The medical industry is only a few steps from the micro-blog to micro-blog

? ?The so-called "micro-blog

as a "micro-blog" need to have what skills

in fact, the medical industry to micro-blog, is not so difficult. Today, Sun Chen for the medical industry to do a detailed analysis of micro-blog marketing, and share and discuss.


hospital problem is not difficult to understand, mainly taking into account the fact that micro-blog is a kind of advertising, such as we are in the QQ, there is often a person does not stop with information, feel bored to delete. On the other hand, the hospital is a public image, fear is not good to delete negative information. Micro-blog as a public platform to make friends, everyone has micro-blog free, so, to delete the negative is a potential crisis". read more


Love Shanghai new Scindapsus algorithm webmaster how to see

has several meanings, the first is some unknown truth, the small owners in the advertised sale does not know is wrong single case is love Shanghai.

?I think to see how the webmasterBeijing

Tianjin: Scindapsus therapy introduced, webmaster love Shanghai and please eat the radish webmaster. This is a clear blow link behavior. In fact, launched in Shanghai last year before love radish has begun to let everyone eat radish. A lot of garbage station site to a single early last year has been K. But why this love Shanghai also put the Scindapsus pushed to the front of read more


Not only is the anchor text chain — Application forum signature in the promotion of

Focus on

, the application of signature in the promotion, that is to say the signature how to write more let people love to see, to attract users to click on and jump to your site, I believe that through a IP signature over than the signature anchor text links useful bring.

how to entice people to click on their links, this involves how to make good use of the signature, we leave the chain general also pays attention to grab the new post, especially some of the weight is high, included fast forum, general a high quality post, a few minutes by the love of Shanghai included, grab the sofa or post is the first page to reply, is undoubtedly the best results of the fastest. Also, used to guide the user’s signature as well as to seize a favorable position, and may yet have to bother to reply. Want to let others click, attract eyeball is a must. read more


In 2013 the site outside the chain of the way we should decide on what path to follow

The first step of

(three) love Shanghai know the practice of the chain.

we all know, Shanghai is love and high weight of its own products to give, so we still can do use their products outside the chain of love Shanghai.

(two) love Shanghai library practice of the chain.

, write the title, introduction and accurate classification, click submit to OK.

love Shanghai library compared to love Shanghai experience and speak more easily through the weight and also better, let me introduce the practice of Shanghai Library of love. read more


Love Shanghai alliance account deblocking is not successful, you give up

2012 in the school, the author first joined the Internet industry, looking at his hair unsuspectingly bigwigs through the internet success stories, his dream of one day on a network to build up the family fortunes, marry white Formica! And many white began as the so-called Wangzhuan, is nothing more than to help others post, remember that time looks like send a post 0.5 yuan, live at least 24 hours, completely manual work. Later in the webmaster forum accidentally see a post is the sun of love Shanghai alliance income figure, tens of thousands of january. This picture makes me grass root students enthusiasm began to do, because my family is doing business in a better understanding of the flowers and trees, flowers and trees of the industry, do the flowers and trees industry website, for the love of Shanghai alliance. read more


Only do the unpopular industry enterprises brand word, the target word and the long tail word is eno

for search engine marketing, we just said to our industry brand words and long tail words and target words.


recently and many enterprise site friends, found that there is a pit of the phenomenon of the Internet the Internet now. A small business is either only in Shanghai dragon website ranking, search engine optimization is also in accordance with the Shanghai dragon angle to do a website, to do business in the industry to do the brand, products and products of the common problems such as words long tail word ranking. There are a lot of companies although the site do very bad. But they rank up. Think this is enough. There are many sites in a long time has been done. But there is no true good marketing on the internet. No order. But facing this phenomenon we should do, what should we go to the development of read more


Shanghai dragon small share the basic operation method of the construction of the chain commerce pla

1, company information data set:

Whether you are a green hand

The so-called

trading platform that is like e-commerce platform, HC and other types of Alibaba, its definition can also search to online, here we just introduced many to you one by one. Today is to share trading platform registration and registered after the setting and everyone, for some Shanghai Longfeng couples I think is quite helpful!



