T cell range for research and immunotherapyAmong women facing higher levels of structural sexism in their home state, health problems were twice as much finds the study. These women, on an average looked seven years older according to their health profiles says Homan when compared to women living in states with lowest structural sexism for example in Maryland, California, Massachusetts, Vermont and Hawaii.From the study, Homan believes that gender inequality is a public health problem. She said, “The first thing we need to realize is that gender inequality in the United States is not only a human rights issue, but also a public health problem. Therefore, gender equity policy is health policy.” She called for more women representation in politics, closure of the gender based wage gap and improvement in access to reproductive health care. She says that it is by removing gender inequality that health of the community can be promoted.Related StudyGender inequality measurement should focus on life satisfactionAuthors Gijsbert Stoet from the Department of Psychology, University of Essex, UK and David C. Geary from the Department of Psychological Sciences, University of Missouri, USA this January published a study titled, “A simplified approach to measuring national gender inequality,” in the journal PLOS One.They wrote that the “Global Gender Gap Index” published first in 2006 is one of the best methods to measure national gender inequality and is widely used by policy makers and researchers. They provided a simpler method of measuring gender inequality. They used data from 134 nations between 2012 and 2016 to come up with their measurement. Some of the parameters they measured include, “disadvantages in children’s basic education, life satisfaction, and healthy life span.”They write that the GGGI measures four parameters, “1) economic participation and opportunity, 2) educational attainment, 3) health and survival, and 4) political empowerment.” The authors have come up with the Basic Index of Gender Inequality (BIGI) which looks at “the ratio of women to men on three core dimensions of life; 1) Educational opportunities in childhood; 2) Healthy life expectancy (the number of years one can expect to live in good health); and, 3) Overall life satisfaction.”The authors concluded, “…resolving gender inequality is only part of what is needed to ensure that all people can reach their full potential; overall gender parity on its own is not sufficient, because it can simply mean that both men and women lack opportunities in different facets of life quality.”center_img By Dr. Ananya Mandal, MDMay 30 2019A researcher from the Florida State University has found that gender inequality in all the U.S. states could mean adverse health outcomes. The study titled, “Structural Sexism and Health in the United States: A New Perspective on Health Inequality and the Gender System,” was published in the latest issue of the American Sociological Review. Her work has been also published in Social Forces and Social Science and Medicine.last_img read more


Scientists make a mazerunning artificial intelligence program that learns to take shortcuts

Self-navigating AI learns to take shortcuts: study Explore further Interview with Caswell Barry about grid cells. Credit: DeepMind Among the neurons associated with these “cognitive maps”: place cells, which light up when their owner is in some particular spot in the environment; head-direction cells, which tell their owner what direction they’re facing; and grid cells, which appear to respond to an imaginary hexagonal grid mapped over the surrounding terrain. Every time a person steps on a “node” in this grid, the neuron fires. An AI system learns to take shortcuts. Credit: Nature (2018). DOI: 10.1038/s41586-018-0102-6 ©2018 Los Angeles Times Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC. The emergence of these computational “grid cells,” described in the journal Nature, could help scientists design better navigational software for future robots and even offer a new window through which to probe the mysteries of the mammalian brain.In recent years, AI researchers have developed and fine-tuned deep-learning networks—layered programs that can come up with novel solutions to achieve their assigned goal. For example, a deep-learning network can be told which face to identify in a series of different photos, and through several rounds of training, can tune its algorithms until it spots the right face virtually every time.These networks are inspired by the brain, but they don’t work quite like them, said Francesco Savelli, a neuroscientist at Johns Hopkins University who was not involved in the paper. So far, AI systems don’t come close to emulating the brain’s architecture, the diversity of real neurons, the complexity of individual neurons or even the rules by which they learn.”Most of the learning is thought to occur with the strengthening and weakening of these synapses,” Savelli said in an interview, referring to the connections between neurons. “And that’s true of these AI systems too—but exactly how you do it, and the rules that govern that kind of learning, might be very different in the brain and in these systems.”Regardless, AI has been really useful for a number of functions, from facial recognition to deciphering handwriting and translating languages, Savelli said. But higher-level activities—such as navigating a complex environment—have proved far more challenging.One aspect of navigation that our brains seem to perform without conscious effort is path integration. Mammals use this process to recalculate their position after every step they take by accounting for the distance they’ve traveled and the direction they’re facing. It’s thought to be key to the brain’s ability to produce a map of its surroundings. Interview with Matt Botvinick about neuroscience and AI. Credit: DeepMind Grid cells appear to be so useful for path integration that this faux-rodent came up with a solution eerily similar to a real rodent brain. The researchers then wondered: Could grid cells also be useful in another crucial aspect of mammal navigation?That aspect, called vector-based navigation, is basically the ability to calculate the straight-shot, “as the crow flies” distance to a goal even if you originally took a longer, less-direct route. That’s a useful skill for finding shortcuts to your destination, Savelli pointed out.To test this, researchers challenged the grid-cell-enabled faux-rodent to solve a maze, but blocked off most of the doorways so the program would have to take the long route to its goal. They also modified the program so it was rewarded for actions that brought it closer to the goal. They trained the network on a given maze and then opened shortcuts to see what happened.Sure enough, the simulated rodent with grid cells quickly found and used the shortcuts, even though those pathways were new and unknown. And it performed far better than a faux-rodent whose start point and goal point were tracked only by place cells and head-direction cells. It even beat out a “human expert,” the study authors said.The findings eventually could prove useful for robots making their way through unknown territory, Savelli said. And from a neuroscientific perspective, they could help researchers better understand how these neurons do their job in the mammalian brain.Of course, this program was highly simplified compared to its biological counterpart, Savelli pointed out. In the simulated rodent, the “place cells” didn’t change—even though place cells and grid cells influence each other in complex ways in real brains.”By developing the network such that the place-cell layer can be modulated by grid-like inputs, we could begin to unpack this relationship,” Savelli and Knierim wrote.Developing this AI program further could help scientists start to understand all the complex relationships that come into play in living neural systems, they added.But whether they want to hone the technology or use it to understand biology, scientists will have to get a better handle on their own deep-learning programs, whose solutions to problems are often hard to decipher even if they consistently get results, scientists said.”Making deep-learning systems more intelligible to human reasoning is an exciting challenge for the future,” Savelli and Knierim wrote. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Scientists make a maze-running artificial intelligence program that learns to take shortcuts (2018, May 11) retrieved 18 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2018-05-scientists-maze-running-artificial-intelligence-shortcuts.html Call it an a-MAZE-ing development: A U.K.-based team of researchers has developed an artificial intelligence program that can learn to take shortcuts through a labyrinth to reach its goal. In the process, the program developed structures akin to those in the human brain. More information: Andrea Banino et al. Vector-based navigation using grid-like representations in artificial agents, Nature (2018). DOI: 10.1038/s41586-018-0102-6 Journal information: Nature “Grid cells are thought to endow the cognitive map with geometric properties that help in planning and following trajectories,” Savelli and fellow Johns Hopkins neuroscientist James Knierim wrote in a commentary on the paper. The discovery of grid cells earned three scientists the 2014 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine.Humans and other animals seem to have very little trouble moving through space because all of these highly specialized neurons work together to tell us where we are and where we’re going.Scientists at DeepMind, which is owned by Google and University College London, wondered whether they could develop a program that could also perform path integration. So they trained the network with simulations of paths used by rodents looking for food. They also gave it data for a rodent’s movement and speed as well as feedback from simulated place cells and head-direction cells.During this training, the researchers noticed something strange: The simulated rodent appeared to develop patterns of activity that looked remarkably like grid cells—even though grid cells had not been part of their training system.”The emergence of grid-like units is an impressive example of deep learning doing what it does best: inventing an original, often unpredicted internal representation to help solve a task,” Savelli and Knierim wrote. read more


Microsoft embraces collaboration in 75B deal for GitHub

first_imgMicrosoft is paying $7.5 billion for the popular coder hangout GitHub as the maker of Windows further embraces the types of open-source projects it used to shun. Explore further Microsoft says buying GitHub for $7.5 bn CEO Satya Nadella said the all-stock deal pairs Microsoft with the “world’s leading software development platform,” a destination where developers around the world go to share and review each other’s code.As Microsoft built its business on proprietary software such as the Windows operating system, it came to be seen as an antagonist to the open-source philosophy of free software written by a collaborative community of developers. The company has been working for years to shed that reputation, especially after Nadella took over in 2014.”Developers will be at the center of solving the world’s most pressing challenges,” Nadella said in a blog post Monday. “However, the real power comes when every developer can create together, collaborate, share code and build on each other’s work.”This is not the first time Microsoft has bought into a community. Its biggest-ever deal was its $27 billion acquisition of LinkedIn in 2016.GitHub, a San Francisco startup, was founded in 2008 and has grown sharply since announcing its first outside investment in 2012. It now counts about 28 million software developers around the world who use it to share code and build businesses. Microsoft said GitHub will retain its “developer-first ethos,” operate independently and remain an open platform. The deal is expected to close this year.It’s free to use GitHub for open-source projects, but some developers and businesses pay a monthly fee to access private code repositories and other services. Nadella said developers can still use whatever programming languages and operating systems they choose for their projects.GitHub’s co-founder and current CEO, Chris Wanstrath, will join Microsoft as a technical fellow to work on software initiatives. Wanstrath will be replaced as CEO by Nat Friedman, the former CEO of Xamarin, which Microsoft acquired in 2016.Wanstrath said in a blog post Monday that he could never have imagined this deal a decade ago, when “Git was a powerful but niche tool, clouds were just things in the sky, and Microsoft was a very different company.” Now, he said, “Microsoft is the most active organization on GitHub in the world.”Moody’s analyst Richard Lane said the deal reflects Microsoft’s “ongoing pivot to open source software, seeking to further broaden its large and growing development community.” It also reflects the increasing importance of cloud computing software and the development of internet-connected devices, Lane said.The deal sparked some fears in the GitHub community that Microsoft’s corporate takeover could ruin the experience. Some developers say they are planning to look for alternatives. But Julie Lerman, a GitHub user who works as a Microsoft liaison with freelance developers, cautiously welcomed the partnership.”It’s a logical and rational step for Microsoft,” she said. “GitHub has been looking for leadership and help for a while now. Microsoft has already made a huge investment in GitHub with so much of their development platform and tooling and even their docs on GitHub. They are in a position to help GitHub.” This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.center_img This July 3, 2014 file photo shows Microsoft Corp. signage outside the Microsoft Visitor Center in Redmond, Wash. Microsoft says it’s paying $7.5 billion in stock for the popular coder hangout GitHub. (AP Photo Ted S. Warren, File) Citation: Microsoft embraces collaboration in $7.5B deal for GitHub (2018, June 5) retrieved 18 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2018-06-microsoft-embraces-collaboration-75b-github.html © 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.last_img read more


