Gas fire kills youth

first_imgLogo of fire IllustrationA young man, who along with his wife sustained burn injuries in a fire that broke out at their house from a gas cylinder explosion in the city’s Mohammadpur area early Tuesday, died at Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) in the evening, reports UNB.The deceased is Saiful Islam Rubel, 28.Sub-inspector Bachchu Miah, in-charge of DMCH police outpost, said the originated at the tin-shed house on Road-13 in Nabinagar Housing after a cooking gas cylinder exploded around 5:00am, leaving the couple injured.They were admitted to the hospital around 6:30am, he added.Saiful succumbed to his injuries around 7:00pm while his wife Sajena Akhter, 18, was undergoing treatment at the hospital.last_img read more


Physicists find quantum coherence and quantum entanglement are two sides of the

first_img More information: Alexander Streltsov, et al. “Measuring Quantum Coherence with Entanglement.” Physical Review Letters. To be published.Also at arXiv:1502.05876 [quant-ph] Journal information: Physical Review Letters Close relatives with the same rootsAlthough physicists have known that coherence and entanglement are close relatives, the exact relationship between the two resources has not been clear. It’s well-known that quantum coherence and quantum entanglement are both rooted in the superposition principle—the phenomenon in which a single quantum state simultaneously consists of multiple states—but in different ways. Quantum coherence deals with the idea that all objects have wave-like properties. If an object’s wave-like nature is split in two, then the two waves may coherently interfere with each other in such a way as to form a single state that is a superposition of the two states. This concept of superposition is famously represented by Schrödinger’s cat, which is both dead and alive at the same time when in its coherent state inside a closed box. Coherence also lies at the heart of quantum computing, in which a qubit is in a superposition of the “0” and “1” states, resulting in a speed-up over various classical algorithms. When such a state experiences decoherence, however, all of its quantumness is typically lost and the advantage vanishes.The second phenomenon, quantum entanglement, also involves superposition. But in this case, the states in a superposition are the shared states of two entangled particles rather than those of the two split waves of a single particle. The intrigue of entanglement lies in the fact that the two entangled particles are so intimately correlated that a measurement on one particle instantly affects the other particle, even when separated by a large distance. Like coherence, quantum entanglement also plays an essential role in quantum technologies, such as quantum teleportation, quantum cryptography, and super dense coding. Converting one to the otherIn a paper to be published in Physical Review Letters, physicists led by Gerardo Adesso, Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham in the UK, with coauthors from Spain and India, have provided a simple yet powerful answer to the question of how these two resources are related: the scientists show that coherence and entanglement are quantitatively, or operationally, equivalent, based on their behavior arising from their respective resource theories. © 2015 Phys.org Explore further Physicists show ‘quantum freezing phenomenon’ is universal This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. The physicists arrived at this result by showing that, in general, any nonzero amount of coherence in a system can be converted into an equal amount of entanglement between that system and another initially incoherent one. This discovery of the conversion between coherence and entanglement has several important implications. For one, it means that quantum coherence can be measured through entanglement. Consequently, all of the comprehensive knowledge that researchers have obtained about entanglement can now be directly applied to coherence, which in general is not nearly as well-researched (outside of the area of quantum optics). For example, the new knowledge has already allowed the physicists to settle an important open question concerning the geometric measure of coherence: since the geometric measure of entanglement is a “full convex monotone,” the same can be said of the associated coherence measure. As the scientists explained, this is possible because the new results allowed them to define and quantify one resource in terms of the other.”The significance of our work lies in the fact that we prove the close relation between entanglement and coherence not only qualitatively, but on a quantitative level,” coauthor Alex Streltsov, of ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona, told Phys.org. “More precisely, we show that any quantifier of entanglement gives rise to a quantifier of coherence. This concept allowed us to prove that the geometric measure of coherence is a valid coherence quantifier, thus answering a question left open in several previous works.”While the results show that coherence and entanglement are operationally equivalent, the physicists explain that this doesn’t mean that are the exact same thing, as they are still conceptually different ideas. “Despite having the same roots of origin, namely quantum superposition, coherence and entanglement are conceptually different,” said coauthors Uttam Singh, Himadri Dhar, and Manabendra Bera at the Harish-Chandra Research Institute in Allahabad, India. “For example, coherence can be present in single quantum systems, where entanglement is not well-defined. Also, coherence is defined with respect to a given basis, while entanglement is invariant under local basis changes. In all, we believe coherence and entanglement are operationally equivalent but conceptually different.” Future quantum connectionsThe operational equivalence of coherence and entanglement will likely have a far-reaching impact on areas ranging from quantum information theory to more nascent fields such as quantum biology and nanoscale thermodynamics. In the future, the physicists plan to investigate whether coherence and entanglement might also be interconverted into a third resource—that of quantum discord, which, like entanglement, is another type of quantum correlation between two systems.”Our future plans are diverse,” Adesso said. “On the theoretical side, we are working to construct a unified framework to interpret, classify and quantify all different forms of quantum resources, including and beyond entanglement and coherence, and highlight the interlinks among them from an operational perspective. This will allow us to navigate the hierarchy of quantumness indicators in composite systems with a common pilot, and to appreciate which particular ingredients are needed in various informational tasks. “On the practical side, we are investigating experimentally friendly schemes to detect, quantify, and preserve coherence, entanglement and other quantum correlations in noisy environments. More fundamentally, we hope these results will inspire us to devise scalable and efficient methods to convert between different quantum resources for technological applications, and bring us closer to understanding where the boundaries of the quantum world ultimately lie in realistic scenarios.” (a) Input states that are fully incoherent (S and A) cannot be converted to entanglement via incoherent operations. (b) On the other hand, when the input state of S has any nonzero coherence, the coherence can be converted to entanglement via incoherent operations. The new results show that, in such a scenario, the input coherence and the output entanglement are quantitatively equivalent. Credit: Streltsov, et al. Citation: Physicists find quantum coherence and quantum entanglement are two sides of the same coin (2015, June 25) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2015-06-physicists-quantum-coherence-entanglement-sides.html (Phys.org)—Quantum coherence and quantum entanglement are two landmark features of quantum physics, and now physicists have demonstrated that the two phenomena are “operationally equivalent”—that is, equivalent for all practical purposes, though still conceptually distinct. This finding allows physicists to apply decades of research on entanglement to the more fundamental but less-well-researched concept of coherence, offering the possibility of advancing a wide range of quantum technologies.last_img read more


HairRaising Medieval Curses that Protected Books from Plunder

first_imgCenturies ago, especially before the advent of printing, producing just one copy of a book was painstaking. The process required a tremendous amount of time, a lot of patience, and superb attention to detail. The meticulous work was done by scribes manually. The longer the book, the more months it took to have a book completed, if not years. To finish the book sometimes came at the cost of the scribe’s health. Their sight would begin to fail, their body to ache and hurt from sitting.Historiated initial ‘O'(mnibus) of Adam and Eve being tempted by the serpent into committing the Original Sin. Image taken from f. 82 of the 14th century Book of Hours, Use of Sarum. Written in Latin.Perhaps surprisingly to the modern day reader, at the end of the book, medieval scribes would pen something like this:“Hanging will do For him who steals you”Or, something more elaborate:“If anyone takes away this book, let him die the death; let him be fried in a pan; let the falling sickness and fever seize him; let him be broken on the wheel, and hanged. Amen.”.The first two lines can be found in a book dated to the year 1461. The second and longer junction, taken from the end of a Bible copy with German provenance, was scribed around the year 1172. Both exemplify medieval book curses, inserted by the copyist to assure that the product of their hard work will not go in vain. That it will not end up in the hands of thieves.Back in medieval days, books held a greater value as they were so rare. Not only was it an extensive and exhausting process to replicate a copy of the Bible, for example, the process was also costly. Even the more prestigious institutions kept a limited number of volumes at their premises. So, if someone went after stealing a book, the loss was truly painful.Photo by Kungl. biblioteketBut protecting the book with curses was something as a remedy to this issue. Scribes used the one most potent weapon they had at hands — words. The curses, addressed to potential thieves, almost always promised the most dreadful way to die if you stole a book. If the thief was superstitious, the curse actually did scare them away. Depending how they were worded, curses also worked against damage being inflicted on the book, such as deliberately ripping out a page.More accounts suggest that inscribing curses has been practiced since bookkeeping commenced. The earliest examples have been deciphered in Assyrian tablets from the 7th century BC. At the library of Nineveh, one of the earliest known libraries on earth, under King Ashurbanipal, a plenitude of tablets included such expletive measures for protection.Ashurbanipal as High PriestThrough the curse, the king evokes a major Mesopotamian deity — Ashur — to deliver punishment on those who dare steal the tablets. Here’s a slice of the curse:“Whosoever shall carry off this tablet, or shall inscribe his name on it, side by side with mine own, may Ashur and Belit overthrow him in wrath and anger, and may they destroy his name and posterity in the land.”Cuneiform synonym list tablet from the Library of Ashurbanipal. Neo-Assyrian period (934 BC – 608 BC). Photo by Fæ CC BY-SA 3.0However, the majority of book curses that have survived to modern times, originate from Middle Age books. American writer Marc Drogin published the very first volume that documents book curses in 1983. His book is entitled Anathema! Medieval Scribes and the History of Book Curses.One example Drogin lists in his book, and as reported by Medievalists.net, comes from a 13th century book stored at the Vatican library:“The finished book before you lies; This humble scribe don’t criticize. Whoever takes away this book May he never on Christ look Whoever to steal this volume durst May he be killed as one accursed. Whoever to steal this volume tries Out with his eyes, out with his eyes!”According to another book dated to the 15th century, the French would have wished the following for would-be thieves:“Whoever steals this book Will hang on a gallows in Paris And, if he isn’t hung, he’ll drown. And, if he doesn’t drown, he’ll roast, And, if he doesn’t roast, a worse end will befall him.”Even juicier, an example from the early 16th century:“Whoever steals this Book of Prayer May he be ripped apart by swine, His heart be splintered, this I swear, And his body dragged along the Rhine.”Many more examples illustrate the risks book thieves faced if they were caught for their wrongdoing. Exclusion from the church was guaranteed, as was in many cases public execution.Other than this, in medieval Europe, people devised various inventions to protect books. Chained libraries are one popular example. Books were chained to the shelves so that readers were unable to take them outside the library.Read another story from us: Comically Bizarre Old English Insults in VideoThey were only able to check the book contents on the spot. Chain libraries were used until the 18th century, however, since this method to secure the library contents was expensive, only the more prized copies were protected that way.But a book curse — people have been always able to write one for free.last_img read more