The operation and the blog,



, a registered.

trading platform registered after entering the set up links, in trading platform set up the interface, need to set up the general information including company information and business website set set. read more


Several new findings about love Shanghai station outside the chain of tools

love Shanghai station outside the chain of tools, since all the webmaster oriented open below, by a lot of attention. It is still in beta, many industry insiders are eligible to receive beta which features in Shanghai outside the chain of tools discussed in addition however, when facing the long chain tool website, and Discussion on its characteristics. The author will talk about those features of company web site outside the chain of tools from their own responsible for the.

the author is responsible for the "Shenzhen mold factory" has been ranked in the home, love Shanghai station outside the chain of tools when the query link in the "chain of the page Shenzhen die factory" has more than 50 links, and the anchor text link text in the other (Links), read more


The advantages and disadvantages of non mainstream domain name such as.Me

said that under the first non mainstream domain benefits:


, when the贵族宝贝.Net.Org domain name is not suitable, we can choose.Me.Info.Biz.Mobi.Tel, especially.Me, personally feel is a very personality of the domain name, like our own name card, such as zhangsan.me, lisi.me, wangwu.me, so to a certain extent,.Me is more popular than any other non mainstream domain.

3, the special significance of

Many people ask whether Here is the key that inf>

in addition to personality, non mainstream domains and very special significance, such as personal names, can be.Me, such as movie website, can be the name of the main.Tv, such as pro, in favour of meaning, and.Name, is also a good choice of personal registration, and Tel can be used for telephone and so on read more


The bitter experience with warned the choice of keywords

but, at this time, a problem, this word is not a lot of traffic and love Shanghai index is very low, which makes many of US efforts were in vain, indescribably sad, but at the same time, we have another mistake, that is another optimization keywords SMS marketing and error, then to optimize it to the home page, or half-dead flow. It is not driven by the long tail keywords other efforts were in vain again.

own painful experience, here to tell you, must choose good keywords.

According to the

so, I finally understand that our major mistakes in what place, that is the choice of keywords, by re familiar with the company’s products, we confirm the product key words better, and at this time, title, keywords, description of the key factors affecting Shanghai Longfeng not again as modified, but we this is new, and the change rate is not very big, love Shanghai did not make too much punishment for us, let us go through this buffer period. Now everything was back on track. read more


Tell you not to go up because of the popular keyword optimization

Shanghai dragon often say that is not good to do popular keywords, even do not go up, this is the reason to look for and everyone in this area, the following is a popular keyword optimization do not go up, hope to be able to help you webmaster friends.

site layout is not reasonable, the frequency is too much, the high density in the bottom of the website can see the anchor text line with the same keywords in different regions. Keywords layout techniques used properly for ranking has a great help, but will play the opposite effect, causing the site to drop right. Spider web crawling is on the order of information – – – – – left right, so we should think how to optimize the structure of the website and keywords layout is more conducive to the site in the design layout. The website structure is a very important factor in ranking, website structure is not reasonable is not conducive to the spider crawling love Shanghai. There may be some difference but also structure of the site keywords ranking good site, because the chain is strong enough, enough content, but if you want to be able to reduce the workload and improve the ranking website optimization schedule, or to the structure of the site under the foot. read more


When engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work wonderful boss

this is what happened in 2012 of July to October. Before June I was in Shanghai for a medical company in Phoenix, because after the company to move to North City, due to family reasons I stayed in Guangzhou. A few days’ rest at home, to find dozens of bidding work of Shanghai Longfeng company in the online resume. In other news, a lot of companies have to call me to go to the interview, the last is not low salary is not the bag eats, in some places far better train. My aim is to work near home, can go home early. Do Shanghai dragon knows, spend too much time on the car, every day to go to work ah, really not in the mood, serious lack of sleep. read more


Three days break love Shanghai top 11 ring

didn’t appear until this phenomenon, my website ranking is my optimization has been very stable, all Google keywords are main first (Google ranking stable for a year, is still the first stable) Sogou search engine is stable during the first half of the first. As for all the keywords love Shanghai, is the third and first levels, is also very stable, but just three days before the 6 a.m., all keywords all love Shanghai from third down to 11, Google and other search engines remain stable first, Shanghai ranked 11 out of love phenomenon. At that time, I am anxious, like their children had a serious illness like this phenomenon, although many webmaster experience, but the mood is certainly not good, first I quickly access to relevant information, check around for several hours, found a lot of writing to write to a fresh feeling, is repeated the statement, take the essence, I’ll send the positioning of their love of Shanghai ranked 11 in the website phenomenon, cause I love Shanghai ranked 11 fatal has the following two points. read more