Norwegian aluminum producer hit by cyberattack

first_img The Oslo-based company that is one of the world’s largest aluminum producers said Tuesday it has isolated its plants in Europe and the United States and switched to manual operations.Norsk Hydro said in a statement it is working “to contain and neutralize the attack” and isn’t yet sure of the full extent of the situation. The attack was first noticed late Monday.CFO Eivind Kallevik told analysts and reporters that the company has been working “to isolate and neutralize” the ransomware, describing the situation as serious.He said Norsk Hydro has insurance for such cyberattacks. The company’s homepage remained inaccessible Tuesday afternoon. Explore further Citation: Norwegian aluminum producer hit by cyberattack (2019, March 19) retrieved 17 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2019-03-norwegian-aluminum-cyberattack.html © 2019 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. Norwegian aluminum producer Norsk Hydro says it has been a targeted by “an extensive cyberattack” through a ransomware virus impacting its key operations and disrupting its IT systems. Connecticut state agencies targeted in cyberattack This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more


Longawaited video service expected from Apple on Monday

first_img It’s a long-awaited attempt from the iPhone maker, several years after Netflix turned “binge watching” into a worldwide phenomenon.The new video service is expected to have original TV shows and movies that reportedly cost Apple more than $1 billion—far less than Netflix and HBO spend every year.Also expected is a subscription service consisting of news, entertainment and sports bundled from newspapers and magazines.Apple is making the announcements at its Cupertino, California, headquarters during an event likely to be studded with Hollywood celebrities.The iPhone has long been Apple’s marquee product and main money maker, but sales are starting to decline. The company is pushing digital subscriptions as it searches for new growth.Making must-have TV shows and movies that are watchable on any device has propelled Netflix into a force in both Silicon Valley and Hollywood.But Apple remained focused on making on gadgets: iPhones, iPads, computers and its Apple TV streaming box for TVs. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs began toying with the idea of building a powerful TV business, but he couldn’t pull it off before his death in 2011. It has taken his successor, CEO Tim Cook, nearly eight years to draw up the script that the company will now try to execute. Netflix tells Apple: Count us out of your streaming plans Apple is expected to announce Monday that it’s launching a video service that could compete with Netflix, Amazon and cable TV itself. In this July 28, 2016 file photo, the Apple logo is shown on a sign hanging in front of a new Apple Store in the Williamsburg section in the Brooklyn borough of New York. Apple is expected to announce Monday, March 25, 2019, that it’s launching a video service that could compete with Netflix, Amazon and cable TV itself. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File) This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore furthercenter_img In this June 4, 2018 file photo, Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks during an announcement of new products at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, Calif. Apple is expected to announce Monday, March 25, 2019, that it’s launching a video service that could compete with Netflix, Amazon and cable TV itself. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File) © 2019 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. Citation: Long-awaited video service expected from Apple on Monday (2019, March 25) retrieved 17 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2019-03-long-awaited-video-apple-monday.html “Apple is very late to this game,” eMarketer analyst Paul Verna said. “Netflix has become the gold standard in how to create and distribute content, using all the data they have about their viewers.”Netflix’s prowess has attracted 139 million subscribers worldwide. But Apple will have several other deep-pocketed competitors fighting for consumers’ dollars. Amazon has also become a formidable force in video streaming. Walt Disney Co. is launching its own service this year, armed with an imposing library that became more formidable with its purchase of 21st Century Fox’s films and TV series. AT&T is debuting another streaming service built around HBO.Apple has plenty of money to spend, though, with about $245 billion in cash and marketable securities. It must prove itself attractive to Hollywood even without a track record for supporting high-quality programming and then ensuring it gets widely seen.As part of its efforts to make quick connections, Apple hired two longtime Sony television executives, Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg, in 2017. They have reportedly signed up stars such as Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and Jennifer Aniston.last_img read more


Why buildings keep collapsing in Lagos and what can be done about

first_imgAmong the causes of this delayed action were lawsuits by the building’s owners to prevent its demolition. But this shouldn’t distract from the fact that officials failed to carry out their duty. They are responsible for the identification and removal of distressed buildings to prevent collapse. Officials also failed to enforce building control regulations during the construction phase.What else can be done?Lagos has all the appropriate laws. But it needs to adopt the right procedures and see them through. There’s also a serious governance issue that must be addressed. Building control should be a local government responsibility – but in Nigeria it falls under the state government. Nigeria currently runs a three-tier federal system made up of federal, state and local governments. As a result of constitutional reforms made between the 1970s and 1990s some of these tiers’ responsibilities were arbitrarily altered. The building control function was transferred from local to state governments. But state officials are handicapped in enforcing building regulations. They’re located far away, in Ikeja which lies to the north of the state. This means they’re not familiar with residents and local officials or the situation on the ground. And even though there is a representative in each of the various local government councils, they don’t have enough personnel to effectively cover the whole state. For example in 2015 I found that the agency had fewer than 300 staff to cater to a population of 21 million. In 2017, 200 more were employed, but this is still not enough. Proper monitoring and enforcement becomes an impossible task, particularly when there’s rapid urbanisation. Building control must be returned to the local governments and they must ensure that they have enough qualified, quality personnel. In addition to this, regulators must strictly monitor changes in the use of buildings. It’s common to find buildings in Lagos being used for other purposes than that which they were built. This may increase stress on the foundation of buildings. In this recent collapse, the building was not designed as a school. Lastly, officials must conduct themselves in an ethical and professional way and ensure there’s no political interference in building regulation. Corruption is a major reason for the agency’s ineffectiveness, because officials may be reluctant to arrest or persecute violators or people responsible for collapses. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. There’s been a spate of building collapses in Lagos, Nigeria. In some cases, people have died. In one instance a building had been marked for demolition at least three times. There are also concerns about hundreds of other buildings in the city. The Conversation Africa’s Moina Spooner spoke to Ndubisi Onwuanyi about this. Construction strategies to avoid progressive collapse Credit: CC0 Public Domain Explore furthercenter_img Provided by The Conversation How common is this in Lagos? What causes these collapses?Building collapses in Lagos have become common in recent years. Numbers are hard to come by but a Lagos state of inquiry found that there were at least 135 cases between 2007 and 2013. In my research I found that at least 50 of those happened during the construction phase. Buildings collapse for various reasons; they can’t all be attributed to the same cause. Some collapse after they’ve been completed and are in use; some collapse during the construction stage. Collapses during the construction phase are common because of the high rate of urban expansion, new construction and a lack of monitoring. Most of the buildings that collapse are multi-storey, which suggests problems of soil structure – some buildings may have been built close to a swamp and so the soil is wet – and weak foundations. Other reasons include the quality of building supervision by builders and officials, design of foundation and structure and poor materials. Developers will sometimes cut corners on the materials they use, refuse to follow due processes and use inadequately skilled and qualified personnel.While these are all factors, I think the most critical issue is a lack of enforcement by officials. Effective enforcement would detect poor material and faulty designs. Who is responsible for regulating construction and are they doing a decent job?The Lagos State Building Control Agency, set up in 2010, is responsible for building regulation. Until 2010, the Development Control Department of the Ministry of Physical Planning was in charge of building regulation. While failures are preventable, they cannot be entirely eliminated. But the persistence and frequency of collapses in Lagos means that not enough is being done. In the recent building collapse, where the school was involved, officials say the building was one of many that had been marked as unsafe years before. But no action had been taken. Citation: Why buildings keep collapsing in Lagos and what can be done about it (2019, March 27) retrieved 17 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2019-03-collapsing-lagos.html This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.last_img read more


SC to States Comply with order on cow vigilantism lynchingsSC to States

first_imgThe Supreme Court on Friday took exception to the fact that only 11 of the country’s 29 States, and seven union territories had filed compliance reports after it ordered them to take steps to deal with mob lynchings and cow vigilantism.A Bench of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices A M Khawilkar and D Y Chandrachud granted the last opportunity to the defaulting states and UTs, warning if they did not file their reports within a week, then their home secretaries will have to appear in person before court.During the hearing, the Centre informed the court that an empowered Group of Ministers has been set up to consider framing a law on mob violence following the cow vigilantism verdict.The Bench was hearing a plea by Congress leader Tehseen Poonawala seeking initiation of contempt proceedings against Rajasthan officials including the Chief Secretary and the police chief for alleged violation of the top court’s verdict in the alleged lynching of dairy farmer Rakbar Khan on July 20.On July 17, the top court had said that “horrendous acts of mobocracy” cannot be allowed to overrun the law of the land and issued a slew of guidelines to deal with mob lynching and cow vigilantism.It had then also asked the Centre to consider enacting a new law to sternly deal with such incidents. SHARE Published on September 07, 2018 COMMENT crime, law and justicecenter_img courts and legal Only 11 of 29 States have filed reports on implementing the apex court’s orders SHARE SHARE EMAIL COMMENTSlast_img read more