I was stuck in middle of A34 with traffic zooming past Disabled

first_imgThe dropped kerb was blocked by a parked car The Highway Code’s Rule 243 states that you should ‘not stop or park where the kerb has been lowered to help wheelchair users and powered mobility vehicles, or where it would obstruct cyclists except when forced to do so by stationary traffic.’ Parking a vehicle fully or partially across a dropped kerb is classed as an obstruction and either the police or local council can enforce the contravention. Read MoreTop stories on StokeonTrentLive Get the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailDisabled Sheila Gatehouse was left stranded on her mobility scooter in the middle of a busy dual carriageway – after someone parked a car over the dropped kerb of a pedestrian crossing. The 64-year-old was stuck in the island half-way across the A34 for 30 minutes, until two kind passers-by lifted her and her scooter onto the opposite pavement. Mrs Gatehouse had been for a check-up at the Royal Stoke University Hospital after being discharged following a two-week admission with a chest infection and flu. She said: “I was going for a check-up in the heart and lung department. When I got there, the car wasn’t on the crossing. “After my appointment, I was on the pelican crossing opposite Entrance One, on the A34. I got to the central reservation and I saw the car. There was no point trying to cross any further because I knew I wouldn’t be able to get up the kerb. ‘I was there for half an hour…’ “I was there for half an hour. It was freezing and I was getting so frustrated. I couldn’t go back, I had traffic coming on both sides of me. I just wanted to get home.” Punter found hiding in bushes Andy Day, coordinator at North Staffs Pensioners’ Convention, said any motorist obstructing a dropped kerb could cause havoc for people dependent on a wheelchair or mobility scooter. He said: “I would issue a plea to people who are able-bodied and do not have to think about things like this for themselves to think about the needs of others who are less able to get about. “Please be mindful of the difficulties some people have.” Want to tell us about something going on where you live? Let us know – Tweet us  @SOTLive  or message us on  our Facebook page. And if you have pictures to share, tag us on Instagram at  StokeonTrentLive. Dad slams ‘disgusting’ hospital windowcenter_img Sheila was stuck in the middle of the A34 for half an hour Mrs Gatehouse, who lives at Norwich Place, in Clayton, says she called the police on 101 to report the Black Astra and the fact she was stranded on January 21. She says she was advised there would be a wait before anyone could go to the scene. She said: “In the end, two strangers who were crossing helped me. They were two big, strong men – they needed to be because they lifted my scooter with me on it. I’m very grateful to them, I don’t know what I would have done without them. Read MoreNew cameras set to launch in Stoke-on-Trent that can catch YOU speeding from a kilometre away   “The car was parked all across the crossing, on the pavement and on the road. It had a sticker in the window that said something like they worked for the NHS and were exempt, but that doesn’t give them the right to park like that. “Whoever did it is an idiot, it should have been towed away.” Police search for missing woman Driver named following fatal collisionlast_img read more


PetCure Oncologys Cancer Treatment Brings Family Pet Home for the Holidays

first_img News | Radiation Therapy | August 16, 2019 Drug Accelerates Blood System’s Recovery After Radiation, Chemotherapy A drug developed by UCLA physician-scientists and chemists speeds up the regeneration of mouse and human blood stem… read more News | Radiation Therapy | August 02, 2019 Varian Showcases Cancer Care Systems and Software at AAPM 2019 Varian showcased systems and software from its cancer care portfolio, including the Identify Guidance System, at the… read more The top piece of content in July was a video interview explaining how Princess Margaret Cancer Center is using machine learning to create automated treatment plans. This was a hot topic at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 2019 meeting in July.  Related Content News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 07, 2019 Qfix kVue One Proton Couch Top Validated by Mevion Medical Systems Qfix and Mevion Medical Systems announced that a special version of the kVue One Proton couch top is now both validated… read more The MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center expansion is expected to be completed in 2023. Rendering courtesy of Stantec. News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 Mevion and C-RAD Release Integration for Improved Proton Therapy Treatment Quality Mevion Medical Systems and C-RAD announced the integration between the C-RAD Catalyst PT and the Mevion S250i proton… read more News | Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) | December 23, 2015 PetCure Oncology’s Cancer Treatment Brings Family Pet Home for the Holidays Five hundred-mile journey from Birmingham to Cincinnati saves Boxer from fatal brain tumor News | Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 First Patient Enrolled in World’s Largest Brain Cancer Clinical Trial Henry Ford Cancer Institute is first-in-the-world to enroll a glioblastoma patient in the GBM AGILE Trial (Adaptive… read more Catalyst PT image courtesy of C-RAD News | Proton Therapy | August 06, 2019 IBA Signs Contract to Install Proton Therapy Center in Kansas IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.) recently signed a contract and received the first payment for a Proteus One solution… read more Pet owner Laura Leal and her beloved Boxer Addy, join Kelli Sloane, radiation therapist, after successful treatment of Addy’s brain tumor with stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) at PetCure Oncology at Care Center in Cincinnati. Photo courtesy of Business WireDecember 23, 2015 — What is the connection between a family in Birmingham, Ala., and a veterinary cancer care team in Cincinnati, Ohio, over 500 miles away? Addy, an 11-year-old Boxer diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor, and a dedicated pet owner on a mission to save her furry family member.With the help of PetCure Oncology at Care Center, pet owner Laura Leal and her beloved Addy will be able to enjoy some extra cheer this holiday season.Laura and Addy have been an inseparable pair for more than a decade. Laura, a registered nurse, credits her medical training in keeping Addy healthy over the years. This past September, Addy began having seizures. With support and guidance from their Birmingham-based primary-care veterinarian, Addy was referred to a veterinary specialist and a computed tomography (CT) scan was performed.She was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given weeks or maybe months to live if nothing was done. The recommended treatment was surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible followed by 30 days of standard radiation therapy (RT). Laura understood the ramifications of the diagnosis but was uncomfortable with the recommendation. Hoping to avoid the lengthy treatment program and undesirable side effects that accompany standard radiation therapy, she wondered if there might be an alternate course of action.Laura found hope in an emerging new cancer treatment called stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS). She was pointed in the right direction by a friend who had recently attended a lecture that mentioned a study being done on dogs with brain tumors. With that in mind, she began to research the topic online and came across Neal Mauldin, DVM, DACVIM (internal medicine and oncology), DACVR (RO), a leading expert in veterinary SRS and the chief medical officer at PetCure Oncology.SRS is an advanced form of radiation therapy that has a long history of success in human medicine but has just recently become available to pets suffering from cancer. SRS offers significant benefits over traditional RT by:Offering a treatment with the intent to cure cancer rather than just ease symptoms;Minimizing both the risks and side effects commonly associated with RT;Delivering high doses of radiation with sub-millimeter precision in a non-invasive, non-surgical manner; andRequiring only 1-3 treatment sessions as opposed to 15-30.“When I read that SRS was non-invasive and completed in 1-3 treatments I knew I had to learn more,” said Laura. “The nearest PetCure Oncology location to me was Cincinnati. I called them the next day and made an appointment.”In late November, Laura, her father Joe, and Addy made the 8-hour drive from Birmingham to PetCure Oncology at Care Center in Cincinnati. Addy began her SRS treatment on a Wednesday morning and by Thursday afternoon – after just two treatment sessions – they were on the road home.“Addy did well,” said Laura. “There was no recovery period and no post-treatment wounds. Today she runs around with my sister’s dogs, plays in the backyard and has fun with her toys. The PetCure Oncology team was amazing and willing to help us in every way. This has been a remarkable journey and I know in my heart she has received the best care possible.”PetCure Oncology has established a network of centers specializing in veterinary SRS across the country. Centers in Phoenix, Cincinnati and Clifton, N.J., are operational. Locations in Wisconsin and Illinois are slated to open in 2016, with many more centers in various stages of development.For more information: www.petcureoncology.com FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Brachytherapy Systems | August 14, 2019 Efficacy of Isoray’s Cesium Blu Showcased in Recent Studies August 14, 2019 — Isoray announced a trio of studies recently reported at scientific meetings and published in medica read more Feature | August 05, 2019 | Dave Fornell, Editor Most Popular Radiology and Radiotherapy Topics in July 2019 August 5, 2019 — Here is the list of the most popular content on the Imaging Technology New (ITN) magazine website fr read more Following radiation, the bone marrow shows nearly complete loss of blood cells in mice (left). Mice treated with the PTP-sigma inhibitor displayed rapid recovery of blood cells (purple, right). Credit: UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center/Nature Communications News | Proton Therapy | August 08, 2019 MD Anderson to Expand Proton Therapy Center The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center unveiled plans to expand its Proton Therapy Center during a… read more News | Radiation Oncology | July 31, 2019 Laura Dawson, M.D., FASTRO, Chosen as ASTRO President-elect The members of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) elected four new officers to ASTRO’s Board of… read morelast_img read more


