The value chain points are reflected in what aspects

? Every day is hard to force the type to do, not what restriction. But to do so much, do you know to do the role of the chain? Generally, just take it as a single character to complete. Conversely, pay attention to the effect of the people, how to understand yourself. This will become an outstanding person. At the same time, also can better understand the value of the chain, what is reflected in. Of course, this is with the industry, there is a large difference of. For example, goods, need to combine the map in words. While consulting, better tend to rigorous words. Do more, you can recognize from different angles. This a simple exposition of the value chain, is divided into two aspects: narrative. read more


Juvenile webmaster readme, all the way to do the station process


I am a sophomore did not start reading (can not teach everyone to learn I ah, I hope everyone can go to college! Ha ha) because the pressure is relatively large, and the failure of learning, so I learn to draw, but that aversion is really serious, and parents explained all they did, no wonder responsibility, oh, this is my best for a rating point of my parents, let the children free to development, the freedom to choose the road of life, can have several


did not read, and I began to plunge madly into the vast network of oceans, and saw a report saying: "XXX opened XXX station, overnight flourishes.". Indeed, this kind of news is a big temptation for me, so I started my dream of webmaster. read more


Jerry Mont soft writing, you insist

since the first article, the advantages of soft promotion with its low cost and good effect has a space for one person in the advertising market, the freedom of the soft Wen promotion is the traditional hard advertising can not match, but the soft Wen promotion need is a long-term process, which produces from the published utility may take some time, but only in the minds of users to strengthen, to win the trust of users.

a lot of friends in the process of writing soft text, may be out of passion, insist on one or two weeks, found that utility is not too good, would not hold out, in fact, this time, may be a lot of visitors to see your article, but also get some information in your article, just want to continue when continued attention, follow-up you have not been able to continue to publish the article down, causes you to promote the products gradually forgotten, this is actually wasted, you become a MA mouth "died in the evening of the second day of the people". read more

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