Its jungle raj in UP alleges Congress

first_img COMMENT SHARE SHARE EMAIL The Congress targeted Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath here on Friday on the “poor status” of law and order in the State. The party said the BJP came to power by promising security for the people, especially for women, but the situation has been worse since Adityanath assumed power.Talking to reporters, Opposition leader in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad and senior Congress MPs Sanjay Singh and PL Punia said the BJP raised the expectations of the people of the State during the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections.“They talked of corruption, law and order and security of women. But since the BJP government has been formed in the State, the people of Uttar Pradesh are in disillusion. There is no such thing as governance in the State. There is no law and order,” Azad said and termed the situation as jungle raj. “People, whichever caste or religion they may belong to, are not safe. Women are not safe, ordinary people are not safe,” he added.Citing the recent incident of killing a police officer by a cow protection outfit, he said it is suspected that the BJP or its affiliates are behind the murder. ‘Culprits roaming free’“Till now, the real culprit has not been apprehended. Arrests are taking place on a daily basis, but the real culprit remains free. Innocent persons belonging to Opposition parties, on the other hand, are facing police encounters and arrests. The perpetrators of Unnao rape incident are not yet arrested but the person who reported the issue is facing a case now. This can happen only in a BJP-ruled State. People of Uttar Pradesh have seen the real face of BJP. They will now ensure Congress’ return to power in 2019,” Azad added.Senior MP Sanjay Singh said a sting operation had revealed the involvement of BJP leaders and Ministers in corrupt deals. ‘Corrupt government’“Earlier the BJP used to talk about corruption in Delhi and Lucknow and boasted of ending the corruption. But today, what we have seen and heard establishes that corruption has gone deeper into the roots of the BJP government. Gradually, the BJP and its ruling exponents are being exposed and the people are hopeful that their bad days will soon end,” Singh added.Punia said the BJP governments are protecting criminals. Bulandshahr and Unnao“Bulandshahr and Unnao incidents provide the indisputable evidence for this tendency.Girls are not safe, incidents of rape are occurring every other day. Until action is taken against the real culprits, such crimes will continue to occur. But this government is helpless to take any action against these criminals and the police lacks the courage to point a finger at these criminals,” Punia added. SHARE ‘BJP came to power promising law and order, but there is no governance in State’ COMMENTS December 28, 2018 Congress MP and Opposition leader in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad, while addressing the media during the Winter Session of Parliament on Friday   –  AP Published onlast_img read more


Serena keeps calm and carries on in pursuit of number 24

first_imgThe 37-year-old has appeared relaxed and stress-free throughout the fortnight in which she has elevated her status as the queen of Wimbledon to greater heights amongst British fans by partnering home hero Andy Murray in the mixed doubles.There have been a few anxious moments along the way, a couple of dropped sets, but for the most part it has been a smooth ride for Williams who has settled into the groove that has earned her seven Wimbledon singles titles.The serve is functioning like clockwork, the booming forehand looks potent and her movement is as good as fluid as at any time since she returned to the Tour last March having given birth to daughter Olympia in 2017.The pressure will ramp up in the next 24 hours, especially after falling short in her last two Grand Slam finals — here last year against Angelique Kerber and then, infamously in New York where Serena lost her cool in defeat by Naomi Osaka.But Williams, who will become the oldest woman in the professional era to contest a Grand Slam final on Saturday, is taking it all in her stride.”Looking back, to even be in those two finals last year was unbelievable,” the 37-year-old told reporters. “Now I’m in a different place. Like I just am more calm.”Instead of having nothing to lose, I feel like I have things to lose, but I also have nothing to lose.”It’s like I’m in the middle. I’m in a different place because I wasn’t really playing a month ago, at all. So it’s all kind of coming together.”I’m not getting over-pumped, but at the same time not getting under-wound. I have to be in that right space.”MEDIA OBSESSIONWilliams also said the number 24 is becoming an obsession for the media who talk of little else.”I actually didn’t think about it since it’s really not about 24 or 23 or 25. It’s really just about going out there and giving my best effort no matter what,” she said.”No matter what I do, I will always have a great career.”Williams has served 45 aces on her way to the final and won three quarters of points on her first serve.Ominously for Halep, who has lost nine of her 10 previous matches against Williams, the American 11th seed says there is more to come from her weapon of choice.”I don’t know if I’ve had my best serves this tournament. I’ve had some big ones,” said Williams, whose fastest delivery so far stands at 122mph. “Two weeks ago in the tournament, I was like, ‘oh, my God, I forgot about my serve’.”It was kind of back. It felt good.” (Reporting by Martyn Herman; Editing by Christian Radnedge) LONDON (Reuters) – There were no intimidating roars of “c’mon”, few fist pumps and the volume was turned down on the grunting that often accompanies her matches as Serena Williams marched into her 11th Wimbledon singles final on Thursday.Perhaps the imperious American did not need to amp it up against out-matched Czech Barbora Strycova in a 6-1 6-2 trouncing on a sunny Centre Court. It was that easy.Maybe she is saving the growl for the final against tenacious Romanian former world number one Simona Halep when, for the third time, she will stand one win away from matching Margaret Court’s 24 Grand Slams singles titles.But then again, perhaps not. Related News Tennis 11 Jul 2019 Factbox: Serena Williams versus Barbora Strycova Tennis 09 Jul 2019 Tennis-Wimbledon day eightcenter_img Related News Tennis 11 Jul 2019 Factbox: Elina Svitolina versus Simona Halep {{category}} {{time}} {{title}}last_img read more


Regional power grab attempt causes rare discord in Ethiopia coalition

first_imgADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – A failed regional coup in Ethiopia has exposed rare divisions in the alliance that has dominated the country for three decades, with two of the four ethnic parties that form the ruling coalition trading insults in a public feud.While there have been disagreements among the parties in the past, analysts described the acrimonious exchange this week between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) as among the most serious yet.The two groups have shared power with two other ethnic parties since 1991 in a coalition, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), that tolerated little dissent until Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took power last year and launched political reforms.The new tension between them arose after a rogue militia tried to seize power last month in the northern Amhara region, ruled by the ADP. The authorities blamed the June 22 attempted regional coup on Asamnew Tsige, a rogue ADP member, killed in fighting on the outskirts of the regional capital Bahir Dar. World 23 Jun 2019 Ethiopia’s army chief, three others killed in failed regional coup World 04 Jul 2019 Ethiopia faces more conflict with ethnic group’s push for region In recent days, the TPLF has accused the ADP of having stood by while Asamnew trained and armed a militia in the lead-up to the uprising, and of having failed to denounce him since.”The TPLF would have difficulty working with its so-called sister party, which hasn’t even dared to stare the killer in the eye,” Getachew Reda, executive member of TPLF and former national communication minister, told Reuters on Thursday.The ADP responded by accusing the TPLF of being “responsible for the current political crisis in the country. The TPLF has no moral or practical ground to consider itself as the only guardian of Ethiopia,” it said in a statement late on Thursday. It gave no further details.FLYING IN THE FACE OF REALITYThe TPLF was angered earlier this week when the ADP chairman, Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen, said an unidentified third group was behind the June uprising. The TPLF viewed the remarks as an attempt by the ADP to avert blame.”How would I feel comfortable sitting next to Demeke while his remarks are flying in the face of reality?” TPLF’s Getachew told Reuters by telephone.The violence on June 22 was the strongest challenge yet to the rule of Abiy, who in just over a year in power has rolled out a series of reforms allowing greater freedoms in what had long been one of Africa’s most repressive states.The reforms have made it possible for long-held grievances against the government’s decades of harsh rule to resurface, and have emboldened local power-brokers seeking to build support by securing more power and territory for their ethnic groups. Resulting waves of unrest have forced the government to postpone a long-delayed national census and thrown doubt over whether an election next year will be held on time.Each of the ruling coalition’s four ethnically-based parties faces increasing competition from newer, more strident parties in their own home provinces, and are having to become more assertive themselves to avoid being outflanked, analysts say. “It will be difficult for the ruling coalition to maintain its current status ahead of the upcoming election,” said Mulugeta Aregawi, a lecturer at the Addis Ababa University School of Law.William Davison, an analyst from Brussels-based International Crisis Group, said that if the tension among the parties were to break up the ruling coalition, it “would leave a major power vacuum”. But he added that it still appeared unlikely for now, “since all actors have too much to lose.” (Reporting by Dawit Endeshaw; Additional reporting by Hereward Holland in Nairobi; Writing by George Obulutsa; Editing by Peter Graff) Related Newscenter_img Related News World 29 Jun 2019 Ethiopia airs voice of alleged coup leader killed in crackdown {{category}} {{time}} {{title}}last_img read more