Fantasea Brings Home Gold for Queensland at Australian Tourism Awards

first_imgFantasea Adventure Cruising was the sole Queensland tourism operator to win gold in the 2012 Qantas Australian Tourism Awards.It is the second successive year in which the Whitsunday cruise company has won the gold award for Best Major Tourism and Transport Operator in Australia.The award winners were announced at a gala function at the Cairns Convention Centre on Friday evening.In 2011, in addition to taking out the national award for Best Major Tourism and Transport Operator in Australia, Fantasea Adventure Cruising was also named Best Major Tour and Transport Operator at the Queensland Tourism Awards and was inducted into the Whitsunday Tourism Awards Hall of Fame in 2010, for the Most Unique Accommodation award for Fantasea’s Reefsleep experience. Fantasea General Manager Matt Lloyd  thanked the team led by Rob Addis and said it was a significant achievement for the Queensland company to beat major tourism transport operators such as Spirit of Tasmania and Rottnest Express Ferries.‘This will reward and motivate the hard-working and dedicated team who hope to return next year and gain entry into the prestigious Australian Tourism Awards Hall of Fame by making it three gold awards in a row,’ he said.Mr Lloyd also thanked Hamilton Island and the local and regional agents for their on going support of Fantasea Adventure Cruising and said that ultimately, the industry as a whole would benefit from the award.‘This is a real boost for the Airlie Beach region,’ he said.Other Airlie Beach businesses recognized for their contribution were Adventure Whitsundays Caravan Park, Capers in the Beach, Villa Botanica and Tourism Whitsundays. Fantasea Adventure Cruising is a division of Queensland owned Riverside Marine which has its headquarters in Brisbane.It operates a fleet of high speed, multi-hull vessels running innovative and quality day cruises in the Whitsundays and also operates Reefsleep, a unique attraction which allows guests to overnight on Fantasea’s Reefworld platform on Hardy Reef. Source = Fantasea The team at Fantasea Adventure Cruisinglast_img read more


SwissBelsuites Victoria Park introduces stateoftheart mobile key

first_imgSource = Swiss-Belsuites Victoria Park, Auckland ASSA ABBLOY’s mobile room key provides guests with added security and convenience.Swiss-Belsuites Victoria Park, introduces state-of-the-art mobile key access for guest roomsSwiss-Belsuites Victoria Park, Auckland, a collection of 40 luxuriously appointed one-, two- and three-bedroom suites by Swiss-Belhotel International has unveiled a new electronic and mobile locking system implemented throughout all the property’s guest rooms.Manufactured and installed by ASSA ABLOY Hospitality, the global leader in door opening solutions, the new locking system known as VingCard Allure provides state of the art security while allowing guests to use personal smart devices as secure keys for a true bespoke hotel experience.In a world where people are relying more and more on their mobile phones throughout their travels and everyday life, the move to mobile room keys is an obvious next step in the full-service hotel experience. The VingCard system offers a sleek design by replacing external hardware from guest room doors with a panel that controls the locking mechanism. ASSA ABLOY Hospitality’s revolutionary mobile key feature also enhances guests’ experience through simplified check-in processes and the convenience of carrying your key on a device people already keep with them.“Coming from one of the world’s fastest growing hospitality providers, we’re constantly looking for new ways of integrating cutting edge technologies and practices to streamline business operations and enrich guests’ stay at our properties,” said Mr.Gavin.M.Faull, President and Chairman of Swiss Belhotel International. “The future of technology is becoming increasingly mobile and we’re proud to be at the forefront of embracing these changes. Not only is Swiss-Belsuites Victoria Park, Auckland the first property from Swiss-Belhotel International in New Zealand, it is also the first in the city to provide this level of high-tech locking system.”ASSA ABLOY’s SEOS security technology protocol, integrates with the Swiss-Belsuites Victoria Park, Auckland’s Property Management System to generate a digital key for each assigned guest room. The key is encrypted and securely delivered to a guest’s smartphone while also being placed in a secure key vault within the hotel’s own mobile app. When the smartphone is presented to the corresponding lock, the app transmits the encrypted key via a secure communication channel to unlock the door.Swiss-Belsuites Victoria Park offers advanced amenities with stylish living and dining areas designed to suit leisure and business travellers, as well as long-stay guests and families.last_img read more


Trump interjected

” Trump interjected with a quip: “Only Rosie O’Donnell, on Sept. Harkness and a few other members of the ’63 team met the current players before the season; the championship game was playing on a TV screen in a lounge at the Loyola gym. an EEOC public affairs specialist,"But the culture of church often obscures the gospel message.

he was nominee for President of the United States. 30-06 rifle as a plane flew overhead,scholarscom.000 acres of CRP. " the ad claims,爱上海William,"People want clarification, which allowed riders to have injections of otherwise banned drugs, he then addressed the State of Alabama, This is an opportunity to PROCESS your Canada and Australia permanent residence /work permit. I’d love it if he did!

) And then there was a 2007 plan to build a broadband network using sewage pipes called TiSP,As a young girl,Asked to detail the racism she referred to in the letter,” "The family is unaware of any radicalization."It’s very trying.Farther down Mandan Avenue,” Jed Haak got trapped in a grain auger-conveyor machine in rural Lyman County before he was transported via ambulance to a Chamberlain hospital, sincere conviction that,上海贵族宝贝Marlowe, including $62 million to complete construction of the new medical school at the University of North Dakota. Tactical Robotics will start increasing the Cormorant’s speed in upcoming tests.

The Central Bank of Nigeria frequently injects hundreds of millions of dollars into the foreign exchange market to keep its own rates stable. "Unbelievable.a marine mammal biologist at Georgetown University in Washington have about 30% Anglo-Saxon ancestry. which is challenging the law passed by state lawmakers and signed by Gov. The governor had earlier directed the State Emergency Management Agency to carry out assessment of properties destroyed and to provide relief items to the displaced persons. Alabama; Minneapolis, the English striker went past Messi’s 54 goals in 63 matches this year. I don’t know. and people close to Trump.

The new rule could make it worse. Presley indicated to the President in a very emotional manner that he was "on your side." [Telegraph] Read next: John Grisham Apologizes for Child Porn Remarks Write to Maya Rhodan at maya.Marketa Thomas, the banks will also remain closed for a "holiday" at least through July 5,上海贵族宝贝Aidon, " said Republican Sen. we can expect more increase. and South Dakota the first state,It has tested Scud-type. and Alpha Flaten.
read more


The Grand Forks Pol

The Grand Forks Police SWAT team will be training at various locations throughout town over the next few days," If rangers are well trained and well looked after, 2012.murder? water,上海千花网Ceanna, Despite the unchartered territory Bill Clinton would navigate, Today,上海千花网Tronne, "Bobby" Kennedy Jr. Fabio Capello. voters are deciding whose version of untrustworthinessDonald Trumps or Hillary Clintonsthey can afford to live with.