The overall site optimization ideas and processes introduced

second, follow the ideas analysis of website structure optimization. In fact, any one site will have their own design strategies, the author thinks that the structure of the site design structure is self-evident for users to browse and influence of experience, different sectors of the web site in the website structure design is certainly be quite different, a lot of enterprise website construction site in order to marketing in order to get the weight and we found that the ranking structure design about the structure or structure in addition to left right outside the head and tail of the middle content area common, often left is on the website classification and the latest news list, on the middle of a product introduction section, the right is often about us or contact, this is very advantage in line with the characteristics of the spider crawling, from left to right from the top to the bottom, the left is the most important The part is often the most important section of the news or showing up, this structure is very beneficial for the user experience and the spiders crawl the page, there are some group nature of the site they brand itself in the industry have been very big, their website content display area design of large banner take charge. Is a big picture or a large flash site reflects the atmosphere and a sense of decency, in different sectors of the site in the design of our website structure idea is definitely different. read more


The unique development industry website how to seek further development

Based on the

no matter what the industry website, as long as the service is closely related to our website and user behavior, so we must have a website and website brand slogan, the author has set up the website from the establishment of website brand based on the slogan for the first idea, now a part of the user to expand the training to the local reference the author of the site visit, this is the brand and the strength of the slogan, here’s a look at the site of logo production and the slogan is how to set up. read more


The title tag optimization is not easy to say love you

in the multitude of networks, users must browse through the web page title selection target page search engine to the title plus description index "recommended to the users, so the page title (Title tag) for all production sites are very important.

2, Direct Title briefly highlighted issues, content can have a detailed description of

so, please ask questions and communicate in the topic:

will only "the title briefly pointed out the problem directly, the content can be a detailed description of" change "content must be around the title question has a detailed and vivid description, this advice applies to any web page title (Title tag) production. read more


Thinking about love Shanghai punishment not related to static search results page

two: the content related to the theme of

three: original and static, three in one

"love Shanghai" search anti cheat team recently discovered a part of the website traversal popular keywords to generate a large number of search results page to get search engine traffic, which is not related to the contents of a large number of serious damage to the search engine user experience and occupation of the corresponding field of high quality website revenue, we will make a website for such harsh I hope this problem, webmaster timely corrective adjustment." This is the recent love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee announcement. After reading this article, think a lot, let’s talk about the author of the book. read more


Website optimization need those things to

this is a must, as a webmaster, this is the inescapable task. The update must focus on quality, the patient, the best original. I think every day at least three articles in order to meet the requirements, of course, you can take a long article is split into three short points, this is actually the user is a thing very friendly! A final reminder, the update links don’t be lazy smart, or a collection of any assembly read out the website can let go on the road of no return, want the website to develop only down-to-earth to do. read more


Analysis the snapshot problem really and is closely related to the website


compared to the snapshot update speed is different, once the snapshot site always let you feel uneasy. Because according to the operation experience, snapshot basically means the site to be K, key words will fall. But this situation will happen? Obviously not, like the preceding snapshot, is a reserved page for the spider index, and important "normally keep multiple copies of the data in the database, but between them is different, if you have the snapshot is likely to love Shanghai the database update is not caused by synchronization, and is likely to appear second days after love Shanghai update, so when you encounter such a situation, there is no need to be too depressed, as long as you are a regular site, reasonable operation, good optimization, snapshot does not necessarily cause the website by K and other consequences, of course if you the site is non regular website, so snapshot site is likely to be K, but this principle with the conventional warfare snapshot is different, the former is more love Shanghai The latter is not new to delete, update synchronization. read more


A qualified Shanghai dragon Er should have a qualified Excel

Links working table


now I haven’t found a good record of Shanghai dragon tool keyword ranking history, after word of this function, but there are 100 key words, and I see is not too accurate. I used the keyword ranking tools now, then the total station keywords per query ranking are excel format, and then copied to the keywords ranking table I work, go to work every day will lead time, and record the time, this time down you can see a keyword to rank, you can also see the effect of a period of time since the Shanghai dragon. read more

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