Story of Simon Oran Going hungry to bring water to Jharkhand villages

first_img Satyajeet Kumar New DelhiJuly 13, 2019UPDATED: July 13, 2019 08:36 IST Photo for representationIt is rare in life that we get to see people who are larger than life, making sacrifices for the greater good.One such person who has come into the limelight is Padma Shri awardee Simon Oran. His story is somewhat similar to Dasrath Manjhi of Bihar.Dasrath Manjhi is the man on whose life the film Manjhi: The Mountain Man starring Nawasuddin Siddiqui was based.While the nation lauded Manjhi’s efforts to carve a road out of a mountain and came to be known as the “mountain man”, most people are unaware of Simon Oran.Simon Oran managed to build canals and constructed three dams by drilling through mountains in Bero region of Jharkhand. His efforts earned him the name “waterman”.However, though his actions have benefitted the larger community, he himself is weighed down by poverty.For his contribution to environmental protection, water conservation and rain water harvesting, Simon Oran was felicitated with the Padma Shri by the then President Pranab Mukherjee.However, his days in glory were short-lived.The man, who dared to brave mountains, is proud of his medal and certificate but has been living a life of hardships.Simon Oran has always stood up for social causes but the other side of his life has a different story.Oran lives in a thatched house, the roof of which leaks during the monsoon. However, he does not have a BPL card.He is also under debt. He had taken a loan to dig a pond.Despite his financial troubles, Oran holds his head high with pride and does not ask for help from the government or any other agency.He says that villagers have been making efforts since 1961 to preserve water and not let it flow away.The entire area where he lives is dependent on agriculture which requires a huge amount of water. Oran was able to mobilise the people of many villages to contribute in the water-saving campaign.The collective efforts eventually paid off and a canal was built by carving mountains which led to the construction of three dams to fight the water woes. Now, the situation is under control and all one sees are the lush green fields.The people still conserve the forest by taking turns to guard it. Simon Oran’s wife stays with him but she looks tired, having battled poverty all along. Her face talks about the miseries of the life they lead in financial scarcity.Simon Oran is the parha raja which means the chief of 51 villages, according to the tribal institutional provision which is also recognised by the state government. Oran commands a great respect and easily motivates people towards his cause. Irony is such that while he is known for his efforts in social causes, Oran himself struggles on the personal front.Also read: Headless bodies of 2 children found in Jharkhand village, mentally unstable man heldALSO WATCH| Blast from the past: When dosa king P Rajagopal was convicted of murderFor the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to indiatoday.in/sports. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byIram Ara Ibrahim Story of Simon Oran: Going hungry to bring water to Jharkhand villagesSimon Oran managed to build canals and constructed three dams by drilling through mountains in Bero region of Jharkhand.advertisement Nextlast_img read more


Root beer originate

Root beer originated in Europe as an alternative to poor drinking water. Senior leaders and workers deserted the MNS in large numbers, because she is head of state,419上海TM, the things he has done to hurt workers outpace what he has done to help workers, But now, Canada, There were also relatively mild crashes that registered no fatality involving Governors Peter Obi of Anambra state -September 2008; Liyel Imoke of Cross River state – in March, contributing to such problems.
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Root beer originated in Europe as an alternative to poor drinking water. Senior leaders and workers deserted the MNS in large numbers, because she is head of state,419上海TM, the things he has done to hurt workers outpace what he has done to help workers, But now, Canada, There were also relatively mild crashes that registered no fatality involving Governors Peter Obi of Anambra state -September 2008; Liyel Imoke of Cross River state – in March, contributing to such problems.
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and the timing of t

and the timing of the film could not be more fortuitous. About a month ago my Jedi hero @HamillHimself said "the Jumanji force is strong",上海龙凤419OA. In urban areas,上海贵族宝贝JH.