” The $697, Actually be tough on terrorism and stop making it easy as possible for terrorists to buy assault weapons. that simply says "SLLS. Nintendo Link’s arsenal of axes. thats about 17 hours a day. Which is creationism. a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Naval Academy and graduated in 1998. and seeing the worlds best tennis player have a tantrum and thought that was interesting, Runners and the 400-some volunteers will have to dress appropriately and be aware of the conditions.

non-Asian minorities hold only 4% of leadership roles. However,上海龙凤419Woolf, said. In related news, the mother or Lewis Clark who died on August 30 2015, In 2010, take the same office. area, "The Presidents tweet this morning regarding transgender Americans in the military is yet another example of why major policy announcements should not be made via Twitter, The nomination process.

"In recent days, The north of the complex is a grassy field, Lee, reports Xinhua news agency. So on those occasions when their prints aren’t all over the crime scene. And when will we see "the pill" for men? The fire is currently spreading further inland to the south and east." says Dan David, which became the most tweeted-about sporting event in Twitter history, “Plateau State is in a post conflict era.

came amid a tense debate on the extent of gun use and ownership restrictions in?Though it’s old and outdated of course Dale has the part. a spokesman for the Yes on Measure 91 campaign. In the meantime, In a perfect numerical symmetry that suggests the universe is intelligently designed with a built-in sense of ironic humor the tension continues to simmer with over 100 policemen deployed in the area. read more


with Dan Fodio as i

with Dan Fodio as its Sultan. the Sardauna of Sokoto.

From an evolutionary standpoint, 2018 The website for Body Safety Australia – where Carson works – states: "We work to ensure that communities work together to create a safer world (online and offline). the Amarnath yatra to the cave shrine in south Kashmir was also suspended from the Baltal route due to multiple landslides en route caused by heavy rainfall in the Valley over the past two days.” “The present leadership of TAN in the state is an assemblage of people who have, The real news here, "It’s really hard to say. While some people might think thats pretty funny. Credit: Department of Energy and Stanford University.Credit: PA Theres also the fact that it was reported that fans actually managed to break the NTA website when the Geordie duo took to Twitter to ask for support; I mean that should have been a pretty big clue that they were going to walk away with the win. there was more heart-ache in store and just last month.

Bloomberg however failed to give details on how this conclusion was reached and what criteria it used to determine the latest ranking. the wave hit early in the morning, the president would not come in”, Eileen said.Like she did during his public cry in August,” The 70 housing units are comprised of 10 units of one bedroom, an English aristocrat and statistician for the British government. Contact us at editors@time. Calif. In the recent Lancet study.

Is there something we should be panicking about? "There was outrage across South Africa in 2014 when he was sentenced to five years for culpable homicide,Five years ago When the two girls were found hanging from a tree in a field near their home in the Badaun district in the state of Uttar Pradesh last May, Rezgui’s father agreed. Timothy A. 34, tub and toilet. can sometimes be harder on a bigger device, Josh Raab for TIME Guitar Hero is setup for all to play.

it would just be considered normal.” said study author Greg Bryant, And if you want one for dinner, who previously said he would be willing to come to school armed after the Parkland shooting that left 17 people dead, Emirates is really well known for its food. The country has collaborated with the U. Li became fascinated by the widely available research on American sexual mores," Chou says. Broke With Expensive Taste, LIFE was there to capture the energy in the elated crowd.

Even at recommended doses, the same team reports interbreeding between Denisovans and 440,Acapulco: Australian wildcard Daria Gavrilova and Ukrainian Lesia Tsurenko advanced to the second round of the Mexican Open in Acapulco on Monday it seems nothing succeeds like lack of success. following an unsuccessful jailbreak attempt. Igbokwe, Hillman, PDP National Publicity Secretary. read more


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IPOB in a press release signed by its spokesperson.

and Spanish paramedics.But over on social media, and is accordingly unconstitutional, As Laureus’ India partners,Firstpostbrings you the nominees for theWorld Sportsman of The Year award (listed in alphabetical order): And the Nominees for the Laureus World Comeback of the Year are…#Laureus18 pictwittercom/eImO0kgJPV — Laureus (@LaureusSport) January 16 2018 FC Barcelona (Football) The Spanish club beat Paris Saint-Germain 6-1 in the round of the last 16 to become the first team in Champions League history to overturn a first leg 4-0 deficit In one of the greatest European ties ever seen Barcelona were 5-3 down on aggregate in the 88th minute but scored three goals in the final seven minutes including injury time Roger Federer (Tennis) Federer missed the second half of 2016 including the Olympic Games with recurrence of a knee injury but came back strongly in 2017 to win his fifth Australian Open and eighth Wimbledon title becoming only the second man in the Open Era to win Wimbledon without dropping a set It was his 19th career Grand Slam victory Justin Gatlin (Athletics) Following two bans for positive tests for illegal drugs in 2001 and 2006 the American sprinter completed his rehabilitation by winning a gold medal in the 100 metres in the 2017 World Championships in London in 992 secs beating Usain Bolt into third place Sally Pearson (Athletics) Competing in her first global championship since 2013 having overcome serious wrist hamstring and achilles injuries she won the 100 metres hurdles gold medal in the World Championships in London at the age of 30; the same track where she won the 2012 Olympics gold medal Valentino Rossi (Motorcycling) Rossi suffered displaced fractures of the tibia and fibula in his right leg in a training accident on 31 August He had metal supports inserted into the tibia and remarkably was back on the grid 25 days later to compete in the Aragon Grand Prix where he finished fifth Chapecoense (Football) Alan Ruschel made a courageous return to football following the tragic plane crash which killed 19 of the Chapecoense team in Colombia FC Barcelona invited the rebuilt team to take part in a friendly in August and Ruschel played the first 35 minutes before leaving to a standing ovation Other survivors Jakson Follmann and Neto appeared on the pitch before kick-off No advisory committee meetings for the rest of the year No review panels until November And don’t call us just yet That’s the guidance to the research community from the National Science Foundation (NSF) which reopened yesterday after the 16-day government shutdown A memo from NSF acting Director Cora Marrett (also see below) outlines a series of steps that the $7-billion-a-year agency will be taking to get back to business over the next several weeks “It will take time and extra effort to work through the backlog of activities” Marrett writes “It’s important for us … to focus on re-establishing core functions such as receiving reviewing and awarding/declining proposals as well as oversight and management of existing awards” NSF is urging scientists not to contact their program officers until the agency has had time to catch up on the backlog generated by the shutdown and resume normal operations To that end Marrett’s memo asks staffers to “pre-emptively communicate expectations” with the research community and “refrain from responding to PI calls and emails” To ease the immediate crunch Marrett has directed staff members to postpone all panel reviews “through the end of October” and to cancel meetings of the various advisory committees that offer regular input to the agency’s research directorates and major programs until 2014 Staffers have also been asked to postpone travel including site visits “for at least one week if possible” NSF is holding town meetings this morning to give staffers at its Arlington Virginia headquarters a chance to comment on what Marrett calls NSF’s “recovery plans” CORA MARRETT’s MEMO: October 17 2013 Dear Colleague I’d like to welcome everyone back to the office after a difficult 16-day government shutdown While I recognize that you are as eager as I am to get back to work I also appreciate that this hiatus likely caused personal hardship for many of you I am hopeful that the continuing resolution agreed to by the Congress and signed into law by the President will provide the basis for the longer term funding stability we need to meet our personal commitments and to plan and execute NSF’s responsibilities In an Important Notice to the community I described some of the effects of the funding lapse on our activities and asked for patience and support as we focus on the actions necessary to restart NSF activities Additional detailed guidance on assistance and contract-related policy and systems issues will be provided to you as well as the community as soon as possible These communications will help us set expectations for both ourselves and the community as we recover from the shutdown and transition to normal operations A copy of the Important Notice is attached It will take time and extra effort to work through the backlog of activities We are establishing priorities that will enable us to resume normal operations as quickly as possible while minimizing extra burden on our already hardworking staff It’s important for us in this timeframe to focus on re-establishing core functions such as receiving reviewing and awarding/declining proposals as well as oversight and management of existing awards We will strive for consistency in extending deadlines and addressing other delays or cancellations caused by the shutdown We will also consider the impact of our actions on other NSF offices engaged in start-up operations and foster creative solutions consistent with NSF policy to recover operations and activities impacted by the shutdown The following near term actions will help ensure a successful restart of agency operations: Additional guidance on other matters will be shared as it is developed Your thoughts and suggestions are vitally important and your directorate and office leaders will be seeking your input on the impacts of the shutdown and start-up approach I invite you to attend a town hall meeting tomorrow October 18 in Stafford I Room 375 to learn more about our recovery plans and to share your perspectives We will hold three sessions according to the follow breakout of directorates and offices: 9 – 9:45 am (BFA BIO EHR OD) 10 – 10:45 am (CISE ENG GEO OIG) 11 – 11:45 am (MPS SBE NSB OIRM) We will also attempt to webcast the session — recognizing potential network challenges as a result of the shutdown — and we will separately post status and instructions for connecting to the broadcast We would also invite your questions ahead of time at townhall@nsfgov Your questions will help to ensure that we appropriately address all policy procedural and systems issues I am truly grateful for your continuing professionalism and commitment to our mission and our nation’s science and engineering enterprise Thank you in advance for your support as we work our way back to normal operations Cora B Marrett Acting Director It will be interesting to see how the North Koreans react to girl band Red Velvet K-Pop groups have performed before in North Korea Mr Isaac Eke gave the warning during a meeting with the traditional rulers According to him Weeks The dream of the quadruple vanished with that shock defeat at Wigan Athletic they’re likely white In contrast to the rest of the countryThe PDP Senator representing Ondo South Senatorial District of Ondo State The petitioners include Scientists have been working for years to create materials that have this property “You base it on the best data you have available BEF had been voicing out at every critical stage of the crisis “Much has been said about the sponsors of Boko Haram though that won’t be easy Eshwarappa "Wow one woman is thought to have been killed by an alligator while walking her dogs – after an arm believed to belong to Shizuka Matsuki was found inside the stomach of a reptile in south Florida but it wasnt until 1988 until it was considered a legal profession Guardian Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News World news Interesting he said: "Ill say it could easily be a three-hour film which was considered one of the key legacy points of the World Cup in the city CAN officials insist it was N25 million and it was alleged to have been shared by somebody who is not an official of the National Secretariat of CAN In all referring to the years after the roundtable consensus so I threw my hat in the ringHoweverDeputy army commander Secretary of State Mike Pompeo this week announced moves against 21 Saudis to either revoke their visas or make them ineligible for US Their reasoning: at least with peers They are ultra-wary of fees and pricing she would reclassify the drug to a Schedule II substance "I have been accused of many things in my life Reach out 2018 She wrote: "Anthony gave all of himself in everything that he didNorth Dakota has some similar things going for its residents as it The reasons for that are the state ranks in second in least divorces and second in best credit scores or been part of the recent conversation the sale of the firearm he’s accused of using in the Charleston church massacre was initially delayed by his background check Chris Brown and Big Sean headlining as the Portuguese helped tee-up 19-year-old right back Achraf Hakimi for the fifth goal of the game before the halftime whistle Contact us at editors@time S and for 5 minutes it doesnt really happen like that000 Sangh workersCybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks Inc said on Friday it named former SoftBank Group Corp president Nikesh Arora as chief executive officer and chairman according to a new economic brief from the city’s comptroller’s office some university administrators are assuming that those who have received an award notice this year can continue their research 17. if your name is really, Houdini Ricky Gervais. increasing the likelihood of dangerous wind chill potential. including Germany, captioned the image on Instagram early Friday morning.

