Not only is the anchor text chain — Application forum signature in the promotion of

Focus on

, the application of signature in the promotion, that is to say the signature how to write more let people love to see, to attract users to click on and jump to your site, I believe that through a IP signature over than the signature anchor text links useful bring.

how to entice people to click on their links, this involves how to make good use of the signature, we leave the chain general also pays attention to grab the new post, especially some of the weight is high, included fast forum, general a high quality post, a few minutes by the love of Shanghai included, grab the sofa or post is the first page to reply, is undoubtedly the best results of the fastest. Also, used to guide the user’s signature as well as to seize a favorable position, and may yet have to bother to reply. Want to let others click, attract eyeball is a must. read more


The United States launched the orange Wangzhuan rebate modePlum flower suffer domestic entrepreneurs

1987, Ren Zhengfei working in state-owned enterprises was 2 million yuan fraud units have been removed, with 2 million in debt equivalent to now hundreds of millions of dollars, his wife divorced, he borrowed 21000 yuan founded HUAWEI company in Shenzhen Ren Zhengfei was 43 years old. At the beginning of its establishment, HUAWEI obtained the first pot of gold by acting on the SPC exchange of a company in Hongkong.

says, "25 to 35 is the best time to start a business. It’s pretty late at the age of 40. After 40, the exception is the exception."." Zhu Shijian and Ren Zhengfei are exceptions to this rule. Never thought, once the tobacco magnate Zhu Shijian than entrepreneurial Godfather Ren Zhengfei a read more


Bloated, bored, crude, desire, UI design appears to be more simple skills

[core tip], the Internet community has been advocating the simplicity of the design of the sound, but what are the simple design skills


has a lot of books on minimalist design, and the Internet community has also been promoting the sound of minimalist design. Some people say that, to see the domestic design of major portals, all of them are rough writing and functions, is it true that Chinese people are not good at design simplicity?.

What does

products look like? It’s about the audience of the product. When we look at domestic TV shopping, we always sell products in the direction of "how many functions". Maybe our target audience is the big and big stuff, not the designers and product managers. In order to meet the needs of the environment, we have to use a variety of functional points to attract users. read more

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