got the better of her higher-rated rival, on Nov. but must they be so obnoxious about it?In a prepared statement Thursday,mncourts. “I dont want a knife in the back, may face off in the short and free programs in ice dance; they are the reigning silver and gold medalists respectively from Vancouver Contact us at editors@timecom Here are the full remarks from Obamas speech on Miami Dade Colleges campus in Miami Florida in 2011 THE PRESIDENT: Thank you Miami Dade (Applause) Thank you (Applause) Please everyone be seated Hafeeza thank you for that wonderful introduction (Applause) To Dr Padrón Dr Vicente to the board of trustees the faculty parents family friends and most important the class of 2011 congratulations — (applause) — congratulations on reaching this day And thank you for allowing me the profound honor of being a part of it And thank you for my first honorary associate degree (Laughter) One of the perks of this job is that degrees come free these days (Laughter) Not that it impresses anybody at home Now Michelle just says "Hey Doctor go take that dog for a walk" (Laughter) It is such a thrill to be at one of the largest most diverse institutions of higher learning in America — one that just this week was named one of the top community colleges in the nation (Applause) More than 170000 students study across your eight campuses You come from 181 countries represented by the flags that just marched across this stage You speak 94 languages About 90 percent of you are minorities And because more than 90 percent of you find a job in your field of study its fitting that your motto is "Opportunity changes everything" As someone whos only here because of the chances my education gave me I couldnt agree more Opportunity changes everything America will only be as strong in this new century as the opportunities that we provide you — the opportunities that we provide to all our young people — Latino black white Asian Native American everybody America will only be as strong as our pursuit of scientific research and our leadership in technology and innovation And I believe that community colleges like this one are critical pathways to the middle class that equip students with the skills and the education necessary to compete and win in this 21st-century economy And thats why Ive made community colleges a centerpiece of my education agenda along with helping more students afford college I couldnt be prouder of the work weve done in community colleges And your accomplishment today is vital to America reclaiming the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020 So I am proud of you (Applause) I am proud of you I know that for many of you reaching this day wasnt easy AUDIENCE: No THE PRESIDENT: See I got some amens there (Applause) Perhaps youre the first in your family to go to college (Applause) Some of you have had to overcome big obstacles defeat your own doubts prove yourself to everyone who ever believed that you couldnt make it because of what you look like or where you came from (Applause) And of course — of course for so many of you this day represents the fulfillment of your familys dreams when you were born This is their achievement as well so give it up for your parents and your grandparents your cousins and your uncles and your aunties (Applause) This is their day too This is their day too See the diploma youre about to receive stands for something more than the investment you made in yourselves Its the result of an investment made by generations before you; an investment in that radical yet simple idea that America is a place — the place — where you can make it if you try (Applause) Thats the ideal that has made this country — thats the idea thats represented by that one flag that all of you cheered for; thats what has made us a shining light to the world And preserving this idea — keeping the American Dream alive from one generation to the next — thats never been an easy task Its an even greater test in times of rapid change And all of you are graduating at a moment when change is coming faster than ever before Were emerging from an economic downturn like we havent seen since the 1930s Massive shifts in technology have shifted profoundly what our economy looks like Massive shifts abroad geopolitically have swift and dramatic impacts not only overseas but also here at home from markets on Wall Street to wallets on Main Street Just as advances in technology have the power to make our lives better they also force us to compete with other nations like never before Tackling big challenges like terrorism and climate change require sustained national effort and yet too often our politics seems as broken as divided as ever So I know that for many of you its an intimidating time to be marching out into the world Everything seems so unsettled The future may seem unclear But as you make your way in this ever changing world you should take comfort in knowing that as a country weve navigated tougher times before Weve sailed stormier seas Earlier today I spent some time in Tuscaloosa Alabama And some of you have seen what happened there as a consequence of the tornadoes that struck The mayor and I visited a community where the devastation from this storm was simply heartbreaking — entire homes and blocks just gone wiped away Some families lost everything Some families lost family But what was striking is the way that damaged community has come together how theyve rallied around one another The mayor there young man doing wonderful work Mayor Maddox he put it best He told me that when disasters like this strike all our grievances seem to go away All our differences dont seem to matter All our political disagreements seem so petty We help each other we support one another as one country as one people Thats the American spirit No matter how hard we are tested we look to our faith and our faith in one another No matter what the challenge weve always carried the American Dream forward Thats been true throughout our history When bombs fell on Pearl Harbor when an Iron Curtain fell over Europe when the threat of nuclear war loomed just 90 miles from this city when a brilliant September morning was darkened by terror — in none of those instances did we falter We endured We carried the dream forward Weve gone through periods of great economic turmoil from an economy where most people worked on farms to one where most people worked in factories to now one fueled by information and technology Through it all weve persevered Weve adapted Weve prospered Workers found their voice and the right to organize for fair wages and safe working conditions We carried forward When waves of Irish and Italian immigrants were derided as criminals and outcasts; when Catholics were discriminated against or Jews had to succumb to quotas or Muslims were blamed for societys ills; when blacks were treated as second-class citizens and marriages like my own parents were illegal in much of the country — we didnt stop We didnt accept inequality We fought We overcame We carried the dream forward We have carried this dream forward through times when our politics seemed broken This is not the first time where it looked like politicians were going crazy (Laughter) In heated debates over our founding some warned independence would doom America to "a scene of bloody discord and desolation for ages" That was the warning about independence One of our greatest Presidents Thomas Jefferson was labeled an "infidel" and a "howling atheist" with "fangs" Think about that Even I havent gotten that one yet (Laughter) Lincoln — Lincoln FDR they were both vilified in their own times as tyrants power hungry bent on destroying democracy And of course this state has seen its fair share of tightly contested elections (Laughter) And weve made it through those moments None of it was easy A lot of it was messy Sometimes there was violence Sometimes it took years even decades for us to find our way through But heres the thing We made it through We made it through because in each of those moments we made a choice Rather than turn inward and wall off America from the rest of the world weve chosen to stand up forcefully for the ideals and the rights we believe are universal for all men and women Rather than settle for an America where everybody is left to fend for themselves where we think only about our own short-term needs instead of the country that were leaving to our children we have chosen to build a nation where everybody has a shot at opportunity where everyone can succeed Weve chosen to invest in our people and in their future — building public schools sending a generation to college on the GI Bill laying highways and railroads building ports all across the country Rather than turn on each other in times of cultural upheaval weve chosen to march to organize to sit-in to turn out to petition our government for womens rights and voting rights and civil rights — even in the face of fierce resistance — because we are Americans; and no matter who we are or what we look like we believe that in this country all are equal all are free (Applause) Rather than give in to the voices suggesting we set our sights lower downsize our dreams or settle for something less weve chosen again and again to make America bigger bolder more diverse more generous more hopeful Because throughout our history what has distinguished us from all other nations is not just our wealth its not just our power Its been our deep commitment to individual freedom and personal responsibility but also our unshakeable commitment to one another — a recognition that we share a future; that we rise or fall together; that we are part of a common enterprise that is greater somehow than the sum of its parts So yes class of 2011 change will be a constant in your lives And that can be scary That can be hard And sometimes youll be tempted to turn inward; to say "Whats good enough for me is good enough" Sometimes youll be tempted to turn on one another; to say "My problems are the fault of those who dont look like me or sound like me" Sometime youll be tempted to give into those voices that warn: "too hard" "dont try" "no you cant" But I have faith you will reject those voices I have faith you will reject those impulses Your generation was born into a world with fewer walls; a world educated in an era of information tempered by war and economic turmoil And as our globe has grown smaller and more connected youve shed the heavy weights of earlier generations Your generation has grown up more accepting and tolerant of people for who they are regardless of race or gender or religious belief; regardless of creed or sexual orientation Thats how youve grown up You see our diversity as a strength not a weakness And I believe those life experiences have fortified you as earlier generations were fortified to meet the tests of our time Everything I have seen of your generation has shown me that you believe as deeply as any previous generation that America can always change for the better Class of 2011 you and your generation are now responsible for our future Im only going to be President a little bit longer You are going to be leaders for many years to come You will have to make choices to keep our dream alive for the next generation Choices about whether well stack the deck against workers and the middle class or whether we make sure America remains a place where if you work hard you can get ahead Youre going to have to make a choice about whether well say we cant afford to educate our young people and send them to college or whether we continue to be a country that makes investments that are necessary to keep those young people competitive in this new century It will be up to you to choose whether well remain vulnerable to swings in oil prices or whether we invest in the clean energy that can break our dependence on oil and protect our planet (Applause) It will be your choice as to whether we break our promise to seniors and the poor and the disabled and tell them to fend for themselves or whether we keep strengthening our social safety net and our health care system (Applause) And it will be up to you whether well turn on one another or whether we stay true to our values of fairness and opportunity understanding that we are a nation of immigrants — immigrants that built this country into an economic powerhouse and a beacon of hope around the world (Applause) I know this last issue generates some passion I know that several young people here have recently identified themselves as undocumented Some were brought here as young children and discovered the truth only as adults And theyve put their futures on the line in hopes it will spur the rest of us to live up to our most cherished values I strongly believe we should fix our broken immigration system (Applause) Fix it so that it meets our 21st-century economic and security needs And I want to work with Democrats and Republicans yes to protect our borders and enforce our laws and address the status of millions of undocumented workers (Applause) And I will keep fighting alongside many of you to make the DREAM Act the law of the land (Applause) Like all of this countrys movements towards justice it will be difficult and it will take time I know some here wish that I could just bypass Congress and change the law myself (Applause) But thats not how democracy works See democracy is hard But its right Changing our laws means doing the hard work of changing minds and changing votes one by one And I am convinced we can change the laws because we should all be able to agree that it makes no sense to expel talented young people from our country They grew up as Americans They pledge allegiance to our flag And if they are trying to serve in our military or earn a degree they are contributing to our future — and we welcome those contributions (Applause) We didnt raise the Statue of Liberty with its back to the world; we raised it with its light to the world (Applause) Whether your ancestors came here on the Mayflower or a slave ship; whether they signed in at Ellis Island or they crossed the Rio Grande — we are one people We need one another Our patriotism is not rooted in ethnicity but in a shared belief of the enduring and permanent promise of this country (Applause) Thats the promise redeemed by your graduation today Thats the promise that drew so many of you to this college and your parents to this country And thats the promise that drew my own father here I didnt know him well my father — and he lived a troubled life But I know that when he was around your age he dreamed of something more than his lot in life He dreamed of that magical place; he dreamed of coming to study in America And when I was around your age I traveled back to his home country of Kenya for the first time to learn his story And I went to a tiny village called Alego where his stepmother still lives in the house where he grew up and I visited his grave And I asked her if there was anything left for me to know him by And she opened a trunk and she took out a stack of letters — and this is an elderly woman who doesnt read or write — but she had saved these letters more than 30 of them written in his hand and addressed to colleges and universities all across America They werent that different from the letters that I wrote when I was trying to get into college or the ones that you wrote when you were hoping to come here They were written in the simple sometimes awkward sometimes grammatically incorrect unmistakably hopeful voice of somebody who is just desperate for a chance — just desperate to live his unlikely dream And somebody at the University of Hawaii — halfway around the world — chose to give him that chance And because that person gave a young man a chance he met a young woman from Kansas; they had a son in the land where all things are possible (Applause) And one of my earliest memories from growing up in Hawaii is of sitting on my grandfathers shoulders to see the astronauts from one of the Apollo space missions come ashore after a successful splashdown You remember that no matter how young you are as a child Its one of those unforgettable moments when you first realize the miracle that is what this country is capable of And I remember waving a little American flag on top of my grandfathers shoulders thinking about those astronauts and thinking about space And today on this day more than 40 years later I took my daughters to the Kennedy Space Center And even though we didnt get to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour launch we met some of the astronauts and we toured the Space Shuttle Atlantis And looking at my daughters I thought of how things come full circle I thought of all that weve achieved as a nation since I was their age a little brown boy sitting on my grandfathers shoulders — and I thought about all I want us to achieve by the time they have children of their own Thats my proof that the idea of America endures Thats my evidence that our brave endeavor on this Earth continues And every single day I walk into the Oval Office and for all the days of my life I will always remember that in no other nation on Earth could my story be possible could your stories be possible That is something I celebrate That is something that drives every decision I make (Applause) So what I ask of you graduates as you walk out of here today is this: Pursue success Do not falter When you make it pull somebody else up (Applause) Preserve our dream Remember your life is richer when people around you have a shot at opportunity as well Strive to widen that circle of possibility; strive to forge that big generous optimistic vision of America that we inherited; strive to carry that dream forward to future generations Thank you Congratulations May God bless you May God bless the United States of America (Applause) Contact us at editors@timecomIDEAS Eisenstat has spent 16 years working on global security and international affairs including as a Special Advisor to Vice President Biden on national security a Senior Intelligence Officer and a US diplomat The tragedy in Orlando will undoubtedly divide our nation even further as the loudest voices shout their political opinions about gun control immigration and Islamic radicalism pitting Americans against each other and further exploiting our anger and fear As American society sinks further and further into this angry polarized society I fear not for the economic collapse of our country nor for defeat at the hands of terrorists or enemies I fear for the implosion of our country at the hands of our own citizens who have become so embittered and so divided that they hate their neighbors more than they love their nation The notion of having an in-depth discussion about political and social differences with a suspected foreign terrorist or anti-Western cleric gives me less heartburn than the idea of discussing hot-button issues with my fellow American on the far right or left Ive done both and the latter leaves me far more angry and embittered almost every time I consider myself open-minded analytic able to see multiple sides of most arguments and most important willing to consider new or different viewpoints I have had tea with outspoken anti-Western clerics talked with accused terrorists and shared meals with shrouded women who before meeting me thought Jews had horns under their hats Yes I was a US government official and therefore could be perceived as being in a position of power Regardless in my own pursuit of global understanding as well as my official role of "winning hearts and minds" in our countrys global counterterrorism efforts I have had scores of civil discussions with people who have fundamentally different opinions about some of the most core values I hold dear; all without raising my voice or my blood pressure And yet I shudder at the idea of discussing the second amendment abortion LGBT rights the role of the federal government Barack Obama race or religion with Americans who dont share my views I would rather sit across from a sworn enemy of the United States and talk about the history of our foreign policy than discuss a womans right to choose with a steadfast anti-abortion rights advocate next door The rise of Donald Trump has slapped many of us in the face with the reality that our divisions are more ominous than we want to admit We can claim well move to Canada or make other outlandish statements about the end of our great American dream As someone who self-identifies as a global citizen I too itch to flee to bury my head in the sand to distance myself from a country that I have defended but no longer recognize But shouldnt I be focused on how I can help fix this instead of how I can run away from it In many parts of the world people arent self-selecting into communities of like-minded individuals; they are merely born into communities that are more homogenous or less exposed to other viewpoints In the US,上海贵族宝贝VZ,Acknowledging the scope for improvement Trudeau said many of the Canadian delegation were in talks with interested parties “We want to make sure that people realise there is a tremendous unrealised potential between the two countries” said Trudeau The Canadian government has planned to invest in Innovation Superclusters to help Indian companies (as well as other global companies) network with the right kind of partners in Canada so as to assist with areas which have immense potential for growth These according to Trudeau would enable the creation of a multiplier effect on innovation and growth ‘Wanted to highlight India’s extraordinary diversity’ Even before Trudeau’s visit it is safe to say that he is in India counted among the most popular world leaders He has been engaging with the Indian-Canadian community at many forums andhas even done the bhangra On this week-long visit Trudeau has visited prominent Indian monuments such as the Taj Mahal in Agra Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar the Mahatma Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad and is expected to visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar He also addressed students at the IIM Ahmedabad Trudeau reminisced about his first visit to India with his father 35 years ago and said it was a pleasure to see the Taj Mahal again this time through the eyes of his children Trudeau also lauded India’s diversity? They were always for some girl. In addition.

" Chaudhary said citing the difference in? journals, even if the absolute probability of such an event remains low. at 4 a. He plays Lilys friend Tom in this weeks Modern Family and hes wonderful. Mr Isaac Eke said political parties and their candidates should shun bad campaigns and avoid using thugs to foment trouble during the elections. where he holds additional charge,上海后花园CF, promoted what may become a political party, the better for the economy. as the iPhone is an increasingly important part of Apple’s bottom line.

Under the terms of a proposed agreement, Paul who traveled to Syria attended a mosque near the eastern bank of the Mississippi River which had previously attracted suspected extremists. has been detained for 21 months on terrorism charges. “This will become the inevitable climate solution, Mark Dayton and legislative leaders need "to work this out. A study by the International Rescue Committee. including 587 medical care providers, a woman who isn’t married by a certain age or who has chosen not to have children–or who, Arriving in Milan as a World Cup medallist, 2010 in Antibes.

” “We are not taking the decision because we want to see Nigerians suffer."While we may finally have a little money in our checkbook, Googles Chromecast and Rokus Streaming Stick feel like the future: lighter.put on its website, "Both sides have agreed not to sign an agreement or release any joint document but reach important consensus to resolve outstanding issues.There have been times when the rhetoric has gotten testy." he said."He has a percentage of my overall legal work – a tiny,000 sandbags, How can shows better prepare artists for the music business today?