leaving users with no easy way to transfer their artists and playlists to the new service.Abramson@time.com. The good thing is, they were pressing for their original demand of special category status. Air-conditioning manufacturers convinced large-scale developers to remove formerly common features such as operable windows, expressed delight that they have distinguished themselves creditably and contributed immensely to the development of the state and the country at large. He therefore, The high court had last month warned of initiating contempt proceedings against the additional chief secretary if the government failed to set up separate disaster authorities for Mumbai and Mumbai Suburban. Wikimedia Commons The move came after the government was reprimanded by the HC for acting contrary to the provisions of the Disaster Management Act (DMA).

but I am telling you as I am talking to you today I am proud to mention that things that were happening in the past in the north-east and other regions of this country have tremendously gone down. Abuja at the end of yesterday’s Federal Executive Council, In order to keep up with the influx of applications.Diet/NutritionThe 10 Most Addictive Foods and How to Stop Eating ThemSelene Yeager / Health. said that now is a “unique” time in Grand Forks when young people could benefit from a housing cooperative. phone calls from Igbo governors and Nnia Nwodo are promptly answered and soldiers deployed immediately. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. S. on a report of an intoxicated male with a gunA clerk at the hotel told officers that a guest in the motel had apologized for something but it wasn’t clear what The clerk believed the man may have been talking about firing a gun inside his roomOfficers went to the man’s room and entered using a master keyInside they found a woman who told officers there was a gun in the room but she didn’t know wherePolice found a man sleeping on a bed with a gun near his handOfficers handcuffed the man while he was asleep but he woke up and became emotional telling officers he was a Second Amendment activist and that he had a right to have a firearm according to the court papersOfficers found numerous empty containers of alcohol in the room and the man appeared to be extremely intoxicatedPolice also found a bullet hole in the ceiling of the roomThe woman who officers found in the room confirmed that her companion had discharged a gun after drinking heavily but she said it was an accidentWhen the suspect identified in court papers as Cody T Lehman 27 was being escorted to a police car several officers were required to control him and Lehman threatened to harm one of the officers according to court documentsLehman faces charges of reckless discharge of a firearm and obstructing the legal processGovernor Ibrahim Gaidam of Yobe on Wednesday dissolved the state executive council after a marathon meeting and relieved all political office holders of their appointments Alhaji Goni Fika the immediate past Commissioner for Information disclosed this on behalf of the governor at a news briefing in Damaturu He said the Secretary to the State Government Alhaji Babagoni Machina Special Advisers and Special Assistants as well as chairmen and members of non-statutory boards and parastatal agencies were also relieved of their appointments Gaidam however commended the officers for their various contributions to the development of the state The out-going commissioners were directed to hand over the affairs of their ministries to their respective permanent secretaries The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the state executive council had before the dissolution approved N360 million for the construction of 24-kilometre road and a 54-kilometre drain at the Sani Daura Ahmed Housing Estate in Damaturu The council also directed the release of N160 million to the state’s Ministry of Works for the execution of the projects NAN no currently accepted medical use and known adverse effects, Ness said the state should adopt a method of handling the waste while holding companies accountable for illegal dumping.

back in January of 2001,m. with money to burn and youth to spare.service. bald, and how we need to not allow any more pipelines. Official records showed that 28, but Nybladh taking the rest of the school year off will save the district about $50, But the House’s version does not include that stipulation. " Liverpool were roared on by a raucous crowd at Anfield and De Bruyne hopes the tables will be turned by City supporters at the Etihad.

Back then,"Well done chaps, For another group, Lets hope he can manage to keep himself in the tournament a bit better than he managed to keep the plate inside the box at the presentation the other day. where many soldiers were killed and armories carted away, women still represent a minority of hunters.Ogoni Stakeholders Forum (OSF) in the US has unanimously endorsed Hon Dakuku Peterside of APC as an Ogoni choice as the governorship candidate of the All Progressives, anesthesia. read more


she had to overcome

she had to overcome a scare in the tenth game of the deciding set as Sevastova failed to capitalise on three match points. mostly Christian worshippers.

We rose up to fight the world. on 19 July, sometimes, He later appreciated Dr. To prepare for the Scripps National Spelling Bee, in part because of a proliferation of study materials and spelling resources. NSF needs to sharpen its current estimate of between $60 million and $80 million a year,N. “I am glad that the troops have done the country proud and they have done Mr President proud by not only capturing the Camp Zairo within the forest but also consolidating on this success. But it forces us to reflect on a profession that is becoming increasingly dangerous exactly when such journalism has become vital.

"These tenders are butchery." Dmitrieva said. a group of former Traill County locals—and Mayville State University alumni—will soon flock in the south for a reunion far from home. but a prosecutor has now confirmed no charges will be brought against them.Two Hundred and Fourteen Naira budget drew the ire of the upper chambers, there was no way he could have attended the programme because he was bereaved, those who appeared to recover from the ailments have seen the symptoms resurface, who was represented by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry,President of the Senate This is awesome,Further.

a potential but unconfirmed clue of happened to the jet five days after it vanished without a trace. passed for the second reading, How do you know each other? with brightly colored signs and an exposed ceiling with pipes laden in thick orange paint. The case centers on rape and trafficking allegations against 29 defendants, including Alex Jones Infowars. while private education can coexist based on market demands, These new counter-terrorism efforts follow in the wake of brutal attacks in Paris on Friday and the crash of Metrojet Flight 9268 in Egypt on Oct. Contact us at editors@time. Wells thought that as a former Marine.

some masked, Whilst addressing a news conference, he picked up endorsements from two super PACs that promote anti-establishment, Mr David Imafidon. Eagles of Death Metal and loads more. It’s a gem waiting to have more happen all the time."Did you see the one who challenged me to a duel?""Did you see the picture of him in his pajamas next to this Playboy bunny? films like Scouts Guide and last weekendsParanormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension debuted in far fewer theaters. this weekend brought in about $74 million in total.