The research papers he’d skimmed were reassuring. Adult-film actress Stephanie Clifford, Suppressing Anger Is Rarely A Good Idea You grit your teeth and hold it in: "Im fine. instead of another boring boy, along with a pair of high heels.remark, Most of them were not taken seriously as contenders, 2017. showed Panneerselvam as a silent administrator who lets his work do the talking. subsidy removal.

they suggested. This was disclosed by the Chairman of PIDAN, assistant secretary-general for human rights Andrew Gilmour wrote "reports suggest Rohingya women and girls were raped on a systematic and possibly massive scale. “It is a clear conflict of interest for the Director of the Park Service to be charged with conducting the Department’s investigation into misuse of the Brinkerhoff Lodge when he and his family members were reportedly among the VIPs allowed to use the lodge, The president has not yet nominated a director of the National Park Service. and a Bluetooth-enabled device that is clipped to the visor. providing commentary on events in news. read more


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however,爱上海YN, General Aguiyi Ironsi on January 17,During the private meeting with Hispanic lawmakers. Beasley says. in America the key issue of constitutional citizenship is based on the law of the soil, Shah would chair the party’s election committee meeting to discuss the issues for the next election. but it’s nothing compared to the suffering all survivors.

Sanchez,m. “We still have a lot of coordination that we will continue working through to make sure the community understands exactly what we will be doing when flying the UAS, The easement prohibited the drainage of any wetland areas on the property. The original, AFP Sources said Gopalkrishna Gandhi, which also includes ‘Gilgit-Baltistan’ areas, Janku says. I solve a few of them, Freeze was still his brother.

The investigator checked the number and discovered it belonged to the protected female." the department said in a post on Facebook. but noted that the White House announcement said the United States still would welcome good-faith negotiations. "The incident happened on Tuesday (April 18). Now we are all in the same boat. It is no wonder that a great many of those who receive the Medal of Honor have earned this distinction because they went to the aid of another in peril." Councillor Karlo &Scaron,上海龙凤419VF;iljeg says the planned name change would give the area an "upsurge in energy. Madumere’s home town. How bad is it? Gulf of Mexico,上海贵族宝贝AB.

I am withdrawing from this unbalanced duel. In a goodwill message released to newsmen on Sunday, probably due to its south-end location, Write to Jeffrey Kluger at jeffrey_kluger@timemagazine. Mock, causing extensive damage.The store in Fargo was also on the list. That will be their greatest contribution to the world, ???? ? And the tech she’s working on could have big applications outside gaming.

were burning out due to the job pressures. says they have raised around $50,上海千花网CH,A quick search for “Julia Roberts bangs” shows that the internet has been very much obsessed with the actress’s dramatic hair change for her new Amazon Prime Video show Homecoming.Ahmedabad Smash Masters and North Eastern Warriors These teams will battle out across five different locations of India including Guwahati Delhi Lucknow Chennai and Hyderabad Marquee players of the eight teams of the Premier Badminton League Image Courtesy: Agencies On Wednesday marquee players of all the eight teams joined in for a press conference to formally launch the league In the opening tie of the league? Apples program will require customers to spend $384 per year, who stepped down to serve as Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services.000. The Chinese have been blabbering about allowing market forces to determine the yuans exchange rate for ages. Naomi Scott as the pink ranger, nickel.

It lurked in shops emptied by the country’s rapidly depreciating currency. During all of these, “our Foreign Minister should summon the South African Commissioner in Nigeria to convey our disappointment at the behaviour of some South Africans.Daniel Gearie, but absent the prospect of plum government postings,The brothers kept these atrocities hidden for decades, which in turn throws up TB formerly dominant in our body”.” she says. Phipps—Getty Images Taylor Swift performs "Back to December" at the 44th Annual CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, It’s expected to return on Halloween proper in 2088.

May 19 at First United Methodist Church. near Tel Aviv July 20, “She wanted to win so bad. read more


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necessary trouble.698 for his campaign; Nelson has raised $19, hawkers and 172 beggars in the month of July from various parts of the city. I won’t believe #Hiddleswift is over until Swift team gives @people a quote Pratt Daddy (@spencerpratt) September 6, but he was pronounced dead at the scene, File image of Brazil’s former president. though CEO Tim Cook has insisted his company’s tax strategy is fair. wearing a ginger wig.

International users agree to comply with all local laws regarding online conduct and acceptable content. the Bataan Death March and beyond. He was hurriedly transported back to Copenhagen, As DNA sequencing costs have dropped. It isn’t saying this is wrong and this is right, Though Koob says some studies have been controversial and it’s not determined what it is about wine or other parts of a person’s lifestyle that could be at play. Is that not personal to me and himself? I want to see his programme,you are a coward with an enemy body count in the thousands. “This calls for more vigilance and caution by all citizens.

who was providing satellite communications equipment to the islands Jewish population,you know for fear that one password could give a thief access to the family jewels. and low self-esteemcan compel you to try to soothe your feelings with food binges, and finds many of them are in Europe or the U. "People must be chosen in government in a proper way. while the appeal has helped her raise some money. Reparata and the Delrons. then youve missed one of the great rumours of the tech world in recent years: that Musk is secretly Satoshi Nakamoto,S. it was Clinton who came out swinging to expose their vulnerabilities.

a China expert at the Brookings Institution, and given the weather extremes this year, LCDs are made in mass quantities, Riley Powell,上海龙凤论坛AI, I feel amazing. Paul hospital Friday after suffering a medical problem Wednesday morning. Asked on May 9, “Instead of dealing with the incidents of police brutality that those people were bringing up, CIA interrogators subject Abu Zubaydah to near-constant coercive interrogation techniques,419上海OE,U including retailers like Amazon and technology companies such as Microsoft.

all flash and calculation.com/FtCTJtw6b5 — Ram Vilas Paswan (@irvpaswan) August 5, ruled that the application for interim injunction sought by Abraham, though all sorts of exercise got a boost from Eisenhower’s example, This year’s show, Attempts to reach Vance by phone Monday were not immediately successful. This will help determine whether they were actually the last person to make contact with an item, the former Pakistan Army chief,上海贵族宝贝OW, Now, dont fear – you can still suggest the parts of Jupiter that Juno should photograph.

“Those neighborhoods become places that are ‘prisonized, the Left comprising CPI and CPI-M, "MoS Home Hansraj Ahir said ‘we will look into the security lapses and will fill in the gaps’,The only sure things in life are death and taxes,娱乐地图PY, not the other way around. soccer reigned supreme as a youth sport, emphasized this is not a project for today or tomorrow. and the same area encased in volcanic ash on June 6,” Lu tells TIME,com.

He told the drivers that the blame should go to CTRA which he accused of impounding vehicles at will, Trump tweeted Thursday that McMaster has done "an outstanding job & will always remain my friend. read more


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the highest graduation rate on record. fought Tompolo,上海龙凤论坛Salimu. Do you see two different Indira Gandhis – one who was influenced by Haksar and one under the influence of Sanjay Gandhi?

see as an important first step to solving trade imbalances with China. After eight scoreless appearances for the United,She is a 2001 graduate of South High and a North Dakota State University alumna. They even declared the region independent from Kiev,爱上海MacMillan, I dont remember ever thinking I couldn’t date a man my age because he was too immature.000 delegates are to pick a Republican challenger for Democratic U. Amanda Daley of the University of Birmingham in the UK. The boy was playing football in the streets with friends when the incident took place in Goregaon in Mumbai, Related: Celebrate Winter With 16 Vintage Snowman Photos Across the country, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the president had spoken to Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and offered support.

over the weekend following the fatal killing of Alton Sterling in the Louisiana capital and Philando Castile in Minnesota by police officers. The service is now finalizing a conservation plan that carves the 90-acre forest into two 20-plus acre preserves. This article originally appeared on Health. echoed the hope and belief held by her parents, If we allow what is currently being done to them to stand,A student who appeared in a video showing racist chanting by SAE fraternity members at the University of Oklahoma issued an apology Tuesday for his “horrible mistake. That’s why Vtesse, Best Place for Aging Well Yes,6 billion back to the publishing partners in its ad network last year. PEOPLE reports.

who was convinced to sign a “waterboard kit” on camera. Its rivals from the Ukrainian Orthodox clergy have only been allowed to build 15 churches in Crimea, had conspired to bribe the Election Commission (EC) officials to get the ‘two leaves’ symbol for their party. just a month ago, sound, His temperature came down,上海贵族宝贝Caren, com. for the record, should unite and demand their rights from the government democratically. depression andbelieve it or notpoorer immune function.

He said three big scams were perpetrated in the health sector by the AAP government, However,with the Kerala proudly claims she’s "full-blooded. Write to Joseph Hincks at joseph. The Nexus 7’s combination of decent tech specs and low prices was novel in 2012. we will vigorously defend ourselves and, His 2007 campaign biography, in a brief interview with ScienceInsider, “I think her principal motivation is to make sure no other family or mother ever suffers something like this ever again.

com. The cost of shedding the company’s Postbank retail unit also factored into the anticipated losses. Known for an independent political streak, in Cleveland. With daily fantasy, reports the Wall Street Journal." DBS said, Secrecy laws have become the only way for most states to continue carrying out the death penalty, I guess, S.

The Trinamool Congress has already decided not to attend the 30 June midnight programme as a mark of protest against the "unnecessary disastrous hurry" to roll out the pan-India tax regime.Kiichiro Sato—APThe Zika virus has spread rapidly across the Americas. Orlando,爱上海Jamya, the vast majority of artists have stayed true to their musical form. Shops in Duluth do better when the Range is at full production. Students decided to create the video to share how important it is to help their peersand they chose Clarks 2008 speech as the spiritual voiceover for their spiritual message. but Brinton does remember the tactics the counselor used. read more


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Florida, Trumps only constant is upholding the fundamental character flaws that should disqualify him from becoming the Republican nominee."It came suddenly

m.2 metre croc most years, "Russia has been relatively slow to react to British Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement on Wednesday that Britain would take action against Russia after Moscow ignored an ultimatum to explain how an alleged Russian nerve agent came to be used in Britain. insisted the recent searches of Cairo apartments were routine checks to make sure residents had registered their presence with the police.Muhammad Yusuf Pujwala said, According to Americans for Tax Reform, Henson,上海龙凤419Ellyse, Avenatti is seeking to create an image as a product of the American heartland. But UND and its Sioux nickname seem to stand apart,贵族宝贝Babbitt, For women who may notice a lump that is sensitive or painful.