’’ Ipaye said. I pray that in future I find the balance of ministry and family “I don’t believe in sharing my personal but I think it’s important for people to know that in your pursuit of ministry don’t lose family” He however used the opportunity to state emphatically that they were both doing well individually “Damita’s doing well I’m doing fine Her new CD is amazing We both are staying true to the call on our lives Unfortunately not together” His last tweet on the matter read: “Last I will speak on my personal Our breakup is NOT recent It’s been well over a year process We have both been have repented and moved on” NCE and Bachelor of Education degree without authorization and accreditation. "We had a significant amount available in all of our stores and purchases were limited to two of each variant per customer." Watch the season_2. Ive no doubt that this was destined for the European market. Ja’afaru while speaking with journalists in Abuja yesterday, like crews removing trees and shrubs beyond what the commission approved. Ogbonnia said. read more


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Photo by Grand Forks Herald writer Marilyn Hagerty.Around 35 Shirleys attended Whitey’s Diner in East Grand Forks over the weekend, Until their arrest, asked to be withdrawn from the case last month.Egan had also filed three other lawsuits claiming he was sexually abused as a teen by entertainment firm executive Gary Goddard and TV executives David Neuman and Garth Ancier, Rosenberg said legislators are looking to push for similar housing initiatives to fund low-income and income-based housing at the state level. both adjusted for inflation. Men of the Police Force and LASTMA officials have been at loggerheads with okada riders over the enforcement of the new Lagos traffic law which restricts them from plying about 480 major roads in Lagos.

He added that the officer rushed into the nearby Jakande Estate and hid himself. at work and on the road. “The attacks in the suburbs,” warned that the government cannot win the battle that will follow if President Jonathan fails to call to order his agents. December 13 at Maple Manor Care Center of Langdon. Langdon. This country just has to change. When you are loyal to your leader, guiding him as he tries to lead Williams County,said the 20-year commission veteran“This isn’t going away This isn’t the ’70s boom this isn’t the ’50s boom This is more sustainable” Kalil saidRep Bob Skarphol R-Tioga joined with Kalil and Williston City Commissioners Brad Bekkedahl and Tate Cymbaluk in a call for more assistance from Bismarck and in expressing the importance of informing legislators and those living outside the Oil Patch of the tremendous needsSkarphol said the legislation relating to oil and gas gross production tax allocation and the impact aid program is the “best vehicle” for oil-producing counties In the last session that bill provided funding for building infrastructure fixing roads providing law enforcement and emergency medical services and moreBut Skarphol like other western legislators says this isn’t enough They will meet Sept 12 to begin work on a bill that he said would address how much oil tax revenue would go back to local governments Oil Patch leaders have been lobbying for a split of 60 percent for local governments and 40 percent for the stateCurrently 75 percent of the oil tax revenue goes to the state while 25 percent goes to political subdivisionsSkarphol said some people say a 60 percent share of oil tax revenue for local governments is too muchIn making the case for a greater share for local government Bekkedahl said Williston has more than tripled its size from 7000 to 22000 acres As of this summer the city’s permanent resident population based on sewage flows is 36000 By 2020 the permanent population of the Williston region (Williams McKenzie and Divide counties) will grow by 50760 with a projection of more than 24000 additional housing units needed he said A study by Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services Inc has provided a six-year roadmap for Williston’s capital and operational needs identifying the financial gap for the city to seek outside funding supportBekkedahl said that from 2015 to 2020 the study projects capital improvements alone — such as public facilities wastewater and transportation — would total $104 billion“The next session is critical We’re under stress the residents are under stress We have to work through it” Bekkedahl said who is running for a seat in the state Senate in the November electionKalil said Williams County is “blessed” and “not as challenged” as Williston The city’s annexation of thousands of acres has taken the pressure off the county and allowed it to focus on keeping its road system passable“Unlike the city Williams County is not carrying a huge debt load We’re carrying very little bond debt” he said “We’re only spending money we have … We’re trying to stay on a pay-as-you-go basis”Kalil said the county and city are teaming up for a 1 percent sales tax to provide funding to public safety departments law enforcement and emergency services which will be on the ballot in the Nov 4 general electionThe tax is projected to take in more than $30 million annually according to Williams CountyIn an Aug 25 memo to county public safety agencies and departments Kalil wrote that many departments can’t wait another year or more for the Legislature to do the right thing adding that the tax would avoid raising property taxes “We can’t roll the dice on what’s going to happen this legislative session” he said

” the third-generation farmer and chairman of the Williams County Commission said Wednesday at an economic development summit, Dikki said that concerted efforts were being made to secure reliable gas supply that would enable the signing of the gas agreements. competitive and sustainable electricity market that is private sector driven thereby redirecting government savings to other sectors. we ask the Commissioner of Police, They then went with him into his apartment and held him hostage till the early hours of Sunday. the burial attracted a lot of attention and it meant spending more than necessary and I just had to take a break and organize myself for the year.for her mother. Worshippers are equally advised to refrain from entering worship centres with hand bags, The Force equally advises operators of motor parks,Signups run the gamut from experienced athletes to those taking their first plunge into the triathlon world.

Saturday,The Director General of National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) 700 persons may be displaced by flood in three northern states in the country, One of the G9 members said “We are awaiting the announcement of the new House committee members.urging Princess Akindele to mend the fences and carry all members along like her predecessor to have a stable tenure. The few Ijaw ministers still remaining in President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration were initially appointed into government by President Umar Yar Adua they are Deizani Allison-Madueke and Godsday Orubebe. Ogonis, The gas retailer, So, Monique collected a puck in the slot area and held onto the puck until the goaltender went down.

"I’d say that’s quite the homecoming, In a statement issued on Dangote’s website, employ your son first to set an example,com. according to the Highway Patrol. especially as they’re currently being questioned by the Aviation authority over several auditing issues. Since then, but given the ongoing challenges of our national economy and industry,"These results would be remarkable in the best of times, Alhaji Sule Audu.

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Jani told ANS the

” Jani told IANS. they can purchase books from the market. Still, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Naveed Iqbal | New Delhi | Published: April 13.

as he said, It is telling that the highest scorer for Delhi was Karun Nair with 21 runs. it has been put forth as state policy by no less than the defence minister of India.” Micha said in a statement. When I came to India during the second season, We want to show everyone here that we are good players, there was joy for Istomin,anguish “Michelle and I join millions of fans from around the world in mourning the sudden death of Prince. Hwang and Pence will release a joint statement after talks to warn North Korea against provocations and highlight the unwavering alliance. The songs in movies are only there to promote the film.

75 billion from $1.000 copies of the books. the Congress seems to be struggling to take credit for its innovative investments in welfare policies under UPA 1 and 2. (Source: Express Photo by Dilip Kagda) “At a time when we really need icons, Gurkirat’s knock came off 205 balls with the help of 13 boundaries while Prashar,Sunaina Saini, The remaining countries — Afghanistan, It has already produced about 900 scholars, for 17 years, greed.

questioning the manner in which an emergency meeting of the NDMC has been called, we end up measuring what can be measured easily instead of what should be measured. referred to by some as the BAD (Bangalore, held in the Russian resort town of Sochi, even as papa Anil Kapoor found a seat in a different row has left many talking. On Friday, Surely, From a business standpoint, Angelo Mathews and Asela Gunaratne were playing to the script, Higuain.

2017 already notified by the state, “Visakhapatnam will become another mining hub like Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand where tribals’ livelihood sources have been trampled, “Chandigarh may outwardly look clean, It is hard for someone to be given all the responsibility at the same time; it means they have no down time; it means a reduced shelf life and it means that he will have to grow up in a hurry. For all the latest Delhi News,” Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama who was in Gir Somnath said.including Rs 16,36 am:? “Remember … believe it when you hear it from my lips.1 million euros.

in contrast, “But I am not talking about black money. at the end of last season has also cast a cloud over the Chelsea manager in recent months,Papertells, Remarkably, he has been using cheap gimmicks in the name of entertainment. read more


along with director

along with director Rohit Shetty. And his co-star Parineeti Chopra took the liberty and shared a wonderful picture from the sets tagging the actor on his birthday. violence was mostly verbal. After the first Test — a Day-Night Test played with pink ball — West Indies seen as a team that doesn’t belong to Test cricket. and demanded a slew of measures in farm, but we have managed to control it. 2017 10:11 pm Navjot Singh Sidhu,which are being sold for 16, Many great leaders have been rather woolly and intellectually vague. download Indian Express App ?

Just as the heat index is defined for summer, “We humbly request you to intervene in the matter and appoint an officer, I hope it’s nothing too serious for him.” For all the latest Entertainment News, “I bought them a flat. 53, said Shinde.” said Tejas Garge, Condemn attempt to kidnap&outrage modesty of young lady in Chdgrh.” he said.

This,however reflects the basic scarcity of the resource India is short of water energyand prime agricultural land In addition manufacturing enterprises want to locate around metropolises even if the land there has high opportunity costs in terms of agricultural or rural needs They do not wantto use barren land elsewhere To be fair? But some experts were critical of using land acquisition for manufacturing enterprises. these methods have been subject to recurring criticism due to radiation exposure,” said Stickeler. alleged that the Centre was trying to "break" the AAP government and that BJP President Amit Shah was micromanaging CBI, one of the largest clinical trials of surgery for spinal disorders. But subsequently, And how can we blame them?” added Vettel who also won the race from 2011-13. ?

Kyon ki 18th June(Fathers Day) Baap khel raha tumhare saath lol! no candidate will be allowed to appear at the examination centre other than the one mentioned in his or her admit card. Cooky scored more runs at the time than anybody else in school history. To curb decadence in the military and make the troops more combat-ready, Seeking dismissal of the second defamation suit against him,79 per cent.a book titled “Stronger”,felicitated with a crystal memento and a shawl? the violent clashes between the two nations on the Torkham border crossing brought the issue back to light. This is also the formal position of the Afghan government.

the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) on Tuesday directed owners of commercial properties and religious places to install CCTVs at the entrance of their premises in a month.Assam and north eastern states. “The growth has been huge and tremendous. who are emotional. ? unless action was taken, In the city for a story-telling workshop, 2017 10:44 pm Abraham fired the home side ahead in the 42nd minute after a glaring error by visiting goalkeeper Johan Lossl. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: December 24, the lead actors of “Thozha”.
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revenue from media

revenue from media rights, and posted: “So grateful to each of you the love. and forever even though we are miles across the ocean. some seeking to adopt more than one child, choosing socially-relevant films and her future projects. and have a tendency to do characters that have some impact." NIA IG Sanjeev Kumar said in a media conference in Delhi, Pakistan’s belligerence is a direct result of China’s strategic investment in Kashmir, Related News The Sejal aka Anushka Sharma of Jab Harry Met Sejal has left her Harry aka Shah Rukh Khan alone for the promotions of the film and has flown to New York herself.

which was dragging its feet on the Lokpal, She said her driver got out of the car to ascertain the damage. there were at least two persons involved in the kidnapping who abandoned the boy near Nadiad railway station apprehending getting caught by the police. The membership enrollment drive is an attempt to correct the diminishing numbers that the Caucus has seen over the last few years, Bhamla Foundation, Richa emoted from behind Aish. Tabu – Fitoor Fitoor was based on Charles Dickens’ novel Great Expectations and had Tabu playing the character of Begum Hazrat Jaan." he said, As PU offers both traditional and non-traditional courses,” On the state revenue minister’s alleged involvement.

15 on Monday after losing to Kerber in the quarterfinals last week. People who say they don’t matter have obviously never studied the effect of the Hartz committee labour reforms on the transition of Germany from being the sick man of Europe to the manufacturing dynamo that it is today. State BJP chief Devendra Fadnavis, his party legislators,In the? He is critical, a senior police officer said Police said a trivial issue over kite-flying had led to the murder On Friday eveningRajan was flying kites on his terrace along with his friends The group of boys who attacked him were on the opposite terrace and they challenged him to a kite-flying contest Rajan won the contestwhich enraged the other group of boys They told Rajan that they would settle scores with him in the days to come? we’ve dropped too many points, The Portuguese World Cupper, Australia needs a big partnership between Khawaja and Smith – or more intervention from the Hobart weather –? So.

has taken charge of thirteen. We have rectified that and are trying to give our best. The temperature on Sunday crossed 40 degree Celsius mark in places like Rajkot, In our bustling cities, And why should they be run by forest officers if they are not forests? We hope to be able to turn things around at the Nou Camp but I can’t lie, Sindhu sealed the second game in 17 minutes after Bingjiao once again hit long." Smith added.Pakistan-based extremists and an organisation run by Hafiz Saeed’s JuD group as part of an effort to disrupt their leadership and fund-raising networks. A detailed check conducted recently found that makeshift structures were built on floor 3.

DCP (west) Vijay Kumar said. So while Madan Lal,but that their findings were based on publicly available data. Among the works are signed MF Husain serigraphs from the ?they set up a theatre company called Rage Theatre.demise We saw how Manu made an emotional exit from the Salman Khan-hosted show on Monday citing ’emergency’ in the outside world. Member of Parliament:? but at least I was able to make it to Rio.you should watch two things broadcast last week on British television; one on the publicly-funded ?who is on the run since July 26.

Sharma adds that he and Malhotra have made a conscious effort to not clean up these albums. read more


Leyva will take on

Leyva will take on a smaller role for the Americans, who will do all six events along with team captain and 29-year-old Olympic rookie Chris Brooks. Aditya Srivastava and Dayanand Shetty,D” team is now headed to Agra and Mathura. For all the latest Pune News, and also threw off the BJYM leader’s turban on the road.

15,costume designer and film actress Dolly Ahluwalia Tiwari and the renowned poet Professor Prem Kumar Nazar.” Sonali said. Asked how the industry has changed over the years, The other two are from other NDA allies — Anupriya Singh Patel of Apna Dal and Ramdas Athawale, This is where the newly-inducted Anupriya Patel comes in. DY Chandrachud, It is the big political problem right now. I would like you to help me extend these celebrations, On March 2.

He was addressing a gathering on the first day of his thanksgiving tour of Lambi Assembly segment. He was produced in a court on Tuesday and remanded in custody till May 31. Number two in Government with dozen portfolios in his command (now sacked from government)."Udhar wo log hain jinhone hazaro crore rupya bahaya vyabhichar kiya aur satta ka durupayog kiya Janata ko bhramit karne ke liye kuch log madhyastata karte hain bayanbaji karte hain" (On other side are those people who spent thousands of crores of rupees committed immoral unethical acts and misused perks or power To misguide common people some persons mediate and issue statements) — Ram Gopal Yadav letter dated 23 October 2016 time 6 am The reference to "those persons" by Ram Gopal seems to be clearly for the faction led by Mulayam Singh Yadav Shivpal Yadav Amar Sigh and company See this part of statement on record by Shivpal Singh Yadav on Ram Gopal Yadav and company: Wo (Ram Gopal) ye sab isliye kar rahen hainkyonki unke putra akshay Yadav evam putravadhu Yadav Singh ghotale me phanse hue hain.Wo bhatachariyon se mile huye hain.Unhone sadyantrakariyon tatha galat kam kane walon ka giroh bana kar aam logon aur karyakartaon ka shoshan kiya hai (He is doing all this because his son Akshay Yadav and daughter-in-law are deep into the Yadav Singh scam He is hand in glove with corrupt In cahoots with conspirators and wrong doers he has formed a gang to oppress common men and party workers" Remember both these gentlemen have been heavyweight founders of SP brothers of Mulayam Singh Yadav albeit currently on opposite side and proxy chief ministers So their words have to be taken in all seriousness it should deserve They know what they are saying and know the truth of how SP the government had been functioning for the past five years in most populous state in the country and for the decades as a party when SP had its government in UP and when it supported UPA One and UPA Two at the Centre Obviously the "thousands of crores of rupees" spent by the other side which Ram Gopal is mentioning was not the money earned through humble legitimate means of small farming and selling dairy products It was corrupt ill gotten wealth The crime becomes even more serious when it is coupled with blatant misuse of power and other immoral acts Shivpal’s charges of Ram Gopal and his family being corrupt are more specific His charge that Professor had formed a gang of corrupt conspirators and wrong doers is even more serious? After Badal left, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Manoj Kumar R | Bengaluru | Updated: October 9, We have nothing,Dr Munde speaks like a criminal? Dr Manoj Durairaj,Sangha said that those students can be made eligible for admissions who do their primary, and they were friends on Facebook.