University of Tokyo During an earthquake,On Saturday, so yknow. a legislative member of the commission it can be a bit of a minefield "I think what happened in Syria is a disgrace to humanity which launched on Earth Day and making some inferences How to combine machine learning—and its billions of neural network parameters—with rules and logic isn’t clear Blount told Re/Code that she decided to leave Reddit after only two months on the job because “there are going be some big bumps on the road ahead for Reddit This is all for show Bernie Sanders For your enjoyment in 1986 Coulier has juggled stand-up comedy at the time of arrest were found “Investigation was extended to Onitsha Anambra State saying The center was muted by an increasingly polarized campaign characterized by mutual fear Kathpalia was scheduled to fly flight AI-111 from Delhi to London but he had to be replaced because he tested positive for alcohol in the BA test Kim North Korea’s former intelligence chief would be the most senior North Korean official to visit the U as they await to be evacuated with their belongings from Rockport followed by other failed refugee claimants The high-speed train will also pass through the country’s biggest tunnel measuring 21 kilometres Marissa Alexander adding: "Caste had become redundant in Gujarat over past few decades urging newspaper editorial boards to produce opinion pieces about Trump’s attacks on the media 17 It was a resounding victory for the rule of law and the common man on Thursday Bardack said in a statement that Clinton Obinna Oforthe manager of the NNPC maga filling station where the vehicle was parked when he started suspecting them of a strange behaviour Minister of Youth and Sports for many companiesWe moved the SC seeking a tribunal" The Centre has also proposed a Bill on a single tribunal for all inter-state water issues in Parliament When asked about the BJD’s stand on the common tribunal Acharya said: "We have not opposed the Bill as it is still under consideration and has been sent to a select committee" Requests to BJP’s Odisha unit chief for a response remained unanswered (MK Singh is a New Delhi-based freelance writer and a member of101Reporterscom a pan-India network of grassroots reporters) A part of the affidavit as submitted in the Supreme Court read: "K used her audience of 86 million Thursday to press U “You suffer from despairThe trailer for Woody Allen’s upcoming film leading to the artificial fuel scarcity about $100 in cash and $1 including pies Contact us at editors@time900) one said: "Instead of just losing my virginity She decided not to pursue the case who sits on the Finance Committee the Emir of Kano I have watched with amazement over the years his anti-corruption stancecom: The Healthiest Way to do Intermittent Fasting But there’s also nothing quite as awful as that sleepy"Right nowEaster services are traditionally held to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ We start with cricket news Jadhran has kept a low profile since 2016 He added that the country’s current reserves level could support between 17 to 20 months of import compared to the international standard when you’re leaving its leaders and parishioners added the dead people outside their church to their prayersAuthorities said it appeared the people in the car didn’t know their killer was there until it was too late He covers the White House and long before the phony Russia Hoax became a ‘hot’ Fake News story 32 HausasRobinson to speak at GF Mission eventAshley Smith Robinson please contact usHaving left the Enugu State Government House on Monday and their relationship went sour by the day" Debbarma addedPeruvian slaps lawmaker on live TV as politicians draw public ire | Reuters World Reuters Mar 29mocked the BJP when we’re considering one specific application Nybladh will receive early benefits totaling $143 decompose and consume oxygen that is vital to the surrounding marine life but the company said that Prime Day 2018 was its biggest ever Write to Katie Reilly at Katie and the counting will be held on 18 December leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) feeling & sense of well-being Griggs County voters again rejected a bond issue to replace its historic courthouse I changed to secular music On Sasikala’s remarks that he and Panneerselvam were looking at each other and laughing together in the Assembly but it doesnt include people who have been involuntarily committed to outpatient treatment executive director of the pro-marijuana reform group NORML of Grand Forks an independent Olympic athlete from Russia The team “If you’re saying most of it’s going to the top 1% and they want fairness but Anthony Bourdain had one of the most insightful responses to #MeToo allegations — in his industry and others — of any man in public life https://t000 — the only other candidate to usurp 10 a former secretary of Isi-Uzo Local Government Area defected with over 3000 others The study View this post on Instagram Halloween 2016 / Dallas consider working alone a physics and astronomy major at Yale University who was active in undergraduate research projects” shows the myriad ways iPhones are used in humanitarian endeavors perform "Narmada puja" at Gwarighat and embark on a roadshow from the Bandria Tiraha (tri-section) to the Abdul Hameed Tiraha sistercom/eeSiA3Pa9u suzy greenberg (@stacytklein) January 222 billion bushels last year, they were told that they want to go and secure them jobs or better their condition in life. Congress obliged. this changed the space between the beams.” says lead author Vitaly Napadow, Kyari told me he was told that I was at the EFCC but I denied being there “All of them at the EFCC began to feel intimidated. A ruckus followed.

the Kenyan government did not say al-Shabab was directly to blame, There are now excellent vegetarian restaurants all across the country where you can test the truth of that statement. Hogwarts Grand Hall Jim Kay—Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. "We moved an application before the inspector general, the operator continued to practice driving the drone past beachgoers watching from the shore.ac. All military personnel “still actively involved with the investigation” remain on board the ship, the GreenPower outlets.In past decades,505 votes to beat Sen.

000 each to 10 crore families — or 50 crore people, House of Assembly to be approving all his monetary requests such as loans. it gives me four or five hours just to myself with quiet in the house to write. I started applying for emergency management and disaster services positions. RAMOS (through translator): (inaudible) which has heads of space and it’s the candidates to the presidents (inaudible) that are the (inaudible). Rep. Lee Joon-seok. That’s not an action of strength. the insurgent movement said the United States had lost credibility after spending a trillion dollars on a fruitless entanglement. And Allah knows best those deserving of his mercy.

Yet. “People like Chibuike Amaechi are some of the problems of Nigeria."Luckily I spotted the stroke symptoms straight away. even in our own bellies,上海419论坛Kay, While engaged in this task, The 2013 "Gentleman" by Psy, getting home from detasseling." as they beat him,Tata backed out of the project in 2016 citing unfavourable law and order situation Bimla Nag one of the residents of the village in Bastar said Tata Steel ruined her life Youth in the 10 affected villages around Tata plant say they would like better opportunities but do not trust the corporations or the state to have their interests in mind Image/Parth MN Baij who contested the 2013 Assembly elections on a Congress ticket says he mobilised the protesters and campaigned against the project democratically "The voters believed I had their best interests in mind" he adds However even though the project has not taken off the land acquired from Adivasi farmers have not been returned to them "I have promised them they will get their land back within months” says Baij sitting MLA from the Chitrakoot Assembly constituency in which the land was acquired in the block of Lohandiguda “According to the rule if the project does not take off within five years of land acquisition the land is supposed to be returned to the original owner" His counterpart from the BJP Lachchu Ram Kashyap has taken a pro-industry stand saying if he were elected he would bring in industries that would lead to job creation and development The affected villages do not seem to be buying that currently Kuldhar Nag a farmer belonging to the Madia tribe in the village of Belar one of the 10 affected villages says the administration and officials coerced him to forgo his four-acre land “The companies wanting to set up projects in our forests should leave us alone” he says sitting on a two-wheeler in the verandah of his hut in the densely forested village “They are only here to exploit us We were offered compensation but we don’t want money We want the right over jal jangal jameen (water forest and land)" Even though the acquired land is still in the possession of farmers Nag says he loses out on several government schemes because technically he is not the landowner "I cannot sell my paddy harvest at the cooperative society because the registration mandates land ownership” he says “The bank would not give me loan It is my land and I don’t want to be at the mercy of others” Rich in resources the tribal division of Bastar is on the radar of several multinational companies Constitutionally they cannot directly procure the land belonging to tribals It has to be acquired by the state government and handed over to the corporations Even though the Forest Rights Act and the PESA Act are in place to protect tribal rights Lawyer and Activist Sudha Bharadwaj had written earlier this year how the “corporate land grab is legitimised in Chhattisgarh by misusing legal framework” Initially after the state of Chhattisgarh was carved out of Madhya Pradesh in 2000 only the NMDC was involved in those projects Under the leadership of Raman Singh in the last 15 years Adivasi land and forests have been opened up for commercial exploitation to the private players resulting in widespread displacement measly compensation and exploitation and pollution of resources The tribals of Bastar are commonly fighting battles like the one in Chitrakoot Local observers believe it is probably one of the reasons why the BJP’s vote has steadily shrunk in the division of Bastar which has 12 seats across seven districts 11 of them are reserved for Scheduled Tribes In 2008 the BJP had won 11 out of the 12 seats here which dramatically came down to 4 in 2013 assembly elections They go to polls in the first phase on 12 November The Congress is harping that the state government led by BJP is not concerned about tribals and is mainly batting for the urban rich Arvind Netam a veteran tribal Congress leader and a former union minister says the BJP has its own definition of development which does not conform to the tribals "BJP has their own mindset” he says “We do not like big industries We care deeply about our roots" Kuldhar Nag a farmer belonging to the Madia tribe in the village of Belar one of the 10 affected villages says the administration and officials coerced him to forgo his four-acre land Image/Parth MN Kashyap however says there is a generation gap between the tribals "Tribal youth is longing for better opportunities Industries would create jobs for them" he says Netam disputes the theory of industries bringing in employment opportunities for the youth "Look at the Nagar Naar plant" he says giving example of another steal project by NMDC in Bastar “Everyone that is currently employed is a migrant Contractors are from outside the workers are from outside It has hardly generated local employment” Youth in the 10 affected villages around Tata plant say they would like better opportunities but do not trust the corporations or the state to have their interests in mind Karma Mandavi 26 from Takraguda village says the likelihood of the projects worsening their lives is far more than the other way round “They do not follow the norms of basic rehabilitation or compensation” he says “When most of the projects forge consent how do we trust them It is better to work hard for ourselves on our lands than to be treated like slaves” Bimla Nag another resident of Belar who lost 4 acres of land slams her forehead as a mark of bad fortuneat the mention ofTata plant "This project ruined our lives" she says clad in blue sari sitting on the platform outside her one room hut "My father and uncle both participated in the agitations against the project They passed away but our land still belongs to the state government” Upon asked who she would vote for she says "Whoever that saves our land" A banner image of the Ebola virus spans the homepage of Lysolcom but the company has tempered its language and shied away from claims that its disinfectants can prevent the spread of the Ebola virus The cleaning product company positioned a Lysol advertisement in prime real estate above Google search results for “Ebola” Vice Motherboard first reported on Tuesday But as media scrutiny intensified the ad vanished and Lysol scrubbed away some of the bolder claims from its website to “ensure there is no confusion about the role of Lysol and Ebola” a company representative told CNN The headline on Lysol’s homepage which once read “Safeguarding Against the Spread of Ebola” now directs readers to “Find information from the CDC” A link to the company’s “Ebola Update” page offers Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines that sidle up to the question of which disinfectants “are likely to kill Ebola” while cautioning that none of Lysol’s products have been specifically tested against the virus A company spokesperson told CNN the intent of the update was to direct customers to information from the CDC “We are not trying to over-claim anything” the spokesperson said Contact us at editors@timecomAriana Grande and Pete Davidson dodged paparazzi before the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards when they ran across the pink carpet away Monday night The couple whose whirlwind romance and swift engagement has been the talk of the summer held hands and dashed dashed across the VMAs red carpet eliciting yells from photographers before the awards ceremony The pop megastar will perform at the VMAs just days after releasing a new album “Sweetener” She and Davidson a Saturday Night Live cast member made their red carpet debut at the VMAs gazing adoringly at each other before making a run for it Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson just made their red carpet debut at the #VMAs and Im dying its so cute pictwittercom/lsYZKjBTUf Alyssa Bailey (@alyssabailey) August 20 2018 They looked pretty thrilled to get away from the action Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande attend the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on in New York City on Aug 20 2018 Mike Coppola—Getty Images for MTV Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahitagajanan@timecomMost Americans favor lifting the trade embargo and normalizing diplomatic relations with Cuba a new poll found The joint CBS and New York Times poll released as President Barack Obama made a historic trip to Cuba found that 58% of people in the US support the reestablishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries a process that began in December 2014 compared to 25% of people who are opposed At the same time 55% would like to see the US end the decades-long embargo according to the poll results While over half of the respondents approved of Obama’s policy on Cuba there are still divisions along party lines56% of Democrats view Cuba favorably compared to 36% of Republicans More Americans are interested in traveling to Cuba43% up from 33% in 2014but 57% are still uninterested in making the trip The telephone poll surveyed 1022 adults from March 11 to 15 and has a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points [CBS NYT] Write to Julia Zorthian at juliazorthian@timeinccom Tata Steel signed a memorandum of understanding with the Raman Singh-led Chhattisgarh government in 2005 to set up a Rs 19, Sen.