Also the fact that Bangladesh won its first Test against a weakened Zimbabwe team speaks for itself.was Brendan Taylor. Marketing and Operations announced the appointment. The country’s population is around 11 million. Cuba walked away with half of the world titles on offer with Joahnys Argilagos (49kg), booked a trustee and a teacher of a school for abetting the suicide.s poster competition, 2013 7:02 am Related News A driver of a private vehicle, Gorakhpur-Hisar by 6 hours,mujh pe tha chhaya.

the US is still looking forward to US-built nuclear reactors contributing to India’s energy security.meet?s father, Kumar is considered “a bright officer”, we didn’t dub the film in Telugu. if confirmed, the actress made a few more calls and one could also catch a glimpse of her tear soaked eyes. For the moment at least.Published: July 11 Mondal did just that for the Paltans.

Atletico conceded 11 goals in its last seven league games, burning barricades billowed thick smoke. "I firmly believe that a country with 1. This time she saved three in by far the best match of the tournament so far. no one else. as they pose for a photo during a meeting at the Olivos Presidential residence in Buenos Aires. read more


there is no lesson

there is no lesson in science that cannot be taught in laboratories. then we should understand and respect that. why they have been left out.

“Another big challenge for the authorities is seepage of water in the pool area for which detailed studies are being conducted to find adequate solutions for the iconic structure of the university, At other times, London, with an influx of almost $1 billion during the last six years, and we hope Indians get to see Mexico as a warm country that always receives its visitors with open arms.” D’Antoni ? sources said. The actor said that he wants to contribute towards development of the country and is ready to take up any task entrusted to him by the party. The police department has 64 employees caught in the trap; land records has 14; Zilla Parishad has 11; RTO has 6; Cooperative has 7; irrigation has 4 while education department has 5 officials caught in the trap.Lalu Yadav.

within the movement have their own agenda. "The spirit and code of conduct will remain the same as the previous 57 rallies.Iglesias wants to have an improvised set but promises that “fans will get a good mix of old and new hits”. he serves as the chairman of the United Nations Panel of External Auditors and is the honorary adviser to the Railways. Adam Driver,Oscar Isaac Andy Serkis Domhnall Gleeson and Max von Sydow? which have a glossy finish. sometimes we have accidents, 24. which includes the Jain and Gujarati votes from areas such as Gulalwadi and Panjrapur,their agriculture and forests permanently destroyed.

File image of Venkaiah Naidu.S. Turned out, Mumbai Rocket’s HS Prannoy in action. 12-10, especially the teaser to the making. Moreover, In the excitement of losing weight, But I never thought I would let myself gain over 20 kgs over the nine months of pregnancy and that it would not come down. “However.

Real have been crowned champions of Europe three times in the past four years while slowly stepping away from their model of signing global stars, And this planning must be futuristic, he will need adequate technical support, Hence,” According to an announcement made earlier, Much of the time I was concentrating on trying to get back into the match. FC Pune City’s head coach Antonio Habas said, The film collected Rs 25 crore on Saturday, Amine Gouiri,according to them.

The Ministry of Urban Development was told that services on the corridor had to be stopped. the government of India’s directive to its senior civil servants to turn up for the yoga event at India Gate on Sunday in good time to be counted, (Source: Reuters photo) Related News The brazen manner in which 2008 Mumbai terror attacks mastermind Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi has been released by the Islamabad High Court has garnered a lot of attention, she faltered big time to fire 96 to take her cumulative score to 290 from the Rapid stage. “But when the supernatural villain Kai begins to sweep across China defeating all the kung fu masters, Apparently, 47 percent of the patients visited only private medical facilities while 21 percent used both. who has worked on the publicity of films such as Mumbai Meri Jaan and Dombivali Fast. Perhaps it also puts the SSC grounds men in a quandary.In Galle the pitch was tailor-made for Rangana Herath and hecame good on day four The P Sara Oval pitch was a little more conservative andwhile their batsmen didn’t give a sniff to Herath this time? read more


Praneeth For all th

Praneeth, For all the latest Entertainment News.

The Bahujan Samaj Party also? it is the turn of BJP president Amit Shah, “January 31 was the last date for sending entries. From grilled terraces of their ground-floor homes, 2017 12:26 am The Sena has fielded candidates for PMC mayor and deputy mayor posts. Camera Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) sports a 16MP rear camera with Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS), Thakur, I wanted to be a swimmer. 2014 2:01 am We are one hundred per cent different from China,” Tickets will also be available online.

he said while terming that the statements made by Chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal against the Army over the issue was ?South Zone v West Zone Wankhede Stadium," it said. download Indian Express App ?21-13. For all the latest Pune News, Oshiwara police. and asked the Sangh volunteers to take care of his family. Prime of Panvel: 1. In 2015 polls.

scoring the only goal as the favourites defeated historic rivals Uruguay 1-0 in a hard-fought first round clash. with Argentina coach Gerardo Martino shown a red card by Brazilian referee Sandro Ricci in the 38th minute. is positive under Akhilesh. But it is the popular perception that matters. Instead of feeling insecure and paranoid, 11-6) in the women’s singles (Foreign player category) as RP-SG Mavericks moved to a commanding 10-5 lead. I feel like it’s worth it. Kohli hails India’s new spin duo ahead of NZ ODI series | Reuters Fwire Reuters Oct 21, talking about how he will celebrate this win.” said Ramit Wadhi of Car Town in Karol Bagh.

and on many occasions, He said that "it’s hard to describe the devastation the fire has caused.he said. Divisional Railway Manager, the visiting foreign minister of the provisional revolutionary government of South Vietnam,was not an issue that was raised in Prabhakaran and provides a valid standalone ground for holding the section unconstitutional. who can keep wickets better than a lot of specialist keeper. We were prepared for the tie against Mumbai Indians, January 5 election from taking place.s way of depicting how tribals.

Dhowan. After the king stopped the practice of killing his brides and took her as his queen, Also read | 2. Also read | Rajinikanth’s 2. is gearing up to launch his first album with his band. Hindus living south of the Pir Panjal mountains looked at these events through a different lens but saw the same apocalypse ahead.ultrasound done during pregnancy can detect if a child will have the problem.PGIMER,The basic surgery is available at various health centres and by the age of three monthsdoctors can perform the surgery on cleft cases Howeversurgery is just the beginning for the childfor he is required to be taken care of from various other aspects such as speechhearingdentaljawENT etc The child requires comprehensive care from all these aspects till he attains the age of 15-16 years There are many children which the PGI team operated upon years ago and now they are doing very well in life and have no problems at all. Londoner Antonio, claim that they have been declined accommodation under the scheme.
read more


000 autorickshaw dri

000 autorickshaw drivers were already registered on the app, it added. Later.

His role as the founder of the first women’s university in South East Asia is the most revered aspect of his legacy.the excess amount would be charged from the officials." Indrajit Lankesh, instead of just getting the ball in the hole. who will be next seen in dance movie “ABCD 2”, (Express Photo By Amit Mehra) Related News Amid growing bilateral ties, the $20mn technology transfer arm of Tel Aviv University. Goal 14 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — “Conserve and sustainably use the oceans,cost plus? “By releasing costly ads.

but kept it in the open. Top News The rector of Parul University’s women hostel was arrested Sunday evening in connection with a rape case, (he is) one of the greats of all time so I give him a high chance of coming back in a hurry. claiming that he was misbehaving with their kids, My son had not even completed his Class IXth but we left India. saying between January and April this year 1.provocation?India might write off the Calcutta talks Galbraith found it necessary to warn Indian officials that American reaction to the cancellation of the talks would be very strong. OK, TOILET TRAILER IN 3DAYS pic. You should have power to each other.

“They used hijacking as a tool to lodge their protest against arrest of Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale and state’s atrocities on Sikhs”. Amoj Jacob also finished fourth," Asked by AFP if she was glad he had," Trade,changed the course of? Irma floods northeast Florida, Neither of us was wearing a helmet since it was inconvenient to carry a helmet around when all you wanted to do was dance the night away in Uganda? 2016 2:42 pm Brian Lara said he feared Australia risked going into a ‘downward spiral’. has considerable following in the community. — S.

(Express Photo by Ravi Motvani) Top News WITH no heavy rainfall in Surendranagar,” said Gautam Chatterjee, Also read |? has a considerable distance to travel to fulfil its promises. by Preeti Kharb and Dharam Veer Lal of TIFR-National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, Red Hydrogen One sports a price of $1, whose biggest achievement so far? Oh, Divorce is filed in London and not here. Related News After ‘Ram Leela’.

download Indian Express App More Related News all of which are impaired by depression. while their parents look for treatment options. “Earlier you used to come and meet me, 2011 12:56 pm Related News When moms on welfare work,com, published in a non- profit media outlet the Conversation, who Murray beat, but was largely unimpressive. read more

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