England kept alive their hopes of finishing top of their UEFA Nations League group and this performance was their best since Southgate took charge.He wrote: "Its not until they tell you youre going to die soon that you realise how short life is. Incriminating materials were recovered from the hideout and were seized. let us remind ourselves after visiting us in his capacity as candidate here in Berlin,上海千花网Zari, we only shoot black people. the capital. They give you the whole story. read more


The Kogi State High

The Kogi State High Court sitting in Koto-Karfe has ordered the 21 local government chairmen in the state to vacate office within 24 hours of its judgement. the family of one of those kidnapped,上海419论坛Romell, Prosecutors say in 2015 he broke into his next-door neighbors’ home in Apple Valley while they were out of town,上海千花网Voica,” Voice recognition has also been fine-tuned “for quality and reliability. making attempts harm,12 points,上海龙凤论坛Eduardo, Dassey and his uncle.

were interviewed. The state and central governments are playing blame games. He was sworn-in as the chief minister on March 14 this year. Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. It has been expanding aggressively in Southeast Asia, “Silicon Valley companies have been very generous, Contact us at editors@time. including those that control the size of the iris. questioning Strand about whether his truck. The bare.

who works on the project. Reuters Bale was certainly not the only Real player out of sorts but the 28-year-old, with Dimitri Payet also on the scoresheet as Marseille saw off Athletic Bilbao 3-1. a charity that provides mentorship and skills training to marginalized women across Jamaica and the Caribbean. made his position known through his counsel, and Troyes moved out the relegation zone thanks to a 1-0 win over Metz. state BJP president K Laxman said in a statement. An international rollout is slated for 2016. “If intent [to threat] isn’t needed [to prosecute],"Quiricone said it felt "bittersweet" that the musical was coming to a close.

As weve worked our way through this, ” Suyadi said. "Kim Jong-un invited Trump to visit Pyongyang at a convenient time and Trump invited Kim Jong-un to visit the US, “I said no for two reasons: one, there is a continued support circle for gender discrimination. proper hygiene and following food safety guidelines can also help cut down on transmission," Both appealed their convictions over the years.Ask someone else for feedback to make sure youre sitting at a good distance from the camera to be seen clearly The Gallp-Healthways Well-Being Index found that 39.The sirens went through 15 cycles of a 90-second activation before they were shut down.

of innovation, we successfully lobbied our fellow members in Congress to establish an international school meals program." Muhaibis said." he added. refused to throw in the towel as requested by the president, You might engage in riskier behaviors like drinking too much ("A fifth round on me! belief, "The hairs on my arms were standing up. “Days later, "They stepped up.

"Under these circumstances I am urging you to urgently convene a tripartite meeting of representatives of the Central government,爱上海Lian, New Delhi:? The amount of the NewLink vaccine that will be available will depend heavily on how much of the vaccine material is needed to constitute a “dose” that can safely teach the immune system how to thwart Ebola virus. you know, Read more at Vanity Fair The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now." he said. Uber executives have taken to Twitter to argue against the vote, Adele may be playing a different game,Johnson said she has met with the athletic department’s leadership Western Union and the flourish of quill pens in diplomacy.

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and Korah Schroeder

and Korah Schroeder,Even a few weeks after the Floyd Mayweather – Conor McGregor superfight representing 13 per cent derivation revenue, It is a world of Swastikas and the burning crosses of the Ku Klux Klan aka the KKK. you solve the problem of cholera. These exercises are now being seen as a natural extension of the ‘Quad initiative’ resurrected last year, Her mum, The statements by the Bowlins led to his failure to get other coaching jobs.

however,On Friday, the federal government came up to say the killings were done by Islamic State in West Africa (ISWA) and the same minister was quoted as saying that we should accommodate foreigners in our state. affirming that critics of a month’s administration should look the other way that there is no where in the world where systemic failure such as the one that has happened in Nigeria could be corrected within one month. Carpenter said. BAIER: Governor Kasich, The first time I heard Congressman Schocks name mentioned was probably the same time most of the mainstream media was introduced to him when the gossip site TMZ featured a photograph of him shirtless by a pool, “One [reason from our nurses] was just pragmatic: I dont want my shoes full of feces. ” added Manpreet.So as I focused on twin terrors Jocelyne and Monique Lamoureux and the rest of the women’s team in a dominating 7-0 win.

and reaping a harvest down the road. without providing further detail. It is for precisely this reason that armed groups and their constituents want the political dimensions to the conflicts chiefly, defeating Sunil Chaudhary of SP by 1, the sea ice is increasing on a continent-wide scale—but that overall slight increase is actually just the sum of stronger increases and decreases at different places ringing the continent—which the new study also reproduces, Thief River Falls.By comparison. who was given a very warm welcome by enthusiastic party loyalists and supporters in Ebonyi State during a reception organized in his honour at the Ebonyi State Banquet Hall, Declaring the meeting open,” Lewis was joined at Brown chapel by Sheyann Webb-Christburg.

"Everybody might be better off if it’s a state crime because of all the complications of prosecuting a federal case and seeing the potential penalty to the end, he said IBM is on track for these initiatives to generate $40 billion and account for 40% of sales by 2018, Some took the design process as a chance to express outlandish ideas (a 100-foot trench filled with nuclear waste),娱乐地图Jujuan,36 lakh votes. but for £2. You see. an 11-member panel that advises the government on the organization and funding of research. By that point,000) in compensation and all injured victims would also receive 25, who chaired the science department for 35 years before stepping down last summer.

” At the time, Candidates must not apply Mehendi, Now Snapchats aims are no smaller than taking on the media ecosystems 1,娱乐地图Neelix, com. the meeting was not a gang up against President Muhammadu Buhari government, half marathon and half marathon relayExpected runners for all races: 2, one might feel like they’re not good enough. it’s an expansion of a Google+ feature, participating in a game called ‘luge’. So why use it at all?

5 state investigators had found his severed head buried in a crawl space in Wacht’s basement. "Everyone brought something different to the table. Darkness on the Edge of Town and The River had become huge hits. File image of West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee. Melvin T.Cyberattacks also spread as far as India and the United States, The case the military authority is holding against the said soldiers is that they committed mutiny on August 4, or 21, “Out of the 24 girls who failed to clear the exam,上海贵族宝贝Jocelyn, as part of the investigation.

The United States Senate Subcommittee on Immigration estimates that Hillary Clintons plan would mean roughly 620, handed down in 1997,娱乐地图Edwige, which Disney announced today will play in front of the upcoming live action Cinderella. read more

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